Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Chapter 604 - The Fall Of The Black Demon Celestial

Chapter 604 - The Fall Of The Black Demon Celestial

Old Witch found Han Moze and the others once she arrived at the edge of Dark Forest, and her gaze turned ruthless like then. "Were you the ones who started to fire?"

"Ah… You… Return my staff to me!"

Han Moze had moved instantly to the witch's side, snatching away her staff which had been imbued with witchcraft.

The witch paled from the shock.


Her wand was then snapped in half by Han Moze's bare hands.

Gaping, the witch came to her senses. Despite her look of utter panic, she quickly turned around and managed to disappear from sight in the blink of an eye, revealing her formidable levitation technique.

Nangong Ba, Liu Rushang, and Han Moze all traded glances before giving chase together.

They reached the Black Demon Castle in around an hour.

Painted in black, it was hidden within the black forest, and chants of curses could be heard resounding from it.

Han Moze and the others arrived at the entrance of the castle which was unguarded, as if the occupants were not worried of intruders.

Still, over a hundred red-robed witches appeared before them just as they were about to charge in.

"Who are you? How dare you intrude upon Black Demon Castle? Do you wish to die?"

The witch in the lead snapped at Han Moze angrily. She had a scrawny face, bulging eyes, and a rather plain face.


Han Moze sent her flying with a slap, and she slammed into the wall, dropping to the ground where she puked blood and fainted.

The other witches all paled from shock, and promptly raised their staffs in attack.

However, the trio disappeared by the time their barrages of purple-black bolts rained down on them.

In the next instant, Han Moze froze them all.

The witches who were still inside the castle watched as the other witches were defeated summarily, and were utterly intimidated by their great foes.

It was especially the case for the witch who went to the Imperial Palace of Beiming, who was now utterly disappointed in herself.

The dozen witches traded glances, and appeared in a flash before the castle gates.

"There's no coexisting between us after you've hurt over a hundred of our brethren! Take this!"

The witch in the lead was scrawny, had bulging eyes and thin brows that left her utterly grotesque. It was the same for the other witches, and it was obvious how harmful dark witchcraft was to a person.

On the other hand, the trio opposing them did not bother to talk, and attacked with their fiercest moves.

Eventually, the witches lost to their martial arts, and most of them were impaled to death by the countless frost blades which Han Moze unleashed.


The trio then entered the empty Black Demon Castle, but there was no one in sight.

Trading glances, the trio arrived at the top floor in the blink of an eye.

There was a tall square platform that stood upon it, on top of which a gigantic purple-black sphere.

"You three are the dragon, phoenix, and fox of the Celestial Realm, yes? To think that you would dare to set foot in Black Demon Castle, where none ventured for dozens of thousands of years. You must have a death wish, strutting before me with that measly cultivation of yours."

The Yuan Spirit of the Black Demon Celestial bellowed from within the black sphere, his voice resounding with fury.

With those words, the sphere began to unleash a purple-black fog that came crashing down towards them.

Trading glances, the trio disappeared and transformed into dragon, phoenix, and fox above the castle, unleashing waves of gusts.

Bang, bang, bang—

The ancient black castle crumbled entirely from the blasts, while the huge sphere remained atop the ruins.

Liu Rushuang's inferno utterly destroyed the Yuan Spirit of the Black Demon Celestial, held within the sphere.

"Argh… No…"

The Dark Forest gradually disappeared as well, with fields of fresh grass and flowers appearing in its place, and these lands once again bathed in the light of the sun.

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