Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2007 - Seven Star Extreme Well

Chapter 2007: Seven Star Extreme Well

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The two immortal emperor tertiary stages saw that a mere immortal emperor middle stage asked them to stop fighting and give way. They didn’t understand where Ye Mo got the audacity from.

But the older immortal emperor moved to the side clearly agreeing. The long haired immortal emperor saw shadowless and small ginseng running behind Ye Mo. As though feeling that someone who could own these two weren’t ordinary, he hesitated and moved aside too.

Ye Mo waved his hand and was going to pass between the two.

At this moment, the grey robed immortal emperor suddenly attacked. He released an extremely powerful ray that bound the entire space. Even Ye Mo felt the terror of this dark ray and suspected he might not be able to dodge it if he didn’t convert his immortal essence.

At this moment, small ginseng and shadowless were in this bound space and was about to be pierced.

Shadowless was more experienced in battle and instantly stopped small ginseng and bit.

Crack. There was an almost indistinguishable sound and that bound spae was bit open a bit. Shadowless took small ginseng to retreat a few steps and escaped from the border.

Ye Mo was furious. He didn’t expect this careful looking grey old man was this shameless and used him to ambush. If it was some ordinary person, he would’ve been dead already.

The next moment, his domain pressed over and used shatter space.

Nine terrifying void fist forces swept at the old man. Ye Mo didn’t even hid the murderous chi. It fused with the void lethal force that would even make spirit sense shiver.

The old man wanted to use his dark ray rune but the long haired immortal emperor stopped him and prevented him from using it. Now that Ye Mo was going past here, he immediately caught onto the opportunity.

The instant the rune was activated, the grey robed immortal emperor breathed easy. He knew he was fine now, no matter how strong the long haired immortal emperor was he would be heavily injured or killed by the rune.

As for the mere immortal emperor middle stage, the grey robed old man felt Ye Mo was suicidal to intervene in the immortal emperor tertiary stage battle.

But the instant he activated the rune, he felt things weren’t right. That dragon horse like beast bit open the dark ray domain. That immortal emperor middle stage who was bound by the dark ray domain could move freely and even punched over.

His face changed greatly. That extremely powerful lethal force already locked onto him tightly. He could clear sense it but he couldn’t dodge it. The murderous killing intent hurt his body before it even reached him. His body was about to split apart.

Such a terrifying fist force, such murderous killing intent. The grey robed man instantly realised he caused a big ttrouble. This guy was no immortal emperor middle stage, this power was dao vindication divine emperor.

The nearby space was completely bound and even the old man’s spirit sense was locked on. He couldn’t even make a word even if he wanted to beg for mercy. He could only watch as the void lethal force came. His eyes were full of regret and terror. He didn’t expect he messed with someone this tough so casually.

Thud. The void fist force smashed together and the old man’s body exploded. He couldn’t even move his finger and could only watch.

This only happened in a second.

The long haired immortal emperor noticed the ambush but that dark ray domain was too strong and he couldn’t break free.

Luckily shadowless bit open the domain and Ye Mo’s shatter sky tore this domain open. The long haired immortal emperor immediately used the opportunity to move aside but even so, the dark ray still took away all the clothes on him as well as some flesh.

One could imagine that if he was a bit later, that dark ray would heavily injure him.

Before he could breathe easy, he saw Ye Mo punch the old man to dust. That extremely fierce and terrifying lethal force made the long haired man shiver even though he wasn’t at the full front of it.

Such powerful fist force. The long haired man rejoiced that he didn’t forcefully block the way or he would be the one dead.

No wonder this immortal emperor middle stage dared to roam around with an ice gingseng king. With such power who would dare to attack him. He even suspected that Ye Mo was fishing for an excuse to kill people.

Just when the man wanted to walk to Ye Mo and thank him, a huge explosion stopped him. the long haired man didn’t mind, he knew that it was the dark ray hitting a cliff.

“Boss, it’s this place, it’s been smashed open.” Small ginseng quickly came over and pointed at the cliff.

Ye Mo already saw it. an extremely dense god spirit chi chi with slivers of dao waves diffused. There was also an extremely good aroma that purified cultivation and the body.

“Seven star extreme well…” The long haired man called out in shock.

A huge stone pond appeared and inside was extremely clear liquid. The god spirit chi that seeped out squeezed away the clouds making it seem like an immortal pond floating in the air.

“It’s indeed Seven star extreme well, not bad. Small ginseng did huge work this time.” Ye Mo said happily.

The next moment, Ye Mo took a storage ring and landed on the side of the well. He took out a jade kettle that wasn’t very big.

Ye Mo was an immortal artefact grand master. Although it was hard to buy dimensional jade kettles for others but Ye Mo made a pile in the golden page world to collect treasures like this.

The long haired man’s face changed a few times but he eventually didn’t dare to do anything. The Seven star extreme well was precious but he didn’t have the balls to fight over it with Ye Mo.

However, he also flew over and saluted with his fists to Ye Mo “This dao friend, thank you for saving my life. I want to see if there would be Seven star extreme wells on the side. Would that affect dao friend?”

Ye Mo looked and nodded “Do as you please.”

The long haired man rejoiced and immediately started to dig places not far from Ye Mo’s Seven star extreme well. He had researched many information before and knew that around the Seven star extreme well, there would be side wells. This is still Seven star extreme well but just has less quantity. When the original Seven star extreme well was full, the liquid would flow to another place so that place was side well.

The liquid in the well was brought out by Ye Mo and flowed into the jade kettle like a water fountain. One couldn’t even stop the extremely pure well chi from spreading.

Ye Mo knew that this would definitely attract people to come. He had to collect this quickly.

Crack. Ye Mo knew that the other man succeeded because after this crack, there was more well chi seeping out.

“Found it.” The long haired man rejoiced. Ye Mo looked over. Ten meters from him, there was a sink sized well.

Ye Mo didn’t plan to fight over it. He already had this much so he dind’t need more. Plus, the man found it himself.

The man wasn’t slower than Ye Mo and instantly took out a jade bottle and quickly filled up the well.

At this moment, a few more dashing lights came in and Ye Mo just finished collecting the well water.

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