Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2008 - Talk With Power

Chapter 2008: Talk With Power

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“Seven Star Extreme Well!” A few shocked voices and four figures landed. Then, two more dashing lights came and called out the same words.

Ye Mo landed and waved to shadowless and small ginseng “Let’s go.”

The long haired man saw this and quickly followed Ye Mo.

“Wait.” At least three of the six came out and stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo frowned. He knew that he took all the well water so it was probably hard for him to leave peacefully.

“Hmm, ice ginseng king.” Another person saw small ginseng and exclaimed.

Ye Mo was only immortal emperor peak stage and yet got this many Seven Star Extreme Well water and the ice ginseng king. Even the dragon horse probably wasn’t simple. Peoples’ eyes immediately went red.

Ye Mo waved his hand and took shadowless and small ginseng. At the same time, Zi Xu floated in the air. Since this was unavoidable, he might as well fight. The strongest here was only immortal emperor peak stage and there was only one. One person here was even immortal monarch peak stage. Ye Mo didn’t need to worry about this at all nor need shadowless’ help.

Seeing Ye Mo put away small ginseng and shadowless, a few people sneered. It was pointless to put away things that were already seen.

At this moment, three more dashing lights came. Ye Mo was speechless as Ye Mo knew two of them. It was the two that stopped Niu Runan and was taught a lesson by Ye Mo.

The three immediately saw the empty Seven Star Extreme Well but then the other two immortal emperors recognized Ye Mo. Their faces changed but they didn’t leave. they stood afar and watched.

Seeing one of the two was immortal emperor peak stage, the first six who came saluted with their fists to the three. The immortal emperor peak stage in the group of six was white skinned but his eyes looked evil.

He greeted the three and walked up to the long haired man “Dao friend, you’ve got quite some luck. The well is that big here, you probably got quite a lot right?”

The long haired man saluted with his fists “I got some well water but I got the side one. As for the main well, it’s because I came a bit late.”

The immortal emperor peak stage dazed. To him, it was Ye Mo and the long haired immortal emperor who split the Seven Star Extreme Well. Ye Mo was weaker so he must’ve gotten less but the results were different.

Then he reacted and smiled to the long haired man “dao friend, you’re a nice person. I admire you.”

The side well was only the size of a water sink, not even one many tenths of the main well. Yet, the man still didn’t rob Ye Mo’s well.

The long haired man smiled but said nothing. Was he a good person? he felt Ye Mo was a good person. If it was someone else, he wouldn’t even get the sides.

This evil eyed immortal emperor peak stage looked at Ye Mo and casually saluted with his fists “Dao friend, you’re quite lucky to get an entire well of Seven Star Extreme Well. I’m Henghong god corner Yi kang. There’s plenty of treasures in the mountain but the Seven Star Extreme Well is extremely rare. Since everyone saw it, can you share some?”

Ye Mo smiled “Of course, there’s that many Seven Star Extreme Wells, I can’t use it all.”

Yi Kang laughed “Dao friend nice, how about this. Take out the Seven Star Extreme Well and I’ll split it up?”

Seeing that Ye Mo was willing to share the Seven Star Extreme Well, he immediately knew Ye Mo was scared. He was facing nine immortal emperors and Ye Mo was only an immortal emperor middle stage. How could Ye Mo not be scared?

The two immortal emperors who had seen Ye Mo before knew he definitely wasn’t so easy to talk to. They saw others go up but they stayed afar.

“Why should I let you split my things?” Ye Mo said plainly but killing chi was gathering around Zi Xu. He was about to attack.

Feeling Ye Mo’s faint killing chi, Yi Kang frowned and said coldly “Didn’t you say you can’t use this many Seven Star Extreme Well water and wanted to share it. Are you regretting?”

Ye Mo smiled “Of course I won’t regret but if you want my well water you need to trade it. You guys didn’t take anything out and want me to share the well water with you. Do you want to rob me?”

Yi Kang heard this and was furious “So you’re playing with me.”

Then, his force rose as killing intent circulated around him. before he could attack, the brown robed immortal emperor tertiary stage next to him went up first and released a rusty ghost chain and attacked Ye Mo “Martial brother Kang, you don’t need to deal with this cocky bastard. I, Guan Ruisi, am enough…”

As soon as the ghost chains came out, the valley became ghastly. It was as though countless ghosts came alive. Howling ghost voices sounded with the black smoke that was about to tear Ye Mo apart.”

The long haired man standing not far felt his mind unstable and immediately retreated while releasing his defensive magic artefact.

“The ghost chains are not bad.” Ye Mo said and sliced with Zi Xu. He really felt the ghost chains were good but this immortal emperor tertiary stage couldn’t fully activate it.

Ye Mo expanded his domain out and the grey robed immortal emperor’s domain cracked like an egg. The immortal emperor immediately knew he wrongly estimated Ye Mo’s cultivation level but Zi Xu already smashed down on the ghost chains with the space lethal force.

Rumble. Essence chi blasted and the nearby immortal emperors released their magic artefacts while retreating quickly.

Yi Kang’s face changed. He instantly realised that Guan Ruisi was no match for Ye Mo. He instantly released his magic artefact but the long purple sword ray had already hacked on the ghost chains.

Sizzling sounds came and the endless ghost figures were melted into nothing but the purple rays. Guan Ruisi felt his ghost chains shiver. The long purple sword ray suddenly cracked and then turned into heaven covering purple shards that enveloped him. at this moment, Guan Ruisi was completely in despair. He realised that even if he didn’t underestimate Ye Mo, Ye Mo could still kill him easily.

Splurge. Blood mist sprayed and the immortal emperor tertiary stage who was going to kill Ye Mo a few seconds ago was turned to dust.

At this moment, Yi Kang’s five flame qian kun wheel was just released. Ye Mo didn’t put away Zi Xu. He flew up and punched.

Ye Mo felt very satisfied. His crevice god art finally broke through just then forming endless crevice shards. He derived this from Illusion Cloud nine strikes and heaven shocking lamp domain. After crevice cracked, the endless sword rays can form another domain strike. If it enveloped the opponent, it would kill for sure.

Before the five sun like rings of the wheel spread out, it was swept by Ye Mo’s fist force.

Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble.

After five huge explosions, flame shot everywhere and this space and earth was completely turned to dust. Even the two valleys were powdered.

Yi Kang flew back and there was a sliver of blood at the corner of his mouth. He was extremely shocked. Although he attacked in a rush, Ye Mo attacked after Ye Mo killed an immortal emperor. Ye Mo counter attacked in a rush.

Thinking about this, Yi Kang soon realised he was far from a match for Ye Mo.

Yi Kang stumbled a few steps. His face was pale. He finally realised why Ye Mo didn’t care. He didn’t need to care. Even if six more of them cane, Ye Mo could just go. If Ye Mo wanted to go, who here could stop him?

The long haired man breathed easy.

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