Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2168 - Spot Distribution

Chapter 2168 Spot Distribution

Gong Xiang immediately got up and said “We have no objections of course. The 30 spots of the human race belongs to them. Of course, since the human race hasn’t been to the gathering for so long, their 30 spots can only be treated as extra spots to be given to them. The next time, it can be considered their permanent spots.”

Gong Xiang’s words were completely reasonable and it seemed he was even thinking for the human race.

Ye Mo completely understood what was going on. Giving the spots to him as extra spots meant that it could be robbed through challenges. Permanent spots were permanent. People didn’t have a right to challenge and take it.

The more extra spots he took here, the more challenges he would have to accept. That meant the more chances he would get killed.

Kong Han divine emperor looked at everyone “What does everyone think of immortal friends Gong’s suggestion?”

All the races approved immediately.

Kong Han divine emperor looked at Ye Mo with a strange glance “Now that everyone agreed to let you take back the 30 spots do you have any other requests?”

Hearing this, Ye Mo could tell this Kong Han was completely neutral and saluted with his fists “Thank you Kong Han divine emperor, I’ll only take back what’s mine.”

“Okay, then in that case, there’s 163 spots remaining for even distribution. Everyone will get three spots but the fourth round isn’t enough for everyone. Wherever the distribution stops, that’s it.”

This meant that those sitting at the front could get four spots and those sitting at the back could only get three.

People already knew this rule here. Those who didn’t want too many spots sat at the back.

“Pill divine Ye, I don’t think it’s good that we asked for 30 spots.” Luo Qinghe said quietly.

Ye Mo didn’t mind “We need to take back what belongs to us. What doesn’t belong to us we don’t need to fight for it.”

Kong Han divine emperor acted like Tian Rui divine emperor and said nothing after the first round finished. It was as though the two just came to watch the show.

Ye Mo was sitting at the front so the human race got 34 spots altogether. Then he saw the numbers floating above each race represented that the spots for the dao fruit tower they got.

“The god race is willing to give two spots to the abyssal race and one to the aquarius race.” A blue faced divine emperor immediately got up.

“Abyssal race accepts.” A bleak divine emperor got up and said. Ye Mo noticed this guy before as he was the representative for the abyssal race. Ye Mo planned to talk to him after the gathering.

Then, the number above them changed to six from four.

“Aquarius race agrees.” An aquarius race divine emperor got up and the number from the god race disappeared. “So this is transfer of spots.” Wang Nanshuang said. This way, weak races could give spots to powerful races. “Earth elv race is willing to give spot to dragon race…”

“Dragon race accepts.”

“Blood race is willing to transfer spot to demon race…”

Some were transferring spots, some were accepting spots. Ye Mo and them stayed silent.

If they weren’t afraid that their permanent spots would be taken, many races definitely wouldn’t come here.

Dragon race, phoenix race… they were so powerful that they left the monster race and became their own race. Even here, they had their own spots.

Ye Mo didn’t get up. He didn’t plan to give his spots away nor ask for spots.

This round soon ended. Ye Mo noticed that it was powerful races accepting spots for example, the beast race, demon race, abyssal race, dragon race, aquarius race… the ones giving spots were weaker ones such as bug race, earth df race, shadow race. There are small portions of races who didn’t give nor accept races.

Powerful races like the demon race had accepted more than 20 spots. Even abyssal race and aquarius race got more than 10.

Then, everyone set their gazes on Ye Mo. The 34 spots was a huge piece of meat. To everyone, it was just temporarily placed with Ye Mo.

Now, it was time to split it.

Demon race dao essence divine emperor Gong Xiang immediately stood out and landed on the round stage. He saluted with his fists to Kong Han and Tian Rui before staying at Ye Mo “The demon race will take five of the human race spots. If the human race don’t agree, then Gong Xiang will represent the demon race to challenge human race divine emperor.”

“Pill divine Ye, I’ll go.” Luo Qinghe knew it was suicide but it was worth than death for him to be timid. Plus, Ye Mo offended Gong Xiang due to him and that’s why Gong Xiang challenged first.

Ye Mo patted Luo Qinghe’s shoulder signalling him not to do. Then, Xing Hong’s voice sounded by his ear “Pill divine Ye, give the spot to him and he has no reason to challenge.”

Ye Mo nodded to Xing Hong in gratitude and walked up to the stage and saluted with his fists to the two half primordial essence divine emperors “The human race shall take five of the demon race’s spots. If the demon race don’t agree, then I, Ye Mo, shall represent the human race to challenge demon race divine emperor.”

The gathering had been very serious ever since the two half primordial essences came out but now due to Ye Mo’s words, it became noisy.

Just what balls did this human dao actualisation divine emperor eat? Was he worried that he wouldn’t die a pitiful enough death?

Why did he try to infuriate the demon dao essence like this?

Even Tian Rui suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Mo. He didn’t understand. Courage was necessary but it wasn’t worth to die for it like this. This was being stupid.

Kong Han divine emperor’s eyes flashed with surprise. Then he said calmly “Ok, now, the demon race divine emperor Gong Xiang will battle human race divine emperor Ye Mo. The losing side will give out five spots.”

As soon as he said this, the restrictions of the stage had been opened. Gong Xiang’s blood chi filled the entire stage mixing with his dao essence divine emperor. It was as though this stage would become his own realm. He was certain that Ye Mo would barely be able to move much less fight him.

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