Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1588 - Mirage

Chapter 1588: Mirage

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With this many immortals searching here, even a needle would be found.

Ye Mo didn’t scan with his spirit sense. The Chaos Blue Reed wasn’t a needle and he wasn’t blind. There were so many people here; if someone found the Chaos Blue Reed, it would be very obvious.

There was only endless water ditches here and some small hills. At an ordinary place like this, even low level immortal spirit herbs would be hard to find, much less the Chaos Blue Reed.

“I think we’ve been tricked, how can there be a Chaos Blue Reed here? There’s no immortal spirit chi here. Everyone think about it, what sort of thing is the Chaos Blue Reed? Can it appear at the outskirts of the Extreme Star Swamp?” some cultivators asked.

“There’s Chaos Blue Reed here, my friend definitely wouldn’t lie. If he lied, he wouldn’t have been killed,” One golden immortal peak stage immediately said.

Only now did everyone realise that this person spread the news. If he spread fake news, he wouldn’t be coming here himself.

“Did you remember wrong? We didn’t find anything.”

“No, my friend remembered clearly that there was a huge water ditch a thousand kilometers west of Extreme Star Swamp. See, there’s a huge water ditch here. My friend said the Chaos Blue Reed was to the side of or inside the water ditch.”

Then, almost everyone looked at the huge water ditch. Was the Chaos Blue Reed really in here?

*Splash* Someone had already jumped in, wanting to check if it was in there.

Seeing the water ripples, Ye Mo suddenly thought of something. He realized what happened.

He had been to deserts and knew there would be mirages there. Was the Chaos Blue Reed that cultivator saw a mirage too?

This meant that there was definitely a Chaos Blue Reed, but it wasn’t here. There might be some sudden light that reflected the Chaos Blue Reed here.

Ye Mo knew the actual place might be really far from here.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was planning to leave.

Just as that immortal said, there was no way Chaos Blue Reed would be here. The Extreme Star Swamp was boundless, but he had recovered his power, he had some hope of finding it.

Ye Mo said to Zhen Bingyu “since there’s no Chaos Blue Reed here I’m going other places here for a spin. Martial sister Bingyu, let’s split off here. Good luck martial sister Bingyu.”

However, when he turned around, Zhen Bingyu followed him.

“There’s definitely no Chaos Blue Reed here, why are you still following me?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Before Zhen Bingyu could reply, a voice sounded, “I know what’s going on, it’s definitely a mirage. That’s right, mirage…”

“Yeah, how come I didn’t think of it?” Some cultivators clapped.

Now, most cultivators here realized what was going on.

Ye Mo felt his nose. As soon as he thought of it, someone else did too. Now, Zhen Bingyu probably thought he wanted to do it alone.

Indeed, Zhen Bingyu looked coldly at Ye Mo, “You knew this was a mirage so you wanted to avoid me right?”

“Yes, indeed. But now that you know, then let’s go if you still want to team up with me.” Ye Mo admitted it.

Zhen Bingyu said nothing and followed Ye Mo without hesitation. She knew that in here, Ye Mo was much more powerful than her. This was the Chaos Blue Reed, so she wasn’t going to go alone.

Realizing this was a mirage, many immortals started going around searching.

“Where do we go?” Zhen Bingyu looked at Ye Mo and asked.

“Where there is dense immortal spirit chi.”

Ye Mo flew even faster. When he left the crowded place, he changed to a top grade flying magic artifact and brought the speed to max.

Five days later, Zhen Bingyu finally couldn’t resist it anymore and said, “We can’t keep going in. My power has been suppressed to almost nothing. I can only use my own bodily power, I’m weaker than an ordinary martial artist.”

“There are martial artists in immortal realm?” Ye Mo asked.

“Did you think the lowest in the immortal realm are all hollow immortal?” Zhen Bingyu asked coldly.

“No, I’ve seen some disaster transformation state and truth realisation states. I just didn’t expect there were martial artists.”

“There are not only martial artists, but if they cultivate to the extreme, they are no weaker than status immortals. It’s just that we haven’t touched their world yet. In here, martial artists are the most suited. Their power wouldn’t be suppressed at all.”

“Why do no martial artists come?”

“Because powerful martial artists don’t care about it and low level martial artists can’t make it here.”

Ye Mo nodded and said slowly, “I’m going to search further in, if martial sister Bingyu doesn’t want to team up with me I can give you my magic artifact. I have some spirit stones here, you can have them too. This way, you can still leave here.”

“You want me to die?” Zhen Bingyu’s tone grew cold. Ye Mo had killed three Shadowless Vultures on the way here. Telling her to go back was telling her to die.

“Then stop talking. Since we’re a team, you go where I go,” Ye Mo said.

Zhen Bingyu’s face was ice cold but she couldn’t be bothered saying anything to Ye Mo.

The two didn’t talk but Ye Mo’s flying magic artifact was getting faster and faster. Eventually, he even changed to an extreme grade magic artifact.

Zhen Bingyu felt her power was being suppressed more and more, but she said nothing. She was suspicious of Ye Mo. Theoretically, the further they went the more they would be suppressed and the flying magic artifact should be slower, but Ye Mo was getting faster and faster. He even changed his top grade magic artifact to an extreme grade magic artifact.

Seeing the top grade spirit stones attached in the extreme grade flying magic artifact, she realized what was going on. People could forge extreme grade magic artifacts here, but where would they get top grade spirit stones? Other than a rare few immortals, most immortals wouldn’t prepare spirit stones. The worst they had were low grade immortal crystals. But in here, spirit stones were useful.

Two days later, Ye Mo suddenly stopped. He looked at the purple in front of him and fire popped out of his eyes.

“Six Winged Purple Radish…” Zhen Bingyu called out in shock. She fought with two abstruse immortals over four before, but now there were a hundred.

She even heard Ye Mo gulp. She looked back at Ye Mo and shook her head. This pill master Ye was too lacking in maturity. The Six Winged Purple Radish was indeed very valuable, but as an immortal, he was about to drool when seeing good things. He didn’t have the mannerism of an immortal at all. It was no wonder he couldn’t control himself.

“What do we do with these?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

“One to nine. I take 90%, you take 10 %,” Ye Mo said without hesitation.

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