Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 5 (2)

A young girl who looked only slightly older than Rozen walked in, and her style was like an aristocrat, with white hair like snow and her orange eyes, but she seemed to be angry right now.

That was the daughter of the Animusphere Magus Family, the current Director of Chaldea, Olga Marie Animusphere.

Bloodline was extremely important in the magic world. The Animusphere Family within the magic world could be called a second to none prestigious family among other prestigious families.

Olga Marie, as the Animusphere Family's daughter, took over her Father's responsibility as her own and became Chaldea's director three years ago.

Based on her capability and achievement alone, she already became worthy of being looked up by every magus in Chaldea.

But Rozen stared at her disrespectfully, not even the slightest care about her status in Chaldea.

"Yesterday, I sent out a memo informing all Chaldea personnel that we will carry out mock battle for today, besides technical staff, all the master candidates must gather in this hall, you better give me an explanation!"

Olga Marie scolded Rozen. The timid Mashu couldn't help but stepped back when she saw Olga Marie all pissed off, and Mashu’s small hands pulled on Rozen's sleeve, giving a sign that he should apologize.

It was a good idea, but Rozen had no intention to apologize at all.

"Aren't I already here now?"

Rozen’s response made Olga Marie angrier.

"BUT YOU ARE TWO HOURS LATE! TWO HOURS!!!" Olga Marie shouted right in front of Rozen's face, "Look at all these people! They've been here waiting for you for the past two hours!"

Hearing this, Rozen looked around the Central Control Room.

He could see numbers of people standing by some object that looked like a big capsule. There were seven people altogether. They were all around Rozen's age as well. These people were also master candidates, just like Rozen, who qualified to do rayshift.

There are only a few Magus who qualified to do rayshift in the whole world, and Chaldea succeeded in gathering 40 magus from around the world to continue their project. And right now, seven magus already gathered in the command room.

Those seven people were the first group of master candidates in Chaldea right now. Naturally, Rozen was one of them.

Rozen arrived in Chaldea three years ago, and Mashu joined Chaldea a year after. Those two hit it off and became really close ever since their first encounter.

Only after Rozen has stayed there for three years that Chaldea gradually managed to recruit other master candidates. In other words, Rozen knew full well about Chaldea compared to other candidates.

Many people in the command room stared at Rozen with dissatisfaction, because Rozen was late for two hours. They wanted Rozen to realize they were irritated because they had to wait for him.

It's just that…

"Since it's so important, then you didn't really need to wait for a person like me, just exclude me and get ready to start the mock battle, there's always that option right?" Rozen said that to Olga Marie.

"You…" Olga Marie was trying his best to hold her anger, but Rozen really got on her nerves.

"Senpai…" Mashu worriedly kept pulling at Rozen's sleeves, but it was no use.

Just when Olga Marie was about to go crazy, a loud laugh could be heard.

"That reason's not gonna fly Rozen, currently from of all the master candidate on record, you're the most outstanding one, the Director also has high expectations of you and doesn't want you to waste your talents like that."

Along with those words, a figure slowly walked and show himself. He was a man wearing a green coat and a hat, he also had a stick in his hand, looking like a nobleman.

"Professor Lev." Mashu saluted towards the person.


The appearance of that person alone already calmed Olga Marie down.

"Thanks for the trouble Mashu, luckily you were here to bring Rozen along." The man called Lev smiled towards Mashu and then looked at Olga Marie, he said, "Don't be too hard on him, Marie, Rozen didn't mean to do it, forgive him, will you?"

"But…" Olga Marie couldn't answer back.

To be able to turn Chaldea’s temperamental Director became so meek, there was only one person in Chaldea who could do it.


Rozen looked at the man, but as usual, Rozen couldn't get rid of that eerie vibe he felt from Lev, he always felt there was something wrong with Lev.

Lev Lainur.

He was an excellent magus who worked as a technician in Chaldea, providing support in technical areas and also contributed a lot to Chaldea. He was already here even before the current director took over and was quite close with the previous director, he was appointed to carry out a lot of important work in Chaldea.

The Near Future Observation Lens, SHEBA, was one of his inventions.

This person was also really trusted by Olga Marie, making him the number two in Chaldea.

He had a casual personality and handled matters quite well. Even Olga Marie would follow his suggestions and couldn't entirely refuse him.

But Rozen…

'It's the same as last time, giving off that weird vibe…'

Seeing Lev's smiling face, Rozen hid the dread in his heart.

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