Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2167 - That’s because I haven’t come ye

Chapter 2167 That’s because I haven’t come ye

When Ye Mo brought Luo Qinghe and Wang Nanshuang into the palace, there were already nearly a hundred people sitting inside. The seats were clearly divided into groups of three, clearly representing a power or race. The seats were also placed that one was slightly in front and two slightly behind.

Ye Mo studied this palace. This place was very spacious. One couldn’t even see the top of the palace. Ye Mo knew this was due to formation. There was also a nearly 60m in diameter stand at the center of the palace. The restrictions around it was no weaker than the restrictions on the god rank square stage. Ye Mo knew this was also another battle stage.

This stage was probably for battle when two parties disagreed between distribution. There was a dark red aura around the border of the stage. Countless divine emperors have died here.

“Come sit here pill divine Ye.” Xing Hong saw Ye Mo and quickly greeted.

“Brother Xing, you’re here too?” Ye Mo said. Xing Hong came back he wasn’t sitting on the main seat. The divine emperor sitting on the main seat had much stronger chi than Xing Hong.

Xing Hong smiled “Of course, I’m representing the Void Marketplace merchant tower. We have the right to compete for spots.

“hmm? Human race is participating too this time?” People were immediately shocked upon seeing Ye Mo and them come in.

“Three dao actualisation divine emperors coming to this dao fruit distribution gathering?”

“What is this? Are they here to prove they have courage?”

Discussions went on non stop but no one came looking for their trouble probably because seeing Ye Mo greet Xing Hong.

Luo Qinghe didn’t know that Ye Mo knew Xing Hong. He admired Ye Mo even more. Who haven’t heard of Xing Hong’s name in the Void Marketplace?

The three didn’t sit for long and tens more people came into the palace. In total, there was about 130 people in the palace.

This meant that there was nearly 50 powers or races here.

The last to enter was a grey robed divine emperor. He looked ordinary and his chi was much weaker than the rest of the divine emperors here but Ye Mo could tell this person was a half way primordial essence, a very powerful half way primordial essence.

He walked to the top seat of the palace and saluted with his fists saying “Welcome immortal friends of all the realms and races to the Void Marketplace spot distribution gathering. Many divine emperors here know me and of course there are some new divine emperors who haven’t heard of me. I’ll introduce myself. I’m from the Void Marketplace, my divine name is Kong Han. This time, Tian Rui divine emperor and I will be impartialing conducting this distribution.”

When Kong Han finished, an ordinary looking old man suddenly appeared next to him. He looked even weaker than Kong Han divine emperor.

But some divine emperors realised that this ordinary old man was even stronger than Kong Han. Ye Mo knew this was another half way primordial essence.

This old man said “I’m Tian Rui. Now let the gathering begin.”

Tian Rui then shut his eyes as though everything else had nothing to do with him.

Kong Han divine emperor smiled “What’s worth mentioning is that this time, there is the human race and shadow race…”

Kong Han continued “because many of the god rank divine emperors couldn’t come back to the Void Marketplace in time and some races not coming, there’s an extra 193 spots on the dao fruit tower…”

Ye Mo heard this and was shocked. He didn’t expect there would be this many dao fruit tower spots.

“There’s 46 seats to be distributed. According to the old rules, these spots will be shared evenly. Does anyone object?” Kong Han said and looked at the people.

Kong Han meant seats that were at the front. This meant that there was 46 races of powers to be represented.

“We’re fine.” The representatives of different races said.

Ye Mo was dazed. Was the gathering this simple? All the spots were shared evenly and no one objected? Plus, there were 46 powers, the 193 spots can’t be divided evenly. Why did no one say anything.

After waiting for a while and no one said anything, Ye Mo said something.

“Kong Han divine emperor master, I object.” Ye Mo got up and saluted with his fists.

Almost everyone looked at Ye Mo. Object to what now? Why would you object to Kong Han divine emperor.

“Fool.” That demon dao essence sneered at Ye Mo.

Kong Han divine emperor was very shocked that a dao actualisation divine emperor dared to object in this. He looked at Ye Mo with interest “You’re the representative for the human race right? What objections do you have?”

Ye Mo said loudly “This is my first time coming to the gathering so I want to ask, does the 193 spots include the 30 spots the human race deserves?”

Kong Han said “Yes. The human race didn’t come to this gathering multiple times so these 30 spots were considered extra ones.”

“Kong Han divine emperor master, would the spots of other races be considered extra? If other races don’t share their spots evenly but just the human race has to, then how is this fair?” Ye Mo said.

Kong Han divine emperor dazed. There were human representatives before but they didn’t make the same request as Ye Mo and didn’t dare to bring up the human race had 30. Yet, this dao actualisation divine emperor dared to make such request.

“Hahaha…” Ye Mo’s words made the palace erupt into laughter. Even Xing Hong looked down.

Luo Qinghe and Wang Nanshuang were dazed. They came here with Ye Mo so the human race wouldn’t keep declining. They were ready to die but they weren’t ready for Ye Mo making such terrifying claims.

They just wanted to get one or two spots and then leave. Yet, Ye Mo asked for the 30 spots the human race had before.

Kong Han divine emperor didn’t laugh and pressed with his hand for the laughter to stop. Then he looked at Ye Mo and said “But there were past representatives who didn’t make this claim. After all, it’s been too long since the human race quit the gathering.”

Kong Han divine emperor sighed. He liked Ye Mo’s courage so he wanted to tell Ye Mo inadvertently that even if he took all 193 spots now and people agreed, it was useless. As this was only the first step to the distribution. The second and third was the most important. No one cared how many spots people got at the first step.

“That’s because I didn’t come. If I came, I would’ve long made such request.” Ye Mo said.

“Human representative wants to take back the 30 spots that belong to them. Does anyone object?” Kong Han heard this and just asked everyone.

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