Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2085 - 2085 They Way Back

2085 They Way Back

“… Divine Dao Samsara is broken, dao pursuers forgot the source of life… I vindicated primordial essence dao, will open the divine dao realm samsara, connect to the underworld and rebuild samsara with great determination…”

There was a long message on the wall. After reading it, Ye Mo couldn’t help feel a pity for Duanmu Yuebo. This person vindicated primordial essence. He felt very heart ached seeing that divine dao realm cultivators slaughter and rob with any means necessary for cultivation.

He wanted people to know that even if they couldn’t vindicate great dao, they could still go into samsara and cultivate from the start as long as they had good will in their hearts. But samsara was extremely hard in the divine dao realm. Only one in tens or a hundred could go into samsara. Duanmu Yuebo wanted people to have more good will and decided to use his power to open a path to the underworld.

Duanmu Yuebo did go into the underworld and saw it but at this moment, he realised he was too weak. Even though he was a Primordial Essence Divine Emperor in the divine dao realm, he was nothing in the underworld. He went through countless years of hardship and still couldn’t fulfill his dream.

After he was ambushed and fled from the underworld, he hid into his small world. His sea of consciousness cracked open and just left a few messages of the dark lightning bead and his sea of consciousness completely crumbled. Thus, he could only write on the wall.

Ye Mo looked around but didn’t see any dark lightning bead but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out quickly. If there was no way out, he was planning to break the grey world.

When Duanmu Yuebo left his message, he felt the Xu Yue divine dao annihilated and battles everywhere in the divine dao realm. Countless immortals and divine emperors died. Duanmu Yuebo felt very sad that he couldn’t help at all when the sect that raised him was annihilated.

While he was trying to pave a path in samsara for the divine dao realm, his sect was annihilated clean by the people of the Divine Dao Realm. This made his heart die too and his life force deplete more rapidly.

The message stopped there. It didn’t say who was hunting him nor why he was hunted nor how to get out.

Ye Mo sighed. If Duanmu Yuebo didn’t sense his Xu Yue divine dao being annihilated, perhaps he would’ve had sliver of hope to live. He didn’t believe that Duanmu Yuebo paved the underworld passage purely out of altruistic motives. He definitely had his own agenda but regardless it was very beneficial to the Divine Dao Realm.

Ye Mo grabbed the short spear that killed DuanmuYuebo. A vast and extreme killing intent came from the spear. It was like the killing intent was ready to kill. Even with Ye Mo’s power, he almost let go.

“Such powerful spear, this killing intent is no ordinary thing.” Ye Mo said.

Shadowless “Boss if you don’t like this spear you can give it to me.”

Ye Mo ignored shadowless.

Ye Mo used his god essence and the short spear quickly left Duanmu Yuebo’s body. This extremely restlessness came from the spear. Ye Mo suppressed with his spirit sense immediately and put a few restrictions on it before sending it to his golden page world.

Ye Mo felt this spear was even stronger than the three treasure primordial essence gourd.

Duanmu Yuebo’s body suddenly fell down. A dark blood bead fell out of the wound in front of his chest turning into a black bead.

Ye Mo didn’t need to pick it up as the message Duanmu Yuebo left behind came. This blood orb was Xu Yue divine dao’s sect protection dark lightning orb. Those who can see this orb must be from the Divine Dao Realm. The one who gets this if willing to swear to rebuild Xu Yue divine dao can use this bead to return to the underworld passage he didn’t finish.

It couldn’t go back to the Divine Dao Realm directly but it could go back to the immortal estate he left. There was a yin abyss metal card there and one could use that card to teleport to the Xu Yue divine dao from the seventh painting.

Ye Mo dazed and took out the metal card. He was eventually going back to the divine dao realm.

But soon, Ye Mo was grateful to Duanmu Yuebo. Regardless of his motives, at least Duanmu Yuebo gave him a quick way back to the Divine Dao Realm. However, he went around the cultivation realm and had a lot of unfinished business and now he had to go back to the Divine Dao Realm.

Shadowless quickly said “Yea boss, I felt I should come over here. That’s why I came over.”

Ye Mo waved his hand “You’re not to blame.”

At this moment, Ye Mo realised that the reason shadowless came over was because Duanmu Yuebo left some chi to draw him here. Those who came from the Divine Dao Realm would feel this chi.

At the same time, Ye Mo looked down on Duanmu Yuebo’s means of action. Perhaps he had a nice heart but he definitely had ulterior motives for opening the Divine Dao Realm samsara passage.

The passage he went into before couldn’t be entered by anyone. If he didn’t have the golden page world, he would be dead. From this, it was clear that Duanmu Yuebo drew people to that passage only thinking about his own benefits but not other people’s life and death.

If Duanmu Yuebo set up the samsara passage, it would be a huge contribution to the Divine Dao Realm. With this, he might progress stronger.

If Primordial Essence Divine Emperor was the extreme, he wouldn’t’ be killed. Even if Primordial Essence Divine Emperor was the extreme, there was highs and lows.

Ye Mo had vindicated dao now and could sense some things about good karma.

But Ye Mo didn’t care about these things. He pursued his own dao.

He severed the wills affecting him during his dao vindication. Repairing the Divine Dao Realm and immortal realm was a huge good karma and it could help other divine emperors greatly and vindicate the best dao. But Ye Mo wanted to vindicate his own dao. Even if he was to repair the Divine Dao Realm, it would have nothing to the award heaven dao gave him. Otherwise, no matter what dao he vindicated, he would still be below heaven dao.

Ye Mo picked up the dark lightning bead and immediately felt the ancient heavy mixed chi inside.

Ye Mo didn’t check the bead with his spirit sense. This was Xu Yue divine dao’s treasure. He didn’t want to take it for himself.

“If this bead can take me back to the Divine Dao Realm, I, Ye Mo, will rebuild Xu Yue divine dao and return this bead to the sect.”

Ye Mo’s words couldn’t be called oath. He didn’t say what would happen if he didn’t do it.

Ye Mo could even sever wills that made him swear during dao vindication, how could he make an oath for such small thing.

When Ye Mo said those words, there was no reaction from the dark lightning orb. Clearly, it was unhappy with his oath.

“Boss, it doesn’t seem to be useful.” Shadowless looked at the bead and said. He even wanted to say to Ye Mo, why not let me make the oath. I make oaths as easy as drinking and eating.

“No reaction, then we’ll break this world and find our own way back. A mere lifeless world can’t stop me.” Ye Mo sneered and turned to leave.

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