Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1632 - There’s No Way I Wouldn’t Dare to Kill You

Chapter 1632: There’s No Way I Wouldn’t Dare to Kill You

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Not good, even an idiot would realise that there was something wrong with this huge black asteroid now, much less this great unity immortal.

Even though he was ambushed, the great unity immortal wasn’t too worried. The magic artifact of a mere abstruse immortal primary stage couldn’t do much to him.


As soon as he released his shield, the black asteroid smashed against it.


A terrifying power came, but this definitely wasn’t the power of an abstruse immortal primary stage – it seemed to be the power of nature. The force didn’t slow or weaken due to hitting the shield, instead exploding with even more terrifying power.

The partially activated shield was instantly smashed to pieces. Before the great unity immortal could see clearly what the black rock was, it smashed into his chest.


The great unity immortal clearly heard the cracking of the bones in his body.

Multiple purple blood arrows shot out and were devoured by the endless void. The great unity immortal realized he completely underestimated Ye Mo’s battle power. He didn’t kill an abstruse immortal tertiary stage by luck, he was completely an absurd abstruse immortal that was no weaker than him.

What terrified him was Ye Mo’s weighing stone magic artifact. He had never seen such a magic artifact. He had seen many small mountain magic artifacts, but none absurd as this black rock. Its weight was like a boundless mountain, but that power didn’t seep out at all and was all focused on him.

If he didn’t think of a way to run, this would be where he would die today.

The great unity immortal’s spirit sense swept out and completely surrounded him. He was going to run away by burning his sea of consciousness. He didn’t even care about his painting treasure.

“Can you get away?” Ye Mo sneered. Shadowless darted out from the side. He smashed out with the world rock again while expanding his spirit sense net to trap this great unity immortal.

“You dare to kill me? I’m the immortal ship manager, if you kill me your essence spirit will be burned…” Seeing this spirit sense net and Shadowless come at the same time, he knew Ye Mo had too many lethal blows. The fighting power he showed on the stage was only the tip of the iceberg. He suspected that Ye Mo was hiding his true strength, and this was indeed the case.

When the rock smashed down again he knew there was no point in resisting. Even if there wasn’t this world rock, he might not be able to beat this absurd abstruse immortal primary stage.

“I don’t dare to kill you…”

Ye Mo’s words made him rest easy a bit, and just when he was about to make promises, the world rock kept coming and smashed on his head. “No way!”

Endless darkness befell him. His body was squeezed into a meat pie and his essence spirit fell into Shadowless’ mouth. There was no use in regret, but he could only regret now. He regretted not setting up a plan to kill Ye Mo.

Ye Mo breathed easy and instantly took the storage ring of this great unity immortal and that floating painting.

Zhen Bingyu only came back to her senses after Ye Mo took the painting away. She immediately realized what had just happened and blushed, feeling a little awkward.

With her dao heart she wouldn’t lose her mind so quickly, but she had lost her immortal essence and was thinking about things before. If her mind wasn’t drifting, she wouldn’t lose her mind that quickly.

“Let’s quickly go.” Ye Mo packed up things and changed directions.

“Didn’t you just kill that manager?” Zhen Bingyu asked while admiring Ye Mo extremely.

Ye Mo was an abstruse immortal primary stage but he could kill a great unity immortal – this was just purely insane! At least she had never heard of anyone who was able to kill great unity immortals at abstruse immortal primary stage.

“That manager came over heavily injured. His injuries weren’t from fighting, they were probably due to a void storm or something more powerful. That manager attacked us immediately, wanting to kill us quickly; clearly there are other people,” Ye Mo spoke while Blue Moon sped up.

Zhen Bingyu immediately understood and said, “You’re saying his friend might come over?”

“Not might, definitely will. The manager has some status and would definitely be able to contact his friend, but I’m too weak. Otherwise, if I kill them both I can get rich,” Ye Mo said helplessly.

Just when Zhen Bingyu wanted to ask if there would be a problem with the storage ring, she saw an overwhelming whirlpool of asteroids arrive. That terrifying storm was enough to devour the entire void. Space collapsed before it even arrived. She was dazed – what person could stop such a terrifying whirlpool? Even immortal kings would be dead if they charged in.

“It’s an asteroid storm whirlpool…” Zhen Bingyu heard these four words and immediately felt Ye Mo pat her back. Then, she fell unconscious.

When the whirlpool was before Ye Mo, he just put away Blue Moon.

The terrifying suction power of the whirlpool was so powerful that not even immortal kings might be able to get away, much less these two.

He put away Blue Moon and went into the Golden Page World.

The five elements of the Golden Page World weren’t complete, so he wouldn’t be able to bring Zhen Bingyu in for more than five seconds.

Ye Mo could only hope that after these five seconds the storm would have passed. He knew that they came fast and left even faster. If the storm wasn’t gone after five seconds, he would go in the Golden Page World again.

Indeed, he only lasted a few seconds with Zhen Bingyu inside before he was pushed out again.


Ye Mo just flew out and was struck by the remnant whirlpool that just passed.

Ye Mo breathed easy and cursed himself for being naïve. Facing such a terrifying asteroid whirlpool, he wouldn’t have the chance of going in the Golden Page World after coming out. Luckily the five seconds saved him this time.

Ye Mo spun like a twirl in the void.

Just when Ye Mo was getting dizzy, the power finally slowed down. Ye Mo forcefully controlled himself and ate a pill before patting Zhen Bingyu awake.

“We’re dead?” Zhen Bingyu said immediately and realized she asked the wrong question. They were still in the void.

“How did you escape?” Zhen Bingyu asked shakily.

Ye Mo said, “By luck. We’ll stay here and catch the Void Flying Snow. I checked, the void location disk can still find the immortal ship. If it wasn’t for Yu Liansang, we would be lost by now.”

Zhen Bingyu nodded and said nothing. Ye Mo treated her well but that was because it was who he was. In the depths of his heart, he was still wary of her.

But she didn’t feel uncomfortable, she felt what Ye Mo did was right. There was no relationship between them.

“Mhm.” Zhen Bingyu agreed.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and immediately took out that great unity immortal storage ring. The great unity immortal had been collecting so many immortal crystals at the lower deck; even if he had to hand some over, he would definitely have a lot on him.

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