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Chapter 1537

1537 Unable to Prevent Demonification

“Oh my God, it’s actually a dragon!”

Pearl’s appearance was far more shocking than the kills Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had made upon attacking. Through the live broadcast, this groundbreaking news very quickly spread across God Metropolis.

“We pray to the dragon god to protect the Four Great Clans!”

Someone began to drop to their knees and worship Pearl. It could not be helped, the Aura of divinity exuded by the dragon was simply so strong that she was seen as a god in the eyes of everyone.

“Kill them! If we let them escape, they will infect the entire Ashen Moon universe!” Pearl shouted loudly.


Instantly, the warriors of the Four Great Clans received a great boost in their morale. After all, they were now fighting alongside something as sacred and divine as a dragon. The honor they felt made them willing to believe whatever Pearl said.


As long as the enemy’s actions were the slightest bit slow, Xia Fan would be able to capitalize on any opportunity. His maximum speed broke past the ten thousand meter mark. Moving as quick as a laser, charging in a mad rush, the peculiar black dagger in his hand dispensing blue lightning, thunderbolts came crashing down with every slash.

Traveling Buddha was like a fish in the water in such a battlefield. His entire body was covered in golden Light, leaving him completely unaffected by Pearl’s frost breath. He dashed about the battlefield recklessly, since he had a practically indestructible body. No matter how dangerous the fight was, Traveling Buddha was bold enough to participate. No matter how strong the elders were, Traveling Buddha would dare to confront them head-on!

As for Tamu, he had Summoned his God of Light, and did not participate in the battle himself, but gave commands from afar. Everyone watched as the image of a white deity descended from the sky, sweeping aside the enemy with such ferocity that no one could stop him.

Hidden Wind’s Wind special ability was also extremely effective; he repeatedly fired off his windblades, executing a barrage of long-range attacks, while other warriors with special powers who were capable of helping the fight did not hesitate to attack either!

It was just that the nature of their attacks were completely different. Xia Fan and the others were looking to kill these elders, while the warriors from the Four Great Clans did not strike to kill given that they still viewed them as their elders. It was still their wish to apprehend them somehow and interrogate them.

No matter what, the balance of the battle gradually became lopsided. Pearl had a large area-of-effect control ability, while Xia Fan, Traveling Buddha, and Tamu were all close-combat experts. It looked like Pearl was in charge of controlling the battlefield, while the remaining three massacred freely.

In the blink of an eye, a good half of the monstrous elders were slain, leaving just Ashen Abyss, Dragon Dingtian, and others that were at their level who could still put up a stubborn resistance.

Pearl let out a deep bellowing roar as the scales on her body exploded in a cold shimmering. Her roar shook the very land, delivering immense pressure to the elders. Her great shining eyes glistened like stars in a night sky, giving off a powerful gaze similar to that of a god of death.

Soldiers fell like mountains. In a large-scale battle like this, momentum was very important. Because of Pearl’s sudden appearance, the morale among the elders had drastically decreased, and no matter how long they could hang on for their lives, or how powerful their martial skills were, none of them had the guts to become an enemy to a dragon!

On top of that, Xia Fan’s side held the upper hand. With a real dragon as his comrade-in-arms, fighting alongside them, even the most timid warriors would not dare believe that they could lose!

“Secret technique! Neural Vortex!”

Seeing how poorly the fight was going, Ashen Abyss bellowed and pressed two of his fingers onto his temples, gathering the energy in his entire body toward his brain, before opening his eyes abruptly.


In that instant, an endless telepathic storm was unleashed, assaulting the very minds of the humans. The warriors closer to him immediately let out screams of anguish, feeling as if their brain were being invaded by thousands of beasts and countless of demonic claws were tearing at them, causing them indescribable pain. They almost passed out on the spot.

Ashen Abyss truly lived up to his name as the Mind God. His Mental-type special ability had already reached the degree where he was able to unleash a Mental Storm. In the span of just a few seconds, he sent many of the people into a state of mental disarray, killing a large number of brain cells.

Blood quickly began pouring out from Ashen Abyss’ eyes, nose, and ears. Though he was very strong, the energy and mental power he needed to expend against over a hundred warriors was just too much, and put immense pressure on him!

Ashen Abyss’ Neural Vortex quickly spread, and soon several dozen warriors fell. The elders took the opportunity to mount a counterattack to kill many of the experts.


Seeing how dire the situation had become, a powerful roar thundered across the sky!

It was a real dragon’s roar, because this was a roar coming from Pearl!

Her snow-white body, as pristine as purest jade, no one had any idea when Pearl took to the skies and spread her wings wide. She was now several times larger than she usually looked, with a wingspan that was well over fifty meters wide. She opened her mouth and unleashed a divine roar, something akin to a sound of nature that no words could describe.

At the same time, Pearl’s entire body glowed. This divine glow as well as her divine roar were unleashed at the same time. The warriors who were originally in a state of mental disarray promptly came back to their senses. Hearing the roar and feeling the light of a dragon shining on them had touched many to the point they were on the verge of tears.

Everyone was dumbfounded. At the moment, Pearl was high up in the sky, like a real goddess of the skies, releasing a divine Light that had instantly saved everyone’s lives!

“What are you all stunned there for!” Xia Fan suddenly bellowed. His killing intent surged as he pointed his dagger ahead. “These monsters are no longer your elders, but have become Demons, and are now the enemy! Forget the past and kill them! The Divine Dragon blesses us!”

That last bit was something Xia Fan had added to bolster the morale of everyone. There was no such thing as a Divine Dragon; Xia Fan was well aware that Pearl was usually very savage and lacked any of the poise or elegance of divinity.

When the warriors from the Four Great Clans saw the ascent of the Divine Dragon, they forsook their own lives and went insane! Like everyone had been given a shot of adrenaline, these people charged madly for the elders.

“The Divine Dragon blesses us!”

“For justice!”

The warriors let out their battlecries, their eyes bloodshot, their muscles pumping with blood. With steely determination that verged on self-sacrifice, they wagered their very lives and assaulted the elders who had been turned into Demons.

These warriors were originally experts who had been picked from the Four Great Clans, each possessing extraordinary combat strength. Now that they had cast aside their fear of death as well, they were like a pack of wolves, charging at the elders to tear them into pieces.

Quickly, all that remained were Dragon Dingtian and Moon Churan. The former continued to fight to the death, while the latter was ashen-faced and lost all will to fight, deciding to raise his hands and surrender the moment he saw the writing on the wall.



Xia Fan did not even need to act, as the warriors from the Four Great Clans themselves executed Dragon Dingtian by their hands. Xia Fan could not have kept him alive even if he wanted to, as the warriors had all been whipped into a frenzy, taking turns to chop down with their weapons in hand until he was nothing but meat paste!

“The beast race was the origin of evil!”

“God Metropolis would be finished if they weren’t slain, and Ashen Moon would meet its end!”

“We have to make an effort to eradicate them all!”

Not long after, a large batch of warriors from God Metropolis arrived. They were staring at the corpses of the elders, and none of them could repress a shudder in their hearts. The dark mutation was so frightening that it had turned humans into monstrous existences. These warriors had no desire to see the day when they turned into something similar to the elders.

Thus, everyone made the decision to declare war on the planets where the sapient beasts resided, destroying the beasts so as to avoid the collapse of God Metropolis!

Staring at the warriors who had left Planet One so filled with hostility, Xia Fan furrowed his brow and asked Tamu, “Will killing the already mutated beasts really save Ashen Moon?”

Tamu chuckled bitterly as he shook his head, “Impossible. Demonic Energy is like cancer. The moment it develops in a body, the only treatment left is to excise the cancerous part completely.”

“But Ashen Moon is different. It would be useless even if you destroyed God Metropolis now, because there are other places where the Demonic Ants have appeared, which means the Demonic Energy is currently growing and spreading.

“On top of that, there’s still one elder missing. He’s none other than the one who was affected the worst by this dark evolution! He departed from this place many years ago…”

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