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Chapter 2210 - 2210 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 51

Chapter 2210 - 2210 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 51

2210 Side Story: Fantasy Journey 51

In the end, Luke and the other two naturally didn’t stay behind to tell Mera about the other princess.

That was something for Arthur to worry about. It had nothing to do with passers-by like them.

Besides, it wasn’t like Luke was accusing Arthur of lying.

Praising a woman for being strong was usually how a man sweet-talked a woman – Mera was just teasing Arthur a little.


Luke and the other two tactfully left after meeting her.

Then, the plane took off for Greece.

The three of them went to look at the temples, especially the shrine where the holy fire had burned not long ago.

The moment Steppenwolf was killed, the fire beacon here had automatically gone out, but it had still burned for several consecutive days before that.

It had been international news that a fire had continued to burn without a fuel source in the shrine.

Given its location, many people had guessed part of it — it was related to the gods.

Of course, most people didn’t expect it to be a distress signal.

A few days after the fire went out, the place was sealed off by the Greek government to be studied — that was all Greece could do.

It had been so long since the incident, but the researchers hadn’t gained anything. They withdrew one after another, and it was the tourists’ turn to ‘revere’ the miracle.

Luke and the other two mixed in with them, and didn’t stand out.

Victor, who would have been the most eye-catching, was wearing a hoodie, sunglasses, and a trial version of the simulation armor. Nobody paid attention to him.

The three of them went around the shrine, and Barry didn’t forget to ask Luke to take a few photos of him.

This young man had never been anywhere since he was young, let alone overseas. He was very bouncy.

At that moment, a voice rang out behind them. “Are you really here on holiday?”

Barry, who was looking for the next location to take a photo, turned around and waved with a smile. “Diana.”

Diana waved gracefully and looked at Luke. “Didn’t you say that you would wait for news?”

Under the afternoon sun of the Aegean Sea, the battle goddess looked tall and elegant in her beige wool dress.

Under her wide-brimmed hat was a noble-looking face, and her red lips were curved up in a charming smile.

Luke shrugged. “Actually, we’re here to see Arthur’s girlfriend.”

Diana was surprised. “Girlfriend?”

Barry and Victor nodded in agreement.

Diana turned serious. “Hm, it seems that I’m the only one who doesn’t know. Fill me in.”

The four of them chatted for the whole afternoon. Then, Victor and Barry took Luke’s private jet back to America from the airport in Athens, while the battle goddess had Luke remain behind.

The two single dogs could only conclude that Europe wasn’t a suitable place for them to stay for the long-term – the sour smell of PDA was everywhere.

Even the usually valiant battle goddess had taken the initiative to ask a man out now that she was here.

Even if the person was the Dark Knight, it was too much.

In fact, everything was purely in their heads.

Diana had asked Luke to stay behind just to take him to Paradise Island. It wasn’t a date at all.

Strictly speaking, the person Luke wanted a ‘date’ with was actually Diana’s mother, the true ruler of Paradise Island — Hippolyta.

The biggest obstacle if he wanted to take something out of Paradise Island clearly wasn’t his old battle comrade, Diana, but the Amazon queen whom he had no friendship with.

Of course, Luke had contributed a lot in the operation to kill Steppenwolf. The other party might extend friendship, but whether or not she was willing to give him practical benefits was another matter.

A leader with power often wasn’t impulsive, especially when it came to giving out benefits.

Under Diana’s lead, they flew over the ocean at night, and a boat leisurely set out.

After picking them up, the female warrior who had been steering the boat turned around and disappeared into the night again.

In just a few minutes, the boat passed through a spatial barrier, and a large island with glowing lights appeared in front of them.

Although it was night, it didn’t prevent Luke from enjoying the view.

There were green trees, flowers, high mountains, grass, and classic white marble buildings. At first glance, it looked like the shrine they had seen in the afternoon.

The boat landed on the beach. Diana waved, and Luke jumped onto the beach with her.

As they walked slowly side by side, Diana finally told him about the arrangements for this meeting. “Rest well tonight. Someone will take you to see Her Majesty tomorrow morning.”

Luke hummed in response and looked around the island.

After a brief hesitation, Diana warned him in a low voice, “You have to pay attention to your words when you see the queen tomorrow. She won’t understand your sense of humor.”

Luke nodded with a smile. “Yes, I know. Old people tend to be more set in their ways.”

Diana realized that she couldn’t argue with that. It wasn’t like she could say that her mother was a trendsetter who kept up with the times.

Depressed, the battle goddess could only bring him to a spacious stone villa. She was about to say goodbye and leave, when he said, “Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.”

Diana was stumped, and Luke said solemnly, “We were out all of today. We didn’t even have a third of our usual portions.”

Recalling how Luke ate even more than she did, Diana nodded in understanding. “I’ll have someone send you some… Hm, enough food.”

Luke, however, walked to the porch of the stone villa and looked around. “It should be fine to set up a barbecue here, right?”

Diana: “…”

Ten minutes later, Diana sat on the edge of the white marble porch and looked at Luke, who was quickly preparing the ingredients a few meters away. She was a little curious. “Is this how you trained your cooking skills?”

Luke didn’t stop. He quickly cut the beef into pieces and replied honestly, “No.”

How could he train himself any quicker than directly learning from ready-made lists of abilities?

Most bad guys didn’t do anything productive, and less than one in a million would be good at cooking. However, Luke had killed a lot of bad guys.

Combining the cooking skills of hundreds of first- and third-rate chefs into Elementary Culinary Skills, which had no shortcomings, was just a matter of using credit points.

Diana waited for a moment. “So?”

Luke said tactfully, “It’s a secret.”

Diana couldn’t help but imagine how this guy might have been trapped in some wilderness before, and had been forced to learn to cook himself.

Luke didn’t want to discuss such a boring topic. He asked casually, “What about you? It’s been so many years. Why didn’t you go to France to learn how to cook? You can’t eat delicious food in England, right?”

Diana couldn’t help but laugh. “Your English afternoon tea isn’t bad.”

Luke curled his lip. “You can’t just rely on afternoon tea to survive. There’s no harm in trying a little more.”

Diana’s eyes flickered. “What are you implying?”

Luke’s hands didn’t stop even as he turned his head. “I’m not implying anything; it’s just that good food is one of the things I like the most.”

Diana said, “Even if the negotiation with the queen doesn’t succeed this time?”

Looking into her eyes, Luke nodded calmly. “Some things can’t be traded.”

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