Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2256 - Show Off

Chapter 2256 Show Off

Dongfang Wang studied Zhen Bingyu. He really wanted to know how she would look at him after he killed Ye Mo and came back.

Thinking about this, Dongfang Wang walked out of the guest palace and tore open the space before him.

Ye Mo wanted to kill Dongfang Wang more desperately. He saluted with his fists to Jiao Dan and Tang Congyin before leaving.

No one followed them. Everyone knew what the two were thinking. The two wanted what each other possessed. Everyone knew that regardless of who won, those who went to see would have no good fate.

Yi Yuanzhou saw Ye Mo and Dongfang Wang tear open space on the demon race land. His face was calm but his heart was furious.

He only saw Dongfang Wang’s power today. He just realised that he was no match for Dongfang Wang at all. Since Dongfang Wang dared to tear open space here, clearly, he didn’t take the demon race nor him seriously.

As for Ye Mo, he didn’t feel that angry. Ye Mo was always cocky and tore open space in the dragon race. How could he give face to the demon race?

“Who are you to Ye Mo?” Zhantai Yi asked Zhen Bingyu.

Zhen Bingyu smiled “I’m his dao partner.”

“You’re lying…” Zhantai Yi knew Zhen Bingyu was still a virgin but she couldn’t really say this as she was a virgin too.

Zhen Bingyu put away that calm smile “Whether or not I’m lying has nothing to do with you. I didn’t ask you to believe me.”

Fan Gao suddenly asked “Goddess Bingyu, that Dongfang Wang has World Mountain and powerful god arts. Aren’t you worried about Ye Mo at all?”

“Why would I worry about him?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

Everyone knew Fan Gao wanted to scout for some information but Zhen Bingyu’s counter question made him at a loss for words.

“Ye Mo, on Earth, just because you were a cultivator, you abused the Dongfang family like a dog. Today, I will let you understand what it feels like to be a dog.” Dongfang Wang said hideously at Ye Mo. His seeping killing intent was going to tear open the surrounding void.

“You will soon find that even though you’re primordial essence, you’re still a dog.” Ye Mo said calmly.

“Haha…” Dongfang Wang laughed, “I will let you know what peerless is. I, Dongfang Wang, am peerless. When I kill you, I will take your essence spirit to take away Zhen Bingyu…”

Then, Dongfang Wang smashed out the World Mountain. Demon and buddhist lights swept out millions of ripples forming a material realm domain.

If someone saw this, they would know that Dongfang Wang didn’t even use his full power fighting Zhuge Tianhua.

“Demon buddhist…” Dongfang Wang yelled. This was his strongest god art, demon buddhist realm domain. Under such god art, even the most powerful primordial essence would soon fall under the demon buddhist light.

Ye Mo seemed to not see the World Mountain coming. He took a step in the void casually and waved his hand “Samsara…”

Dongfang Wang was shocked seeing Ye Mo ignore his demon buddhist god art. Before he could release a new god art, the endless flow of time and samsara wrapped around his space filling his heart and body.

At this moment, he saw how proud he was after reaching primordial essence and then he saw how joyful he was getting the World Mountain and Fusang tree.

Time flowed like water but water was heartless. Before he could wake up from his joy, he was swept by the joy of all the dao fruits he got in the chaos star realm. He saw his excitement of his dao vindication. He saw that goddess who gave him immortal crystals.

These instants flowed away like sand. They were unstoppable and left no traces behind. Luckily he had greater surprises waiting for him. He saw he got the abstruse yellow orb, he got the number one divine sutra of the demon race. He saw him fusing the demon and buddhist dao…

He suddenly saw other people’s looks aging with time while time left less and less marks on him. Wait, other people’s time was going forward but his was going backwards.

Fusang tree swept a green ray that removed the time marks. Dongfang Wang suddenly woke up. He found his World Mountain was pressed by a long purple sword. He was in Ye Mo’s realm domain and he couldn’t move at all.

“What god art was that?” Dongfang Wang asked numbly in his shock. He was completely subjugated by Ye Mo. He could only feel the flow of time.

“Ages…” Ye Mo said calmly. No matter how peerless Dongfang Wang was, it was meangingless to him. His dao had surpassed ordinary universe great daos. He vindicated his own chaos dao. Ever since he returned from the nether realm, his dao was becoming perfected.

“Ye Mo, I, Dongfang Wang, am peerless and yet I underestimated you, I hate this…” Dongfang Wang’s eyes spewed with flames. He didn’t feel he was weaker than Ye Mo. He was subjugated before he even attacked. If he didn’t underestimate Ye Mo, this would never happen.

Who had powerful fortune like him? He got abstruse yellow orb, Fusang tree, the number one demon sutra, dao fruits…

With such powerful fortunes, he was actually captured by Ye Mo? How could he not go crazy?

Ye Mo suddenly waved out nine golden bone arrows and a golden bow. The arrows circled around Ye Mo but didn’t shoot. That powerful lethal force already drained all the surrounding life force.

Looking at Dongfang Wang’s dazed eyes, Ye Mo suddenly said “This is Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination. I have all nine arrows. If I want to kill you with these arrows, you won’t survive more than 3 arrows.”

Then, Ye Mo released a huge gourd and said “This is three treasure primordial essence gourd, Primordial Spirit Artefact. If I were to kill you with this, you won’t last three seconds.”

Then, Ye Mo waved out a blue flame, “This is divine flame Blue Like Morning Sky. The number one flame in the universe. If I were to burn you, you would already be dust.”

Little blue looked at Dongfang Wang and said in contempt “This trash doesn’t even deserve me to burn him.”

Then Ye Mo waved out more, “this is Primordial Spirit Artefact melt space, Primordial Spirit Artefact chaos gourd, Primordial Spirit Artefact immortal palace landscape painting…”

Looking at the dumbfounded Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo waved out nine Great Primordial God Runes. These nine runes completely bound the World Mountain and freed Zi Xu.

When Zi Xu landed on Ye Mo’s hand, Ye Mo waved “This is the number one magic artefact I use, Zi Xu. I only need one strike to kill you. By the way, I just used Great Primordial God Rune. That only takes a second to kill you.”

Looking at all these things, Dongfang Wang was so shocked he couldn’t speak. Ye Mo didn’t use a single of his magic artefact and god arts to subjugate him. Just how big was the difference between them?

He thought he was peerless but now, he realised what true peerless was. Sweat trickled down his forehead. He was shocked there was someone as powerful as Ye Mo in the universe.

He finally realised why Ye Mo didn’t even take him seriously. He hated this. Why was he still weaker than Ye Mo after getting all these treasures?

Ye Mo said coldly “I have all these things but I don’t show off. You have a mere World Mountain and you dare to show off in front of me.”

Dongfang Wang spat a big mouthful of blood. He really didn’t expect Ye Mo meant it. Even though he was primordial essence, he was still abused like a dog by Ye Mo.

“Small ginseng, look, this is indeed a trash. He couldn’t even take it after a few words and he spat blood? Primordial essence? More like primordial trash.” Shadowless commented.

“When I just came out, I seemed to have heard him saying he was peerless. Is he talking about peerless in spitting blood?” Small ginseng nodded.

Dongfang Wang spat another mouthful of blood and sneered at Ye Mo “Ye Mo, you’re this powerful but you still agreed to come fight with me. You call me a show off but taking all these things out, you’re no better than me.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and took back everything before saying “If I annihilated you at the demon race with the wave of a hand, do you think anyone would dare to act cocky at the Divine Dao Realm a hundred years later?”

Dongfang Wang immediately realised what Ye Mo meant. He opened his mouth for a long time before laughing “Ye Mo, I thought I was vicious enough. Today, I realise that I’m nothing compared to you.”

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