Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2257 (END) - Where Are You Finale

Chapter 2257 Where Are You Finale

After repairing the Divine Dao Realm, Ye Mo planned to take his wives to travel the cosmos. So, he planned to weaken every race before he left. The attack on Divine Dao Realm a hundred years later would be this opportunity. If he exposed his power before the demon race, no one would dare to go to Divine Dao Realm.

Dongfang Wang laughed like crazy and his force suddenly rose. Almost in an instant, an explosion tore open the void. The realm domain binding Dongfang Wang was broken.

Ye Mo’s god essence giant hand instantly grabbed at the void. While Dongfang Wang’s essence spirit and storage ring was grabbed by Ye Mo, a yellow beam exploded and disappeared from the void.

Even Ye Mo couldn’t stop this yellow beam in time.

“Haha, Ye Mo. Even if I don’t run, you won’t be able to get my abstruse yellow orb.” Dongfang Wang’s essence spirit laughed in Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo just realised that the light that dashed away was abstruse yellow orb. Ye Mo felt quite regretful. The abstruse yellow orb was a world creation treasure but Dongfang Wang gave it up. Dongfang Wang was quite powerful to be able to keep his essence spirit after self destruction. If he wasn’t fast, Dongfang Wang wouldn’t escaped.

Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered talking. His hand crushed and Dongfang Wang’s essence spirit turned to dust.

After killing Dongfang Wang, Ye Mo felt a lot more comfortable. The three brothers had been a thorn and today, he completely removed it.

Ye Mo didn’t really care about losing the abstruse yellow orb. He already had enough good things. He was very happy he could kill Dongfang Wang.

Ye Mo took the World Mountain bound by Great Primordial God Rune. Ye Mo was very happy. At least the World Mountain didn’t escape.

Ye Mo cut with his spirit sense blades and he opened the restriction of the storage ring. Ye Mo dazed when he scanned inside.

He was dazed not because Dongfang Wang’s storage ring was a small world but there was a person constantly making formation flags and studying formation inside.

Ye Mo immediately took this old man out and asked in disbelief “Old Lu, how were you captured by Dongfang Wang and making formation flags for him?”

Lu Wuhu just realised that the person before him was Ye Mo. He couldn’t react for a long time. After confirming it was Ye Mo, he said in surprise and joy “Brother Ye, it really is you. Where is Dongfang Wang that kid?”

“I killed him.” Ye Mo was guessing why Lu Wuhu fell into Dongfang Wang’s hands.

“You can kill Dongfang Wang?” Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo in extreme shock. Ye Mo seemed very ordinary. He had seen Dongfang Wang’s power with his own eyes.

Then he thought of something “brother Ye, where is this?”

“The void outside the Divine Dao Realm. How were you captured by Dongfang Wang? What formation flags are you making?” Ye Mo asked. Lu Wuhu was only abstruse immortal. Why did Dongfang Wang keep him.

“You’ve vindicated dao already?” Lu Wuhu clearly was no ordinary abstruse immortal. He knew a lot from Dongfang Wang.

Then he sighed “It’s all because of that world rock. Dongfang Wang found me through that. After Dongfang Wang knew that I was a forgery master, he gave me many forgery and formation jade slips for me to study. He then took me to a place saying there was chaos green lotus there but he couldn’t go in too.

He had a formation that could get the chaos green lotus but that formation needed hundreds of millions of formation flags. I had to make formation flags for him. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know how many millennia I would need to do this for.”

Ye Mo just realised. No wonder he couldn’t find Lu Wuhu.

“How about I send you back to the immortal realm? I built a Mo Yue Immortal Sect there. I’m going to do some things, after I’m done I’ll come to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect for you.” Ye Mo said.

“You can send me to the immortal realm?” Lu Wuhu asked in surprise and joy. His cultivation level was too low, he felt extremely uncomfortable in the void.

Ye Mo tore open the void and sent Lu Wuhu in “You’ll know when you see it.”

After sending Lu Wuhu off, Ye Mo returned to the demon race. When he went in the guest palace, almost everyone got up in shock. Everyone saw Dongfang Wang’s power but Ye Mo came back safely.

Zhen Bingyu got up immediately. She looked confident but when Ye Mo truly returned, she relaxed.

“Pill divine Ye, where is Dongfang Wang?” Fan Gao asked immediately.

Ye Mo ignored the two and saluted with his fists to Jiao Dan and Tang Congyin “Two immortal friends, you’re welcome to be guests at the Divine Dao Realm. I’ll be going today.”

Hearing this, some people who knew Ye Mo all got up. Even Tang Congyin couldn’t resist asking “Pill divine Ye…”

Ye Mo knew what she wanted to ask and smiled “I didn’t see. Perhaps left due to some reason.”

Ye Mo spoke ambiguously.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. There was no way Dongfang Wang would leave.

Ye Mo didn’t care what they thought. He walked up to the green robed man and said “Your disciple has some conflict with me. I need to ask him a few questions.”

Zhantai Yi’s face changed seeing Ye Mo come back. She also got up saying “Ye Mo I have a few questions I want to ask you alone.”

Ye Mo grabbed Feng Kong without the green robed man’s permission.

Then, Ye Mo tore open the space in the guest palace and left with Zhen Bingyu. Ye Mo didn’t even look at Zhantai Yi once much less answer her question.

The green robed man’s face was green. He got up and saluted with his fists to Yi Yuanzhou before leaving. He didn’t tear open space here. As for whether he left to save his disciple or had no face to stay here, no one knew.

Zhantai Yi’s face went green seeing Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered talking to her. She looked at where Ye Mo tore open space for a long while before sitting down dejectedly.

In the void, Ye Mo threw Feng Kong on the side and asked coldly “Feng Kong, many years ago, a woman called Ruan Jun went to your grand emperor estate. Where is she now? tell me everything about her.”

Seeing Ye Mo come back alone, Feng Kong long suspected that Dongfang Wang was killed by Ye Mo.

“I don’t know where she went. I only knew she was an immortal emperor an dwas heavily injured and…”

Feng Kong didn’t finish and was interrupted by Ye Mo “And you took advantage of her right?”

“I…” Feng Kong couldn’t do anything in the wake of absolute power. That was the last word he said before being annihilated.

Mo Yue Immortal Sect main peak, Mo Yue peak.

Luo Ying, Mu Xiaoyun, Song Yangzhu, Ning Qingxue, Zhen Bingyu and Su Jingwen stood by Ye Mo’s side. They knew that a hundred years later, Ye Mo would repair the Divine Dao Realm. The Divine Dao Realm might even have a big battle with many other races.

“Husband, don’t worry, the Divine Dao Realm has many divine emperors too. We’re not necessarily weaker than them.” Ning Qingxue held Ye Mo’s arm and said.

They had been with Ye Mo here for a long time but Ye Mo said nothing. Ning Qingxue thought he was worrying about a hundred years later.

Luo Ying said softly “He’s not worried about that, he’s just thinking of some people.”

Ye Mo looked at them and smiled “I’m scared they won’t come a hundred years later.”

Ye Mo then sighed “I just suddenly thought of Ye Xing. I wonder if he’s okay and Ting Ting…”

Ye Mo then looked into the distant void. There was someone he was most worried and most eager to see. It was the girl who was willing to jump off the building with him. The girl who gave him the chaos world. It was a girl who was scared of ghosts but wanted to go hunt ghosts.

But after reaching primordial essence, he still couldn’t find any traces of Luo Xuan.

Luo Xuan, where are you?

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