Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1631 - Melancholic Scene

Chapter 1631: Melancholic Scene

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*Thud thud*

Two heavy strikes landed on Ye Mo’s chest and Ye Mo spat a mouthful of blood. Even his immortal nirvana body couldn’t take a blow from the asteroids.

If he hadn’t reached immortal nirvana body, he would’ve been smashed to pieces already.

But Ye Mo didn’t pay the price for nothing, his hand grabbed the fleeing Void Flying Snow. A sense of coolness rose up to Ye Mo’s head, making his heart feel serene.

“This is the Void Flying Snow?” Ye Mo looked at the Void Flying Snow with a sliver of blood. He was a bit excited. It was said that even great eternity immortals found it hard to catch these things, but he actually caught one. He paid a price, but to Ye Mo it was worth it.

The Void Flying Snow was shaped like a snow flower, it had a cool sensation making people feel peace and comfortable.

Zhen Bingyu looked at the blood covered Void Flying Snow but didn’t feel happy, she felt worried. She began to fear, fear that she would owe Ye Mo too much. She even feared that one day she didn’t persuade Ye Mo to cultivate her dao heart but instead she would accept Ye Mo’s emotional dao.

The more she was dependant on Ye Mo, the more she didn’t want this martial brother to go take risks or see him heavily injured. Was this the premonition of her liking him? She had never liked anyone before and didn’t know if this was it.

Ye Mo immediately felt Zhen Bingyu shiver on his back, just when he didn’t want to say to not worry about the Void Flying Snow, he heard a shocked voice.

“Void Flying Snow?”

A figure landed extremely quickly before Ye Mo, then this figure said with even more excitement, “It really is Void Flying Snow…”

Ye Mo saw who this person was, it was that great unity immortal manager of the lower deck. Seeing the fire in his eyes, Ye Mo knew this guy wanted his Void Flying Snow.

Ye Mo put the Void Flying Snow in a jade box, put it in his storage ring, and ate a Dual Spirit Pill before looking at this great unity immortal primary stage manager.

He seemed to be heavily injured. What Ye Mo didn’t understand was why this great unity immortal manager came to the Realm Domain Void? Did he not have enough immortal crystals?

“It’s you? I guessed you weren’t ordinary and now it seems so indeed. You can even catch Void Flying Snow!” the great unity immortal said in shock and confusion.

An abstruse immortal primary stage carrying a heavily injured woman could catch Void Flying Snow. There definitely was a huge secret on him. He thought that Ye Mo would be coming down from the middle deck soon, but he never came back down again.

He asked the other people who got in with Ye Mo but no one knew who Ye Mo was. He was certain they didn’t lie to him because he had pretty much taken all of their immortal crystals.

“He wants you to give the Void Flying Snow, we’ll give it to him and go back,” Zhen Bingyu whispered in Ye Mo’s ear.

Zhen Bingyu knew how hard it was for Ye Mo to get this Void Flying Snow. He waited a few days using spirit sense and finally got it after being injured. But faced against a great unity immortal, Ye Mo probably was no match for him. This place didn’t limit immortal essence. There were very small limits on spirit sense, but it didn’t affect great unity immortal masters.

Ye Mo said calmly, “You’re wrong, he won’t ask me to hand over the Void Flying Snow.”

“He suspects there are secrets on me so he wants our lives.”

The great unity immortal heard this and smiled. “That’s right, you’re smart. No wonder you can stay at the middle deck. But I’ve tortured your friends at the lower deck enough, in about one or two months they will be going to the refinery.”

Then the great unity immortal released his power.

A powerful killing intent loomed over Ye Mo, a huge hand reached out from the void and slowly patted against Ye Mo.

“I know you’re strong, you can kill abstruse immortal tertiary stage. If you were at my power level perhaps even I wouldn’t be a match for you. But today, you can stay here.”

Then his hand grew even bigger and Ye Mo couldn’t feel the flow of time under this palm.

What cultivation method was this?

Ye Mo was shook and hacked out with Zi Xu, Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain Strike.

The purple sword beam was a vibrant ray of purple in the void and hacked towards the great unity immortal palm.


Mountains and rivers birthed from this great unity immortal’s palm, the palm turned into a lively world.

At this moment, Ye Mo even felt the calling of this world as though wanting him to go into this world and stay quiet.

“Martial brother let’s go in, it’s so beautiful there, I want to go in and rest,” Zhen Bingyu murmured.

Ye Mo shivered and instantly woke up by using the Three Birth Chant. This was an illusion, he definitely couldn’t go in. His spirit sense blades severed the intense desire to go in and hacked onto the mountains and rivers without stopping.

However, Zi Xu was blocked by all the things in the world. Zi Xu hummed and Ye Mo received a backlash from this strike, he spat a mouthful of blood and flew out.

But at this moment, Ye Mo saw that the palm was the illusion while the painting of the world was real. It easily blocked Ye Mo’s strike and shocked him instead.


The great unity immortal was greatly astonished seeing that Ye Mo wasn’t mesmerized by his small world painting and instead hacked out with his magic artifact.

An ordinary abstruse immortal wouldn’t be able to resist at all under it and would be sucked in. Then he would slowly deal with him.

Such a powerful magic artifact, Ye Mo ate another Dual Spirit Pill and condensed his spirit sense and immortal essence. This painting was very extraordinary.

He knew his world rock only had one chance to succeed. If this opponent knew the power of his world rock, he would be wary. Moments later, Ye Mo decided to ignore the painting and focus on this great unity immortal.

“Go in!” the great unity immortal roared as he inserted his immortal essence and spirit sense into the painting like crazy. The painting rose drastically, turning from a small village to a town with lots of people in it.

Fancy restaurants, brothels, immortal feasts…

There was a small bridge over a stream, an ancient road, and the setting sun. A scene of extreme beauty showed before his eyes. It was as though if he walked in, he would be able to experience that beauty.

Ye Mo sneered. He didn’t fall for it the first time, so how could he fall for it now?

Seeing the confusion in Ye Mo’s eyes and how Ye Mo even put away his magic artifact, the great unity immortal sneered. “A mere abstruse immortal primary stage could last so long, that’s quite hard for you. I want to see how many secrets you have.

“Hurry up and go in!” the great unity immortal roared and the painting opened up completely.

Ye Mo walked towards the painting but his footsteps weren’t fast. They were even a little slow. The great unity immortal frowned, he rarely saw people who wanted so slowly while being enchanted by his painting.

Just when he wanted to use more power to make Ye Mo go in faster, a black asteroid suddenly appeared. It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, but also seemed as though it was only getting bigger because it was getting closer.

The great unity immortal frowned and wanted to slice apart that rock, but he found it turned a corner as though forced away by his power.

The great unity immortal nodded, it seemed his power rose again. But before he could focus his attention on the painting, that asteroid smashed back like lightning and was instantly before him.

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