Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2009 - Dao Essence Divine Estate

Chapter 2009: Dao Essence Divine Estate

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Out of the first six people who came, one was instantly killed and the immortal emperor peak stage was smashed away. The remaining four had one immortal monarch and two immortal emperor primary stages. Their faces were extremely pale and subconsciously looked at the three who came later. They finally realised why there was two who didn’t come up. They already knew how strong Ye Mo was.

Eseing Ye Mo take the storage ring and ghost chain and walked towards him, Yi Kang quickly put away his wheel and saluted with his fists “I was too impulsive, I’m willing to compensate for dao friend’s losses.”

Seeing Ye Mo completely ignore him, Yi Kang said again “There’s a dao essence divine estate in the mountain. I’ve just got news and sensed the well chi here. That’s why I came over.”

Ye Mo stopped. Dao essence was the pinnacle of the God Necropolis Domain. He must go check out that dao essence estate. Up until now, his Three Birth Chant didn’t have dao vindication cultivation method mainly because he had never come in contact with a dao vindication divine emperor. Even though he was hunted by one, he didn’t fight one.

“Tell me where it is and I’ll let you live.” Ye Mo said plainly.

Yi Kang quickly said “the dao essence divine estate is at Cheng Zheng lake. People were searching for Qing tao Qi Lan there and accidentally activated the ancient dao essence divine estate. It’s said that this place might be left behind by a powerful being before the God Necropolis Domain was broken. There would be top level divine dao cultivation method and god art.”

“Okay, if you don’t want my well water then piss off.” Ye Mo said.

Yi Kang’s face showed a sliver of anger but he quickly hid it and said “Dao friend, that three treasure ghost chain is one of the top magic artefact of our Henghong god corner, please…”

“You want it?” Ye Mo looked asked.

Yi Kang bit his teeth and said “Yes, that’s something very important to us. We’re willing to pay some price for it.”

Ye Mo said “You can have it back if you use a dao fruit to trade it. Any dao fruit will do, otherwise, no deal. If you can give me lightning sound ages fruit I can not only give the chains back but also give you a bottle of seven star extreme well water.”

Ye Mo said loudly but no one at the scene reacted. He knew that these people definitely didn’t get the fruit.

Seeing Ye Mo about to leave, Yi Kang was really desperate. He quickly sound transmissioned to Ye Mo “Dao friend, I really don’t have dao fruit but I know who does and I know he has two lightning sound ages fruit.”

Ye Mo said coldly “What does that have to do with you? Do you think I’m going to give you the ghost chains if you told me who has the lightning sound ages fruit?”

Seeing Ye Mo speak out his sound transmission Yi Kang didn’t dare to blame Ye Mo and said “I know that person will be going to the ancient dao essence divine estate and I know he really wants the well water. If dao friend is willing to trade with the well water, I believe he’s willing to give out a lightning sound ages fruit.”

“Lead the way, when I see the person I will give it to you otherwise you can wait to die.” Ye Mo sneered.

Yi Kang was furious but he could only suppress his anger and lead the way at the front.

“Qian bei…” The two immortal emperors who were beaten away by Ye Mo before could only greet Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that they were only like this due to his power and if he was weaker, they would come attack him without hesitation. However, there were all sorts of people like this everywhere, he didn’t need to care that much. He just needed to increase his power.

Seeing Ye Mo head towards the Chang Zheng lake, the rest of the people followed but the long haired immortal emperor changed direction and left.

The reason Cheng Zheng lake was famous was because Qing Tao Qi Lan would often be found here. It was a material used for concocting top level dao moulding pills. Those who came to the mountain would all go there for a spin.

Who would give up dao vindication? If one vindicated dao, the first step would be dao moulding. The best material for learning dao moulding was Qing Tao Qi Lan. However this herb was very rare in the God Necropolis Domain even in the Cheng Zheng lake.

Cheng Zheng lake was half a day’s distance from the floating valley because they couldn’t fly. If they could fly they would be able to get there in half an hour.

When Ye Mo came to the outskirts of the lake, he found there were already 50 people here.

These people surrounded a huge lake. The lake looked boundless and had a layer of mist. The white mist seemed to have materialized. Ye Mo’s spirit sense blades scanned out and forced open the white mist. He found that the water undernearth was red like blood. There was also some cold killing chi inside.

When Ye Mo and them came over, they just casually glanced and didn’t care. Most of them were staring inside the lake.

Ye Mo frowned when he saw the lake water was this strange.

“Dao friend, it’s that person wearing the yellow cloud robes who has two dao fruits. He’s a body refinement cultivator and he definitely needs the seven star extreme well.” Yi Kang quickly sound transmissioned to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo already saw that body refinement immortal. His muscles buldged up and essence chi formed faint ripples around him. His cultivation level was half divine. It was no wonder he dared to appear after getting two lightning sound ages fruits.

“Who is this person? Give me a set off Cheng Zheng lake information.” Ye Mo said casually.

Yi Kang said “Cheng Zheng lake has been a place producing lots of Qing Tao Qi Lan since the ancient times. The lake water is red. It’s fabled that an ancient grey dragon moulded his dao here but he encountered an unprecedented divine damnation. This divine damnation took the divine damnation but his essence spirit cracked due to this and died here. Eventually, his essence blood and essence chi formed the lake and the Qing Tao Qi lan next to the lake has a sliver of dragon will. It’s more valuable than Qing Tao QI lan from other places.”

“The lake surface is so flat, even if there were Qing Tao Qi Lan, wouldn’t it be harvested away?” Ye Mo asked.

Yi Kang answered “People can’t see the lake everytime the mountain opens as the mountain opens from a different position. So in time, people can find Qing Tao Qi Lan around the lake.”

Ye Mo nodded and looked at the half divine “Tell me about this person.”

“He’s very mysterious. It’s said he’s not from the 16 god corners and five castles. After he came here, he went around challenging everyone and no one was a match for him. He killed a few top prodigies. Later, there was dao vindication divine emperor attacking him but he has an extremely powerful space mobility technique. Even divine emperors find it very difficult to keep him. If any divine emperor attacked him, he would come back to revenge the divine emperor’s sect after a while. As time went on, no one dares to mess with him.” Yi Kang subconsciously looked at the half divine.

The half divine seemed to have felt someone look at him. He looked up and glanced over coldly.

Yi Kang subconsciously shivered and sound transmissioned “He knows we’re discussing about him.”

Ye Mo threw out the ghost chains and said “You have no business here.”

Yi Kang took the ghost chains and quickly left. He didn’t want to be connected with Ye Mo at all.

However, before Ye Mo went over, that half divine came over. He studied Ye Mo from head to toe before saying in a coarse voice “You were prying news about me?”

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