Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2211 - 2211 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 52

Chapter 2211 - 2211 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 52

2211 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 52

Diana tilted her head and thought for a moment. She nodded silently and looked away.

Luke didn’t say anything else and turned back to his night barbecue on Paradise Island.

Their conversation just now had been a test.

Since this was a test, he couldn’t push her too hard.


Besides, as the saying went, “Righteousness is achieved when one has no secular desires.”

He really didn’t have any goals for Paradise Island at the moment, especially when it came to forging weapons. Who knew what else he could obtain.

If he didn’t have high expectations, he naturally had no worries.

However, if he as a master psychologist couldn’t understand the meaning behind the battle goddess’ words, it would be a waste.

Her heart was still full of uncertainty. This was already much better than the earliest situation.

But Luke wasn’t here to pick up girls. Still, the battle goddess’ conflicted feelings would make life more interesting in the future.

That was what life was like.

For example, when his physique was buffed up at the very beginning, he had messed around for a while.

It was satisfying, but it was essentially no different from when Tony had been a playboy. At most, he had a higher moral bottom line and wouldn’t kick someone out naked.

Later, his interests basically shifted to grinding points and leveling up as he cultivated his tech abilities; he was no longer interested in pure physical communication.

Now, it was very hard for him to become entangled with a top beauty since his interests had expanded to the wider universe.

Even as his mind whirled with these random thoughts, his hands didn’t stop moving.

As his fingers brushed over the meat, the nanomaterial on his fingertips turned into skewers which detached from his armor.

Attracted by the strong aroma, Diana looked up and realized how Luke was using the nanomaterial. She couldn’t help but complain, “Your armor has so many functions.”

Luke chuckled. “It’s nothing more than a tool, and it’s sterilized with plasma so that it’s hygienic.”

Diana: …Who’s talking about hygiene?

That being said, when Luke gave her the first batch of skewers, she couldn’t help but accept them.

Thinking for a moment, she still felt that she should do something.

Whether or not he could cook was a matter of talent, but whether or not she could do something was a matter of attitude.

So, she walked into the house and then brought out a white marble pitcher with two stone bowls.

She uncorked the pitcher and filled the two bowls with orange-red fruit wine. She pushed a bowl over and raised her own. “May you… hm, may everything go smoothly for you.”

Amused, Luke raised his bowl as well. “May Your Highness prosper in your martial arts.”

Diana smiled. “Don’t worry. Call me if anything happens. I guarantee we’ll win.”

The two wine bowls clinked together lightly, and the wine in the bowl rippled slightly, reflecting the stars in the sky.

The next day, his meeting with the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, wasn’t as ‘easygoing’ as what had happened in his last world.

Everything was as serious as a state visit.

In fact, Queen Hippolyta treated this like a state visit.

The reason why Diana had been able to persuade her to have this meeting was closely related to Steppenwolf’s helmet, which Luke had told her to bring back.

The strength which Luke had revealed made it clear that he definitely wasn’t someone that an intelligent being could casually step on.

Furthermore, Luke had Diana pass on the fact that he could sell a short-range spaceship to the Amazons.

It wasn’t that the Amazons were unfamiliar with this sort of technology or were fearful of the danger it could pose; it was just that they didn’t have the ability to fight a space battle.

What Luke was saying was that they could use this spaceship to attack or evacuate at any time of their own initiative.

Both sides weren’t enemies, and people would always respect friends who were strong enough.

It was because of these various considerations that Hippolyta had agreed so quickly to Luke’s request to meet on the island.

But Luke himself didn’t know what Paradise Island had that could be useful to him, so naturally, the deal wasn’t set in stone.

However, the queen generously gave him a week and opened up common areas of Paradise Island to him. In any case, these areas weren’t top secret.

Luke thanked the queen politely for her generosity and left the palace escorted by the guards.

After he disappeared from the palace entrance, the queen turned to look at Diana. “Are you sure he’s only in his thirties?”

Diana, who had been observing the meeting without saying anything, relaxed and sat down on a stone chair. “I’m not sure. I had Bruce – that’s Batman – check his background. He told me that it was fake. However, the records are so well done it’s hard to determine their validity.”

The queen nodded thoughtfully. “From everything he showed today, he’s indeed a very… experienced person. He’s very familiar with handling official meetings like this.”

Diana tilted her head. “Maybe because he’s a tech businessman in the outside world and often negotiates with people?”

The queen shook her head. “You don’t have much contact with people like that. Generally speaking, they stand at the top and are used to ordering other people around. That’s the feeling he gives me, even if he’s very polite.”

Diana: “They? For example…”

The queen glanced at her. “Like the rulers of Atlantis.”

Or your father, she added inwardly.

The Amazon queen wouldn’t have brought this up in particular if Luke didn’t have this aura.

Surprised, Diana thought for a moment, then shook her head. “I really can’t tell. In our league, Bale is indeed… special, but it’s usually Batman who makes the decisions. Bale rarely orders anyone around.”

The queen chuckled. “That’s because he doesn’t need to give orders to make you listen. Am I right?”

Diana thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

Noticing her expression, the queen finally said, “If you have different feelings for him, don’t be in a hurry to make a decision.”

Diana was stunned. “Huh?”

The queen sighed and stroked her daughter’s face. “I know very well what the past 100 years have been like for you. So, don’t rush. Let nature take its course.”

Diana smiled and didn’t turn away from her mother’s hand. “It’s not like I’m a kid experiencing first love. There are many men who pursue me. Don’t worry.”

The queen didn’t believe her.

The relationship from 100 years ago had started so quickly partly because Diana had been immature and had experienced love for the first time back then, and she was inherently stubborn and unafraid by nature.

The biggest problem was still curiosity and mystery.

The man from 100 years ago might not be able to attract Diana as she was now, but the Dark Knight clearly had those qualities.

The queen didn’t want Diana to be unknowingly drawn to them.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have brought it up at the risk of deepening Diana’s impression of him.

It seemed that things hadn’t reached that stage yet, but it looked like it was heading in that direction.

But what could the queen do? She couldn’t threaten the Dark Knight, the person who had personally cut off Steppenwolf’s head!

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