Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2208 - 2208 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 49

Chapter 2208 - 2208 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 49

2208 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 49

Even Victor, who had hunkered down not far away to analyze data, turned around at Luke’s words. “What did he do?”

Luke coughed and said, “For the record, I’m not spying on him. It’s just that he stands out in a public place. It can’t be considered an invasion of privacy, alright?”

Everybody was lost for words. After thinking for a moment, however, they nodded in agreement.

It was like walking into the line of sight of a street camera, which indeed couldn’t be considered taking a covert shot.


Luke finally sent out the surveillance photo he had just received on his phone.

Barry’s mouth dropped open, and he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

In the photo, Arthur was boarding a cargo plane at the airport with a beautiful woman.

Arthur still looked like an idiot, but the woman was as beautiful as a painting. She had snow-white skin and fiery red hair. Coupled with the loose white robe she was wearing, she was quite stunning.

Even as a robot, Victor wanted to whistle.

Master Wayne, however, studied the surveillance photo seriously. “Who is this woman?”

Someone who got close to the Justice League, especially a beautiful woman who got close to their male members, definitely needed to be paid more attention to.

Luke shook his head. “Who knows? The problem would be if Arthur didn’t have a girlfriend. Barry wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night.”

Barry blinked blankly. “Huh?”

Victor chuckled. He had seen a lot of this in college.

Master Wayne immediately got it. No matter how experienced he was, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Luke. “He’s still a kid. Don’t talk about that.”

As they chatted, Luke took the opportunity to close the photo.

If it wasn’t for the fact that nothing had happened after Arthur returned, he wouldn’t have bothered to mention it in front of everyone.

After all, Superman had returned from another planet, but Arthur had only made a call to say that he had dealt with the box in Atlantis and was now goofing off in a seaside town in Maine.

For the Justice League, this small interlude was nothing more than gossip.

Barry was busy getting all sorts of evidence for his father’s testimony.

More importantly, the fact that he could run fast was useless; there was no way that the various government departments would move so quickly.

Luke and Master Wayne had no intention of getting involved.

There was no need to be too enthusiastic when it came to small matters. That would easily make Barry feel uncomfortable.

It was like a friend running to the bathroom door to chat when you were showering.

Not only did Victor have to keep an eye on Project Shadow, he also had to work on two sets of his own armor with Luke.

The high-grade simulation suit would allow him to return to human society like a normal person, and the defensive suit could significantly increase protection for him. He couldn’t bear to give either one up, so he could only do his best.

Watching how Luke handled the team from the side, Master Wayne had a lot of thoughts, and was already preparing to ‘upgrade’ his own capability.

As for Luke, harvesting points, garnering favorable impressions with his teammates, and being on guard against Master Wayne were all just basic operations – the most difficult thing was getting along with Diana.

It wasn’t easy to approach the almost perfect battle goddess.

Unexpectedly, two days later, the surveillance system caught Arthur and the red-haired beauty in a town on Sicily.

If it wasn’t for the system’s yellow-level emergency warning, Luke would’ve thought that they were jet setting around the world.

When he saw on the surveillance feed that Arthur and his ‘new girlfriend’ were being pursued by a group of soldiers in strange armor, Luke was a little curious, but not tense.

It had to be pointed out that Arthur was a demi-god after all. He had thick skin and flesh, and hadn’t been seriously injured by Steppenwolf.

Sure enough, the town was thrown into chaos by the battle, and bricks flew everywhere. Arthur and his ‘girlfriend’ wiped out the soldiers before they headed out to sea.

Although Arthur seemed to be injured, that was nothing for a demi-god.

Thinking for a moment, Luke decided to mind his own business.

Arthur looked like his brain was full of muscles, but he could still remember how to contact the league.

He hadn’t said anything. This was clearly a private matter. Maybe he was just picking up a girl.

So what if Luke stuck his head out? Was he going to steal Arthus’s girl away?

So, he simply told everyone what had happened, and Master Wayne immediately said that he would get the foundation to clean up the aftermath.

Half of the town had been demolished in a huge battle. The casualties weren’t especially serious, but there were still some.

If too much of this sort of thing accumulated, it would be hard for them to build a good reputation.

While Master Wayne was doing his job, Luke, Victor and Barry watched the video of the battle and clicked their tongues as they discussed Arthur’s new girlfriend.

Not only could she fight, she and Arthur could still flirt with each other… This dog food made the two single dogs feel bittersweet.

Unfortunately, Victor’s body was more mechanical than not; he no longer had hormones or a working tool, and could only watch.

Barry had trouble communicating with ordinary people. The only female superhuman he knew was Diana, and Luke had been much faster than him in that regard.

But Luke still patted his shoulder. “There’s bread and milk; there will also be a girlfriend.” With those parting words, he left.

Barry blinked and then turned to look at Victor. “When did I say I wanted a girlfriend? Also, what does a girlfriend have to do with bread and milk?”

Victor, who had been a football player in college, smiled mysteriously. “When you get a girlfriend, you’ll understand. Good luck.” He then went back to work.

In fact, what happened with Arthur was just the beginning.

A few days later, the reconnaissance spaceship’s surveillance network detected major activity in the North Atlantic.

However, it was a stormy night, and Earth’s satellites couldn’t pick out anything.

The spaceship had also detected some energy anomalies, which was why it had sent a reconnaissance plane down to watch the ‘battle.’

To put it simply, Arthur beat up his brother, and his mother came out to clean up the mess. Then, Arthur became the king of Atlantis.

Luke observed Arthur’s new weapon with great interest.

The golden trident was smooth and slick, but it was far inferior to the five-pronged metal trident that Arthur had used before; it was just that the gold color was more eye-catching.

In addition, Arthur was wearing a suit of armor that was gold and green, with two green gloves.

Luke could only say that it was a good thing he didn’t have a helmet.

However, Arthur didn’t send a message for help the entire time. He even made eyes at the red-haired beauty.

As a master of psychology, how could Luke not tell that there was something fishy about this couple?

Back at the airport, there had still been a sense of distance in their body language and microexpressions.

In the Sicilian seaside town, they had been a little hesitant.

After this ‘duel’ in the Atlantic, they were clearly on the same page.

Clearly, not only had Arthur obtained a trident, armor and the throne, he even had a ready-made queen.

To put it nicely, this was a learning experience, but to put it bluntly, it was a family dispute. If it were Luke, he wouldn’t want outsiders to interfere.

But it shouldn’t be a problem for him to check out Arthur’s new girlfriend after things were over, right?

Pondering for a moment, Luke sent a message to Barry and Victor. “A work trip to the Mediterranean for the day. All expenses paid. If you’re interested, come find me right away.”

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