Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1633 - Seeking Help

Chapter 1633: Seeking Help

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Even though Ye Mo knew the great unity immortal manager’s storage ring would have a lot of immortal crystals, he was still shocked once he saw the amount.

The immortal crystals were stacked up like mountains inside. There were also large amounts of immortal spirit herbs and forgery materials.

He finally became wealthy now, Ye Mo breathed easy. There were at least 50 million immortal crystals in here, and there were also immortal crystals cards. They were like bank cards but for storing immortal crystals. But these immortal crystals storages were all at the top deck, Ye Mo didn’t dare to go there.

He didn’t know if these cards had identity attached to them, but even if they didn’t he didn’t dare to go take the crystals. If he suddenly took so many immortal crystals, even an idiot would suspect him.

After putting a part of the immortal crystals in his storage ring, Ye Mo tipped the rest of the things in the Golden Page World.

“I’m scared there will be marks on the storage ring, it’s best to throw it away,” Zhen Bingyu reminded.

“It’s fine.” Ye Mo waved his hand.

If someone could scan into his Golden Page World with spirit sense, he would’ve been long dead.

Seeing Ye Mo so confident, Zhen Bingyu didn’t fuss over the matter. She saw Ye Mo take out that painting again and frowned. “What painting is this? It’s so powerful!”

Ye Mo looked at it and shook his head. “It’s not a simple thing, but it’s not the original. It’s probably a copy. I don’t have time to look at it now.”

Then, Ye Mo threw the painting into the Golden Page World.

In the next two months, Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu stayed here capturing Void Flying Snow. Ye Mo had encountered Void Flying Snow three times, but he only caught one. Even though he was more proficient with his spirit sense net, he couldn’t capture them all.

The Void Flying Snow didn’t all fly at the same speed, some were slower but some were simply too fast.

When half a year’s time was about to be up, Ye Mo brought Zhen Bingyu back to the ship quietly. He earned quite a bit during this half year, not only did he get two Void Flying Snow but he also got large sums of immortal crystals.

Ye Mo lacked a few immortal spirit herbs for concocting Flying Snow Pills, but the great unity immortal manager’s storage ring solved this problem for him.

When Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu went back to their pill tower, they didn’t open up immediately. Ye Mo kept concocting pills, he had a lot of immortal crystals and wasn’t in a rush to do business.

Cai Yi didn’t lie indeed, in less than two weeks Zhen Bingyu felt different. She knew that after eating the Flying Snow Pill, her spirit roots stopped dissolving. As long as she found the Clear Mind Lotus, she would be able to recover.

A month later, the immortal ship shut the restriction for flying out and set off again. Ye Mo’s pill tower opened business as well.

The first to come was Yu Liansang.

Yu Liansang immediately saluted with his fists. “Great master Ye, congratulations on making it back safely. Nearly 1000 people didn’t come back this time.”

Ye Mo was shook. So many immortals died with one stop, this was too shocking. But Ye Mo tried the danger in the void, if he didn’t have the Golden Page World, he wouldn’t be able to come back this time.

“As soon as I went out I knew that I couldn’t stay in there for long with my power, so I came back quickly,” Ye Mo quickly said.

Yu Liansang nodded. “It’s good to be back, you don’t even need to go to the Domain Realm Void with your capabilities.”

Yu Liansang chatted with Ye Mo for a while and then spoke about some of the things that happened during this stop and then asked Ye Mo to help concoct a cauldron of pills before leaving.

After he left, Zhen Bingyu asked in shock, “So many died with one stop – if the ship stops a few more times, then how many more will die?”

“This isn’t a good place,” Ye Mo said heavily. Ye Mo felt this ship didn’t take the lives of the immortals on board seriously at all. The only creed of this ship was collecting immortal crystals.

“Luckily the ship has some principle and doesn’t rob immortal crystals from immortals. If we have enough immortal crystals we can last,” Ye Mo comforted.

“Who do you think Peng Gandang and them are? They seem to be very wealthy. How do they have so many immortal crystals?” Zhen Bingyu was very confused.

Ye Mo waved his hand. “Martial sister Bingyu, we shouldn’t discuss about them anymore. I’m certain they’re not ordinary, but not matter what their plans are, it has nothing to do with us…”

Before Ye Mo finished he stopped talking, as moments later, Peng Gandang appeared before his shop.

“Great master Ye.” As soon as Peng Gandang came to the door, he saluted with his fists and greeted. Ever since Ye Mo rejected Han Changzhen’s offer he changed from ‘brother Ye’ to ‘great master Ye’.

“Brother Peng please sit.” Ye Mo quickly got up.

There was a sliver of guilt in Peng Gandang’s eyes. “Great master Ye, I said I was going to help you introduce some business from the top deck, but people don’t really trust me… I’m very sorry, if you owe immortal crystals, I can…”

Ye Mo quickly waved his hand. “No need, thank you brother Peng. Business isn’t so good here but I can manage to survive.”

After hesitating for a while, Peng Gandang suddenly gave a firm look. “Brother Ye, if one day you’re really in trouble, come find me at the top deck. Even if I lose face I will help you.”

Ye Mo laughed. “Thank you very much brother Peng, perhaps I will soon be coming to find you.”

At the same time, Ye Mo sneered on the inside, this Peng Gandang was speaking nonsense. If he really wanted to help him, it would be all too easy. Ye Mo didn’t believe his words. If he couldn’t find people to come to his pill tower, he wouldn’t say those words.

The main reason he came today was probably because he knew he went to the Realm Domain Void to see if he was willing to join them. This only meant one thing, they really needed a level four immortal pill great master like him.

Ye Mo didn’t want to know what they were doing nor join them. Just when it was awkward between the two, three abstruse immortals rushed in.

Seeing Ye Mo get up immediately, Peng Gandang said goodbye. He knew from Ye Mo’s face that he knew the three.

“Brother Lan, Xiang, martial sister Tan…” Ye Mo immediately knew why they came. Just looking at them, they were probably about to go to the refinery.

“Brother Ye, we didn’t expect that we wouldn’t be able to last even a year, sigh…” Lan Disheng saw Ye Mo had his own pill tower and sighed. The weakest among them was Ye Mo and he had a burden with him, yet he was doing the best.

Ye Mo knew from the great unity immortal that the three were in this state partly due to him.

“Brother Ye, if the great unity immortal manager didn’t die at the void we wouldn’t even be able to come find you. We had nearly 10 million immortal crystals altogether but they were all taken by that great unity immortal,” Xiang Qiling said. In Gong Hua Heaven he was an abstruse immortal and had some status, but on this ship he was nothing.

Seeing Lan Disheng about to say something, Ye Mo waved his hand. “We all come from the same place. I’ll lend some immortal crystals to you guys, when I have the capability it will be easy for you all to come to the middle deck.”

“Thank you brother Ye!” Lan Disheng and them quickly said. Immortal crystals were too precious on the ship, they would be hugely grateful if Ye Mo could lend them 100,000 immortal crystals.

Ye Mo took out three storage rings. “I’ll take out 15 million immortal crystals first, five million each.”

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