Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2169 - Power of Zi Xu

Chapter 2169 Power of Zi Xu

Even so, he didn’t want Ye Mo to die easily. He released his magic artefact demon blood blade. A blood mark that crossed space came above Ye Mo’s head.

He was going to destroy Ye Mo’s body as quickly as possible and then capture his essence spirit and torture him slowly. How dare a dao actualisation divine emperor be this cocky to him.

Ye Mo felt this blood realm and knew that Gong Xiang was weaker than the demon dao essence divine emperor he killed before. He didn’t need Zi Xu to kill him.

But Ye Mo didn’t plan to not use Zi Xu. Hiding his strength here wasn’t good. He was going to kill Gong Xiang with lightning speed and shock everyone. Otherwise, he might face endless challenges today. He didn’t fear these challenges but everytime he killed someone, he would offend that power. Ye Mo didn’t want to offend too many.

Ye Mo’s domain suddenly burst out. His domain was beginning to form a realm too. It made Gong Xiang’s realm crumble rapidly. Ye Mo even stacked on top his powerful spirit sense realm.

Gong Xiang’s blood realm was instantly pulverised. The blood chi circulated around him blew out like feathers.

The next moment, Gong Xiang felt the space between him and Ye Mo freeze.

The instant he felt this, he knew that he had underestimated Ye Mo. This was ice space god art. It can only be used with certain level of space law and ice law knowledge. Gong Xiang’s knowledge of space law was inadequate and his space law god art couldn’t even materialise.

The demon blood blade immediately stopped.

Ye Mo wasn’t affected at all by his blood realm and the moment space froze, a purple sword ray was hacked out.

Gong Xiang broke free from ice space instantly and just when he wanted to seal this purple sword ray he found that this sword ray carried a vast and extreme lethal force pressure that drew away all the surrounding lethal force.

This wasn’t just sword domain lethal force but also world lethal force. Ye Mo didn’t even use a god art on this strike. It was just an ordinary swing with the broken ice space god art.

Ice space was broken but it still affected Gong Xiang. However, what killed Gong Xiang wasn’t ice space but this sword

“Primordial Spirit Artefact…” Gong Xiang looked at the purple sword ray slice over his body in despair and called out. Such dominating primordial lethal force, what else could it be other than the best Primordial Spirit Artefact?

The insect in his eyes instantly killed him in a duel with him. As soon as Gong Xiang’s essence spirit came out, it was grinded by Ye Mo’s purple sword ray and disappeared.

The blood chi disappeared and a demon blood blade fell on the ground. Zi Xu returned to its ordinary look and was put into storage ring by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved up the demon blood blade and a storage ring and walked off the stage. He was quite shocked and happy. He knew his powers had increased a few levels but only now did he realise to what extent.

Zi Xu was an important factor but Ye Mo was certain that without Zi Xu, he could still kill Gong Xiang.

When Ye Mo killed Gong Xiang and walked out of the stage, the entire palace was silent.

Then, the palace erupted in noises.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo with different eyes. Even the two half way primordial essence looked at Ye Mo strangely. It was simple for them to kill a dao essence divine emperor but a dao actualisation divine emperor killing a dao essence divine emperor this easily was too astounding.

There were dao actualisation divine emperors who killed dao essence divine emperor in the Void Marketplace but it was too rare. They were absurdly talented and even that they would need to have an intense battle to kill a dao essence divine emperor.

But what was Ye Mo? He was a dao actualisation primary stage and he could kill a dao essence divine emperor this easily. This was too scary.

“This battle is won by human race Ye Mo. Demon race give five spots to the human race.”

When Ye Mo went back to his seat, Kong Han finally announced the results.

Luo Qinghe and Wang Nanshuang also waited till Ye Mo came back to his seat before getting up in surpise and joy.

“Pill divine Ye, you actually won, and this easily too?” Luo Qinghe still didn’t believe this was real.

Wang Nanshuang knew how absurd Ye Mo was. He could kill dao actualisation divine emperor when he was only dao moulding divine emperor. Now that he was dao actualisation divine emperor, it wasn’t impossible for him to kill dao essence divine emperor. The only thing she didn’t expect was it to be this easy.

But to them, the stronger Ye Mo was the better.

The other two demon dao essence divine emperor still didn’t believe their dao essence demon divine would be killed by a human dao actualisation especially instant killed.

Gong Xiang represented the demon race but he wasn’t the leader. The dao essence demon divine sitting next to him got up and stared at Ye Mo with killing intent. Just when he wanted to speak, he was pushed down by the demon divine sitting in front, “you’re no match for him. His ordinary purple sword is probably a Primordial Spirit Artefact. I’ll see the attitude of other races. If no one attacks I will.”

The demon divine calmed down. He knew he was no match for Ye Mo but he couldn’t just take it that a demon dao essence was killed by a human dao actualisation.

When Ye Mo sat down, the number above his head went from 34 to 39.

Many people recognised that Ye Mo’s Zi Xu was a Primordial Spirit Artefact.

There was limited numbers of Primordial Spirit Artefact in the universe. People knew almost 99% of them but they had never seen Ye Mo’s purple sword.

When many people were watching Ye Mo, a powerful spirit sense scanned at Ye Mo too. This spirit sense seemed to want to ambush Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness. Ye Mo immediately used spirit sense nine transformations and released a spirit sense net grinding this spirit sense to nothing. However, Ye Mo couldn’t find the owner of the spirit sense.

The serious silence didn’t last for long when a dao essence drenched in water came up and screeched “Aquarius race Xun Tai will take one spot of the Winged Race, if you don’t agree then come up.”

Ye Mo looked at the three from the Winged race. They were all dao essence divine emperor but Ye Mo could tell none of them could beat Xun Tai. It also seemed that they were more adept at fighting in spacious areas, not small confinements.

The winged race got up and said “Winged race don’t want to fight, take the spot.”

Winged race now already gave out three spots but now, they’re last spot was taken. Aquarius race was probably annoyed that they didn’t get one of the three spots.

There were other divine emperors challenging each other but no one challenge Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn’t plan to challenge anyone else.

“Abyssal race want five human race spots. If the human race don’t agree come up and challenge me, Zhongli Huoyin.”

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