Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 6

For some reason, Rozen had a bad feeling about Lev. Although this professor had a lot of connections in Chaldea and even Mashu respected him, Rozen didn't like him at all.

That was because Lev’s smile gave chill down Rozen's spine when Rozen saw him.

It was like he was wearing a mask on his face.

Behind that eerie smile, Rozen had no idea what he was hiding…

Therefore, Rozen only felt dread towards Lev. On the surface, Rozen didn't show anything except a fake smile as well, "Ah, you're already here, Professor Lev."

Hearing Rozen’s words, Lev nodded with his eerie smile, but now, his smile was even creepier.

Then he said, "Although this isn't your first mock battle, Rayshift has its own risk, and there is a chance you might stuck on the process.”

They couldn’t take rayshift lightly, turning human body into spiritual body and sent it to another time meant that in the present time, that person disappeared completely, meaning that there was a possibility that person will completely disappear.

Therefore, while rayshift was being conducted, all Chaldea staff’s job was to make sure that the master’s existence didn’t disappear forever and that person could go back to the present time.

To prevent the disappearance, Chaldea conducted mock battle because all the master’s candidates needed to fight for the sake of humanity, so they must get used to rayshift.

However, the ones truly fighting weren't the masters. They just gave supports from the rear.

Only Magus had enough power to win against something dangerous enough to threaten humanity's future.

And there was another power needed to be able to do that, Magus couldn’t save the world alone, and that was servants.

Rozen realized the fact.

"Although I really don't want to put my life in Professor Lev's hands…" Rozen thought.

But there was no other option since Lev was the genius technical staff, he could deal with any issues.

Compared to the temperamental Olga Marie, Lev was the most reliable character in Chaldea.

Even Rozen had to acknowledge this fact.

Furthermore, besides Lev, Rozen had someone else that he had no problem entrusting his life to.

That person has just arrived as well.

"Sorry! I'm late!"

With a flustered voice, a man in a white coat ran into them. This person wore a long white coat, he had a thin body, and his long orange hair was tied up in a ponytail. He had the aura of a doctor around him.

Seeing this doctor, everyone's reactions were different.

"Dr. Roman." It was like Mashu has just someone she was familiar with, and she could rely on, so her expression became all relaxed.

"You're late as well? Roman!?" Olga Marie was irritated as she fumed again.

"You brothers are really.."

Professor Lev was looked so helpless.

As for Rozen, seeing the doctor who has just come in, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Didn't think that you'd be even later than me, aniki."


This person was Rozen's older brother, Roman.

"You…did you arrive before me, Rozen!?"

Roman felt sorry for coming late. Even his lazy younger brother already arrived before him, so he apologized to everyone there.


Mashu, who has just loosened up, became all silent.

Olga Marie immediately got angry.

"Do you know what sort of responsibility you have?!"

At this moment, Olga Marie was furious at both Rozen and Roman.

"One of you is the number one master candidate in Chaldea and the other is the leader of Chaldea's medical division, but you're both late on such an important day. Do you think my patience is infinite?!"

Obviously, her dissatisfaction with both of them has hit the roof.

But like she said, Rozen was the number one amongst other candidates, and Roman was the leader of the medical division, responsible for managing the rayshift compatibility and the physical conditions of all the master candidate, he was quite an important person.

Regarding Olga Marie's anger, unlike Rozen, who kept talking back, Roman was cowed and immediately said, "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I'm really sorry! I won't do it again!"

Roman kept bowing and apologizing as if he was terrified.

Rozen was speechless seeing her brother being so pathetic.

"A disgrace for our family…" Rozen said.

"This is called a submission strategy!"

Hearing his little brother's mockery, Roman refused to accept it and stubbornly retorted.

"What the hell is submission strategy? I've only heard of a retreat strategy!"

"Just because you've never heard of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!"

"But aniki, in your case, it's just because you're afraid, isn't it?"







The brothers kept quarreling, leaving Mashu and Lev nearby dumbfounded.


Olga Marie yelled.

"Take your positions to start the mock battle immediately!"

With Olga Marie's shout, the quarrel finally stopped.

The mock battle would soon begin.

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