Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 17

What is the world?

Time is the world.

Space is the boundary.

It is all.

All are it.

It was everything.

Even now, generally speaking, the so-called world referred to the planet on which human beings lived, but no matter what time and space, it was actually a world.





Even everything.

These are the world.

In this case, the so-called another world naturally referred to a world different from the time and space in which Rozen was currently living. It could be a parallel world that had a different history and technology. It can be a completely different world than the current world, which was unable to be accessed by Chaldea, and magus probably couldn’t even imagine its very existence at all.

Even the existence of the human body couldn’t be regarded as a micro-world that couldn’t be detected.

In Buddhism, there was even the concept of one sand, one world. That showed how vast the so-called world was.

The existence of miracle, instilling all the knowledge of summoning from ancient to modern times. For Rozen, the only mystery was to open the door to these so-called another world.

“Another world … Are such a thing even exist?”

Rozen was not surprised if it was only referred to as the parallel world.

In addition to being able to observe different eras, Chaldea could find the existence of parallel worlds.

If it was true, then it was possible to use Chaldea technology to transport to the parallel world through Rayshift.

At least, in theory, it was possible to go to a parallel world through the Rayshift.

However, through the message given by Miracle, Rozen knew this ring could do more than that.

Even if another world was totally different from the current world, the magus will probably still insisted on traveling without worry.

“Is there really such a world?” That was what Rozen suspected.

As for the effect of Miracle that could open the door to another world, Rozen had no doubt.


“It’s possible to open the other world of the soul …”


It was already possible to open the other world of the soul.

That was three years ago.

Miracle, the knowledge was given to Rozen, including all kinds of summoning magic from ancient to modern times and even the gods, if that was included in the summoning system.

For example, in the mock battle, Rozen used the Bird Summoning that could summon bird servant, and the Wolf Summoning that could summon wolf servant.

Although Rozen only summoned low-level servants in the mock battle, it was probably because he has only been practicing magic for three years had he spent more time practicing magic, he may even summon higher-level servants. Maybe the fantasy creatures that existed only in the old age before humans existed.

Even now, Rozen was only able to use three kinds of magics to summon middle-level servants.

However, Rozen’s knowledge obtained from the Miracle was enough to summon the high-level servant. Summoning magic was doable for any magus using the Chaldea system, but the level was nowhere near Rozen's skill.

But if Rozen’s Miracle, was known by the other magus, will surely make the magus became more obsessed with pursuing magic knowledge.

Miracle's existence was only known by Roman, even Mashu didn’t know about that. The first time Roman saw it, his eyes were sparkling.

“You must keep it a secret from others because it will endanger your life.” That was the first and last thing Roman told him to do with a commanding tone.

Rozen usually wore gloves to hide the existence of Miracle until now. If others learned about Miracle, it might invite a lot of troubles.

Rozen awakened Miracle's power about three years ago.

“By opening the door of the soul, will the servant be treated as a system, and being engraved to my body like a magic circuit?” The answer was right within his soul.

The heroes are records that existed outside of the world and were engraved on the Throne of Heroes.

Miracle worked the same way as the throne of heroes.

As long as a servant was successfully summoned by Rozen, it engraved in Rozen’s soul because of the Miracle's power.

In other words, Rozen’s soul itself was equivalent to the Throne of the Heroes.

Thanks to that, as long as the servant was successfully summoned once, Rozen could summon it again by providing enough amount of magical power, and even if the servant died, Rozen could continue to provide magical power and brought it back to life. Miracle had the ability of absolute command over the servant, no matter how absurd the command was, the servant couldn’t resist it.

Compared to other magus, they were not sure if they could summon the same servant once the servant was dead.

That was a unique ability that only Miracle had.

According to Roman…

“Maybe the Miracle already linked to your soul, so it cannot be taken off, lost or destroyed, and because of this, it connected to servant spirit, so you don’t need to exert any effort to summon the servant.”

But Rozen never used the other power of Miracle, the ability to open the door of another world.

That because it was too risky, Rozen was too afraid to see what kind of world he will step into, so he hesitated to use the power.

“Can I summon all kinds of servants? And even summon them from another world, would it be an exaggeration Summoner of Miracles?” Rozen smiled when he remembered what Roman said about Miracle’s power.

“Actually, this world's heroes are enough for me. But who knows what kind of servant I might be able to summon from another world?”

After that, Rozen put on his gloves again, hid the Miracle from plain sight, and lay down on the bed.

Rozen didn’t realize it yet, but the cogwheel of destiny was already spinning.

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