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Chapter 2209 - 2209 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 50

Chapter 2209 - 2209 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 50

2209 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 50

They soon embarked on the day trip. Even Victor, who was as smart as a machine, joined in on the fun.

In his own words, he had been processing data every day recently, and felt that his brain was about to turn into data itself.

They were still waiting for news on Barry’s father. One day off was fine.

After all, this was a ‘team-building’ operation. Luke had helped Barry, so he could naturally help Arthur.


Master Wayne? Of course they didn’t let him know.

Big capitalists with private jets didn’t need to take the same plane. If they wanted to go, they would do so themselves.

The three of them went to Luke’s base first and took his exclusive commercial jet.

Compared with fighter planes that had the best combat performance, commercial jets had two characteristics: they were comfortable and fast.

The prerequisite for a comfortable plane was that it had to be big.

Otherwise, a person would have to bend slightly when they got up and walked around, and passengers would be shoulder to shoulder.

After the plane took off and Luke set a course, Barry and Victor toured the plane, the former exclaiming excitedly and the latter nodding nonstop.

Luke sat down on a gray couch. “Alright, money is just a tool for me. This is just something for Justice League members to hitch a ride on — a regular commercial plane is enough.”

Both of them were lost for words, but what could they do? Luke was rich.

There was no point in feeling like sour grapes when a rich person said something like that.

After all, the other party had the ability to buy two planes: one to fly, and the other to throw into a hangar to collect dust.

After ensuring how comfortable the place was, the three of them weren’t in a hurry to get to work, and started chatting about what happened recently.

Subtle influence was what Luke was best at.

Taking advantage of this free time, he told them why Knight’s operations had increased recently.

These two were far more naive than Master Wayne, but they couldn’t be fooled.

Luke made his objective clear and simple so that they wouldn’t misunderstand.

Of course, this was the best time to have an impact.

He was talking about his own attitude, but if the other party could accept it, they would also be influenced by it.

The plane would arrive in Sicily in just three hours. Luke felt that this amount of time was just right.

After they left the airport, Luke gave Barry the flight suit which the Guardians of the Galaxy used. “There’s still 100 kilometers to go. You should switch gears.”

A moment later, Barry was hollering excitedly as the three of them flew toward the seaside town.

Compared with running on the ground or even over buildings, flying completely free in the air was a brand new thrill which Barry liked very much.

Unfortunately, it was too short a journey, and they had only flown a short distance before they arrived.

The three of them landed outside the town, and Luke took them to sit behind a flower fence of an al fresco cafe.

Barry looked uneasy. “Why do I feel like everybody’s looking at us?”

Luke crossed his legs. “Because we’re all men.”

Barry looked around and saw that there really weren’t many men eating together. It was either women or couples. “What’s so strange about that?”

Luke smiled but didn’t say anything.

Victor lowered his head and chuckled.

That’s because you look like a weak chicken! You’re fair and thin, and you look young, Luke murmured to himself.

Thankfully, there were three of them, and the people around them weren’t paying too much attention to them. It was just that Barry was too sensitive.

After the food was served, he was no longer in the mood to pay attention.

Ten minutes later, Luke said softly, “Incoming.”

Everyone’s gazes almost instantly zoomed in on a side street not far away.

Arthur walked out with the red-haired beauty in his arms.

Barry was about to say something, when Luke threw a Sicilian rice ball into his mouth to stop him.

Barry and Arthur were familiar with each. If Arthur heard him with his demi-god hearing, there wouldn’t be a good show to watch.

The couple also came to this cafe and sat down ten meters away from the three of them on the other side of the flower fence.

Clearly, Luke had specially chosen this position.

The flower fence could block their line of sight if they didn’t pay attention.

As long as they deliberately moved their line of sight, however, they could see the situation on the other side through the gaps in the fence.

Even the most innocent of the three, whose mouth had been stuffed with the rice ball, knew what it meant to be a silent onlooker. He turned his chair and body slightly so that he could see through the fence, and picked up his Sicilian beef roll to eat.

It couldn’t be helped. The PDA in front of him… was too sweet! He had to use tasty food to comfort his young heart.

Under the early morning Sicilian sunlight, the red-haired beauty’s face was as fair as jade and almost perfect, as if her entire face was glowing.

Coupled with her bright red curly hair and loose white robe, Barry felt that only the battle goddess could compare.

For example, celebrities might have the looks, but not necessarily the temperament.

The beautiful woman leaned against the idiotic Arthur. The two of them whispered to and fed each other every now and then with smiles on their faces.

The sour smell of love filled the air.

Luke only had one comment: Beauty and the Beast.

No regular person could ever imagine how someone like Arthur could win at life like this.

His father was just a lighthouse guard in Maine; who the hell knew how he had won the favor of a high-ranking Atlantean woman and given birth to Arthur.

It was true that Luke didn’t know who that Atlantean woman was, but Arthur had gone back into the ocean and made a big fuss, and had then even hooked up with a woman as beautiful as this.

When Arthur returned the box before, it was possible that he had been returning it to this beauty.

Atlanteans who could guard the box couldn’t be too low in rank.

For Arthur to hook this beauty, he had to have some sort of background.

The three of them watched in secret. It wasn’t until Barry had stuffed the beef rolls and rice balls into his stomach that Luke tapped the table and said, “Alright, let’s go say hi.”

Barry: “Huh?”

Victor lowered his head and chuckled.

It was only when Luke took the lead, and Victor followed him, that Barry got up.

Arthur was sweet-talking his new girlfriend, Mera, when someone patted his shoulder. “Arthur.”

This voice??? He suddenly turned around. “Bale? Uh, Victor! Barry!”

Luke smiled like a gentleman. “Surprise!”

Motherf*cker! Both Victor and Barry added inwardly.

Then, Luke stretched out his hand. “I’m Bale, Arthur’s friend. Beautiful lady, how should I address you?”

Seeing that Arthur had no objections, Mera knew that he was telling the truth, and that the two of them were even pretty close.

So, she stretched out her hand and smiled. “Hello, Bale. You can call me Me… ra?”

Luke bowed slightly and pretended to kiss her hand.

Of course, he didn’t really press his mouth to her skin. It was just that Arthur couldn’t see it.

Arthur was a little unhappy. “Hey, when did you become so polite?”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “This is our first meeting. Lady Mera gives me the sense that she’s a princess.”

With a smile in her eyes, Mera watched the two of them interact.

Arthur subconsciously retorted, “Nonsense. Why didn’t you do that with Diana?”

Luke was surprised. “As you said before, she’s very strong. I’m afraid I can’t beat her.”

Arthur: …Holy sh*t, how can you be like this?!

Mera said, “I want to hear about this Diana too!”

Everybody: “…”

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