Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Chapter 605 (END) - Perfect Ending

Chapter 605 (END) - Perfect Ending

On the sixth of June, Liu Rushuang and Han Moze took Longyuan and Fengwu to the Duke's Palace of Heng'An, where they presided over Han Moxi and Qing'er's wedding.

The duke's palace was exceedingly lively. Crowds were streaming here and there, and not even an entire chamber could fit the downpour of gifts.

Beside a beautiful jade-green lake, over a dozen children had gathered: Fengwu and Longyuan, Xu Jianyao who was six, Xu Jiancheng who was thirteen, Lian Gongluo who was three, and Little White Flower who was ten.

Longyuan kept his hands clasped behind his back with a dazzling smile. "I'll obey anyone who beats me, but anyone whom I defeat will have to obey me… Hahaha! Who dares to spar me now?"

Xu Jianyao held up a wooden sword and said seriously, "That's your own suggestion. You would have to listen to me if I win."

"Please watch your words, Third Young Master Xu! That's the crown prince you're talking to—how could you make him obey you?"

A man dressed as a commoner tugged Xu Jianyao's arm to dissuade him.

"Hahaha… guess you have some guts! Come on, then!"

Despite his small form, Longyuan's charisma was not to be underestimated.

At those words, he walked up to Xu Jiangyao, and freed him from his retainer's hold.

The two children hence stood within a circle of onlookers and assumed their positions.

The crowd watched the game anxiously, since it would decide who would be the master!

After trading a glance, the two children began the match.

Xu Jianyao swung his wooden sword horizontally, while Longyuan kept moving backward while extending his palms.


There was a gust of air as Xu Jianyao slammed heavily on the ground. Clutching his chest in shock, he realized then that the crown prince had actually learned an advanced internal martial technique despite being smaller!

Longyuan walked up to him then, hands clasped behind his back while smiling proudly, "Winner takes all—now, you have to do what I want you to do, got it?"

"Got it."

Xu Jiangyao's face was rather pale, but he admitted defeat.

Smiling smugly, Longyuan held his head high and demanded, "Kowtow for me three times right now, then!"

Clenching his fists, Xu Jianyao stared at Longyuan for a while before clenching his teeth and getting down on his knees, kowtowing three times as he was told.

"Hahaha… Who else wants to spar me?"

Nonetheless, the surrounding children all shake their heads and sighed when they saw Longyuan smugness, and turned to leave.

"Eh? Don't go! Don't you guys want to spar with me?"

Longyuan nervously yelled with his babyish voice, but the other children were gone in the blink of an eye, leaving Xu Jiangyao and the toddler Lian Gongluo.

"Let's leave as well, Young Master Lian?" One of Lian Gongluo's servants asked him respectfully then.

"Okay." Lian Gongluo nodded in reply, and was about to turn and leave… but ran headlong into Longyuan instead.

Smiling as if it was only logical, Longyuan said, "We're more or less the same age, but you're clearly weaker than I am. That's why you have to listen to me too, okay?"

Lian Gongluo blinked.

"Okay." He replied without understanding what Longyuan had said.

"Hahaha… Great! Xu Jianluo, Lian Gongluo, let's head to the altar later to take an oath as sworn brothers! I'll be the eldest!"

Longyuan's smug laughter was drowned out by the sound of fireworks.

In a grand hall, Han Moxi and Qing'er headed to their bridal room after paying their respects.

Han Moze and Liu Rushuang traded a glance that was filled with love, leaving the others around them spacing out.

They were such a match made in heaven!

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