Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 16

“Well …”

The automatic door closed again.

Rozen looked at the screen of the laptop in front of him, but he no longer pressed the keyboard. And his in-game character was killed by the boss, revived in the beginner city.

“He is never talking much except when he is preaching,” Rozen complained.

That’s right.

People were brave enough to argue with Roman even though he was a doctor. Maybe Rozen was being bullied by others because of Roman’s weak presence.

At times, Roman will show a mature side of him that was beyond everyone’s expectation as if he had all the wisdom in this world.

“If that is the case, others will continue to ruin my precious time playing games, what a useless brother …”

Rozen kept complaining about his only one relative and threw the laptop on his lap, and lay on the bed.

Just then …


With a cute cry, a white creature who couldn’t get out of Rozen’s room, and jumped toward Rozen while he was lying on the bed.

“Fou?” Rozen frowned as if he was trying to speak with fou, “Have you been hiding just to see me complaining?”

“Fu!” Fou ignored Rozen and scratched the fur on his neck with its paws.

“Okay!” Rozen tried to act angry in front of Fou, “You aren’t looking down on me, right, Fou?”

“Fu!” Fou looked at Rozen innocently.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Rozen shouted to Fou, “Don’t think you are so cute that I wouldn’t dare to scold you. Now Mashu is not here to help you. I can turn you into a delicious soup, you know. I suggest you quickly surrender!”

“Fu!” Fou lay down on Rozen’s lap.

“You …” Rozen instinctively scratched Fou’s belly, but he stopped and stared at his hand. Rozen was wearing a golden glove on his right hand.

Rozen took off the glove, and his skin was like a girl’s skin, on his finger, he was wearing a golden ring that gave of a mysterious sensation. When he touched the ring, Rozen murmured.

“Is it already 14 years since then?” With that said, Rozen’s memory flew back to 14 years ago.

That year, Rozen was still two years old.

Lying on the hospital bed, he should have died because of his fragile body.

However, his death will never come on years after.

Thanks to an unknown miracle.

“I will give you something you lack since God didn’t give that to you.” Rozen closed his eyes while he remembered someone’s voice.

The voice gave Rozen a second chance to live. Rozen’s body recovered at a fast rate.

That phenomenon hasn’t been discovered by Rozen until now.

Whose voice was it at that time?

What was the miracle that saved him?

What was the purpose of saving his life?

None of that Rozen knew.

It was like having a dream. After waking up, Rozen was fully recovered and walked out of the isolation ward. Even though he was weak from an early age, but now Rozen could live on his own.

Since then, two events have taken place.

One was the emergence of Roman.

Rozen still remembered what the man said when he came out of the isolation ward.

“I’m Romani Archaman. Although this is very absurd, I have to tell you that I am your brother by blood. I hope you can accept me.”

Roman’s expression was full of joy and warmth when he said that. And because of that, Rozen accepted the man who suddenly appeared and claimed to be his brother.

Soon after, Roman also did a DNA test, which clearly stated the fact that they were brothers by blood.

The second event was the ring in Rozen’s hand.

After Rozen’s miraculous recovery, the ring, like Rozen’s flesh itself, suddenly appeared on his finger, no matter how hard he tried to pull it out, the ring didn’t leave his finger.

Rozen thought that even if he cut off his finger or cut off his arm, the ring would return. That made Rozen understand one thing.

“This ring is related to the miracle of that year.”

So Rozen named the ring, Miracle.

The ring accompanied Rozen for fourteen years, and it gave a lot of knowledge and information for Rozen.

The knowledge was divided into two categories.

One: Summoning Magic.

Two: The magical power of the ring itself.

It supported Rozen for years, thanks to the ring, Rozen was able to master summoning magic to such extent. And the other function of the ring, it could open the gate to an another world.

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