Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2084 - 2084 Duanmu Yuebo

2084 Duanmu Yuebo

Ye Mo stopped in the void. He still wanted to set up a formation for Lotus Glory sect and visit where Xiaoyun stayed and find Meng Qi. But clearly, that was impossible now.

There were countless realms connected to the void and the universe was vast. He just reached Dao Moulding Divine Emperor. He was far from letting his spirit will cross voids and realms. He really wanted to know how Truth divine emperor went back to the immortal realm but Truth divine emperor wouldn’t tell him.

There were plenty of god crystals and god spirit ranges in his golden page world but Ye Mo knew that even if he used them all he wouldn’t be able to reach Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor.

Dao Nourishment Divine Emperor needed fortune and understanding of dao law. This wasn’t a piling up of resources.

“Shadowless, control the space time boat. Whereever you feel there is people, just go there. You can tear the void here easily.” Ye Mo said. He didn’t know the direction anyways so there was no difference if he was flying or shadowless.

Shadowless loved to do such things. In order to have fun in the void, small ginseng and Qiu Rang came out of the golden page world too. They both said that one extra person had one extra way.

Ye Mo knew these three together would just waste more time but he didn’t have the mood to chat with these guys so he let them all out.

Ye Mo went back into the golden page world. He was going to build an exquisite residence for Chi Wanqing.

Ye Mo used his best materials and even that unused god heart stone.

Ye Mo was very meticulous. Half a month later, he built an extremely beautiful palace for Chi Wanqing. A top grade god spirit range was used to provide essence chi for the palace and a top formation was used to protect it. Chi Wanqing’s room was at the back of the palace. Ye Mo planted thousands of immortal spirit herb and immortal flowers around the palace.

Space time boat flew like a headless fly in the void but Ye Mo could only let them do as they please. He was perfecting his god arts in the golden page world and would stay with Chi Wanqing when he had the time.

Three months later, Ye Mo felt his dao wave laws become more fluid.

Today, Ye Mo left Chi Wanqing’s place and felt shadowless’ desperate call. Ye Mo immediately scanned his spirit sense out and found that the three were trying theirbest to control the space time boat. There was an extremely huge whirlpool in front of them. If they didn’t try their hardest, the space time boat would’ve been swept in already. Despite this, a little less than half of the boat was gone.

Ye Mo quickly sent the three into the golden page world. The next moment, the golden page world was sucked into the whirlpool.

“Boss I seemed to feel we should go this way so…” Shadowless looked down and called. It was completely his responsibility this time. He said to go close to that whirlpool and said it would definitely be fine. He even said that he and Ye Mo had seen such whirlpool before and it would be fine as long as you didn’t go in.

In the end, the three neared it and lost control. They couldn’t even go back into the golden page world due to the powerful suction force.

Ye Mo sighed. When he gave the space time boat to shadowless, he should’ve expected such things to happen. There were countless whirlpools in the void but luckily they had golden page world. They wouldn’t die from it.

Ye Mo didn’t have the mood to tell shadowless off. They were already lost anyways. So what if they were swept away.

Ye Mo had seen these whirlpools more than once before. Sometimes they lead to another void sometimes they lead to another realm. If they really went to another realm, that would be good.

But when Ye Mo felt the outside get colder and colder, he felt things wasn’t thing. When the golden page world fell into the whirlpool, it seemed to be dropping straight down non stop.

Ye Mo was just Dao Moulding Divine Emperor but his spirit sense was for beyond Dao Moulding Divine Emperor. Yet despite this, his spirit sense was quickly invaded by the coldness. His golden page world spun faster and faster and his spirit sense lasted shorter and shorter.

A month later, the whirlpool finally disappeared. Ye Mo felt that coldness go away. The golden page world appeared in a dark grey world. Ye Mo felt this world was empty. It had no life, no chi, no temperature.

Ye Mo came out of the golden page world and stood on this dark grey place, he scanned his spirit sense out slowly. All that his spirit sense saw was dark grey. There wasn’t even color in this world.

“What is this place? It doesn’t seem to be the void?” shadowless came out of the void.

Ye Mo looked around and said “This isn’t the void. If I’m not wrong, it’s a world. A powerful immortal’s solitary world.”

“There’s a grey stone house ahead and a dead person inside. Let’s go have a look.” Ye Mo saw that the world wasn’t big. This stone house was perhaps the only structure here.

There wasn’t even a door to the house. Ye Mo walked in with shadowless and saw a dark grey body.

It was leaning against the wall with instant second head hanging down. There was an 80cm spear pierced from his back.

Ye Mo suddenly felt this sense of familiarity from this person. It was indescribable but Ye Mo turned his eyes to the spear. He didn’t feel any chi in this world but when his spirit sense scanned this spear, a sharp killing intent shot out from the spear.

Ye Mo felt his sea of consciousness go cold. He immediately stabilized his sea of consciousness. He was very shocked. This spear wasn’t even released and it was this terrifying. Just how savage would it be if it was activated.

“There’s writing on the wall.” Shadowless said.

Ye Mo saw it too. he walked closer. This body seemed extremely ugly but there were two strands of tears trickling down that didn’t dissipate with time.

“My name Duanmu Yuebo, Xu Yue divine dao…”

Seeing the sect name, Ye Mo immediately remembered the seventh painting he saw in that estate at the bottom of the river. There was a grand sect in the painting. A grey robed man stood before the sect in the air.

“I understand.” Ye Mo muttered to himself. No wonder this corpse felt familiar. It was the figure he saw in the painting.

Ye Mo knew this man was definitely not ordinary. His back seemed much cooler than his look but someone like that died here. Ye Mo sighed.

If the river bed estate was set up by Duanmu Yuebo, then he was definitely a powerful being.

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