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Chapter 1538

1538 Crisis Time and the Return to the Skydome

An interrogation room…

Xia Fan and Hidden Wind, as well as the most powerful war gods from the Four Great Clans, were conducting an interrogation on Moon Churan, whom they had captured from Planet One.

“None of you will be able to catch him,” Moon Churan shook his head in reply. “Though Shaka is a sapient beast, he has already evolved to the point he can assume a human form. Truly, how Fate loves to tease people. We were originally humans, yet ended up turning into monsters, while Shaka was originally a beast, who ended up becoming human.”

“You’re asking me what rank Shaka has risen to? When he left, he had broken past three Law Barriers, and so who knows what level he has risen to now.

“If there’s a chance, I would of course want to be human, but all of you have already seen how I look now. Does the possibility even still exist for me?”


Moon Churan answered the questions Xia Fan and the others posed without any reservations. He was completely at ease. In the past, he was afraid that others would see his monstrous appearance, but now that everything had been completely exposed, he was instead able to relax.

Through the interrogation of Moon Churan, Xia Fan finally learned that about two hundred years ago, someone called Shaka of the sapient beasts had already departed God Metropolis. As for his motives and where he had gone, no one had any idea.

“Then let me ask you another question,” Xia Fan said. “Where did Luolin go?”

“Why are you asking me this question?”

“Because Luolin said that after all of you had dug his eyes out, you buried them somewhere on Planet One. He has gone off to look for his eyes, but he had not returned since.”

Moon Churan shook his head/ “Luolin’s Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes are very powerful, and they were like super crystals. Lava, heavy blows, and even nuclear explosions were unable to harm them at all. Even if we had thrown them to the ends of the universe, Grunt would still be able to see everything through his Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes.”

“In order to sever the connection Luolin had to his eyes, we hid his eyes in mud, so Luolin would not be able to see anything. As for the location of where we buried them, even I have no clue. That was all Ashen Abyss’ doing, and he’s already dead.”

Xia Fan ground his teeth. After the battle on Planet One had ended, many strange things had happened.

While everyone was busy fighting, no one had noticed Luolin silently sneaking away, leaving no traces behind. By the time everyone realized he was gone, ready to slay the other sapient beasts on other planets, they found out that all of them were already dead.

The way they died was rather creepy. They were found sprawled on the ground, their eyes completely black, giving off a smell of burnt charcoal, almost as if some sort of power had entered their eyes and subsequently ruined them all.

Planets One, Two and Three were all planets inhabited by the sapient beasts. All the warriors searched through the mountains and fields, yet none of them found even a single living sapient beast.

Though Xia Fan trusted Luolin, he could not help but think what had happened was related to Luolin. He suspected that Luolin used his Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes to kill all the beasts, and the reason he had done so might very well be to keep some secret hidden!

Hidden Wind asked, “Luolin’s information is a little strange. He wasn’t a traditional descendant of the Four Great Clans, so how did he get to God Metropolis?”

Moon Churan glanced at Xia Fan. “He’s the same as you; inadvertently barging into the place. We kept him around because he possessed that unique pair of Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes, which none of us had ever encountered before.”

Xia Fan nodded. “God Metropolis does indeed have such a tradition. The reason why Traveling Buddha and I were not killed iis solely because we have decent combat strength, and Traveling Buddha is also a descendant of a storied clan, so we were viewed as talent and kept around.

“How much do you know about the Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes?”

“Not much. They are said to be able to see the two realms of Yin and Yang. The right eye is white, representing the mortal realm, while the left eye is black, representing the underworld. When both eyes are used in unison, one can obtain omniscience.”

“What else?”

Moon Churan gave it some thought before answering, “It seems Luolin had an elder brother who went by the name of Luohe. I had once inadvertently heard Luolin mention that he was different from Luohe, who had a pair of golden eyes. The two brothers both had very special eyes.”

Xia Fan was stunned. A pair of golden eyes? Was that not Blind Grandpa?!

Blind Grandpa, and the Disasters… XIa Fan’s thoughts went back to his time under the dome, that mysterious Skydome. The ancient tomb of the Twin Pupils Clan, and his childhood there…

“Final question. Why are the planets experiencing fission? Is there any way to stop it?”

“You’re asking me?” Moon Churan looked at Hidden Wind. “You ought to be asking Tamu, right? He’s the one who brought the peculiar Demonic Energy into God Metropolis; we’re all just his victims.”

Xia Fan shook his head. It looked like they were unable to learn much from their investigations into Moon Churan. Presently, all they had were two leads. Shaka had left God Metropolis two hundred years ago, and in that same period of time, Murder Shrine had also suddenly risen to become the fourth force in Ashen Moon, with the potential to topple the Three Federations.

At the same time, Blind Grandpa and the Disasters had been trapped under the Skydome. They later came under a deadly assault, and Blind Grandpa had to use his Twin Golden Pupils and sent Xia Fan to safety.

He needed to find Shaka and Luolin. The latter had once met Traveling Buddha’s elder brother Drunken Buddha in secret, so he must have known the truth about Murder Shrine. Meanwhile, since Luolin was actually the younger brother of Blind Uncle, he might also learn the truth about the Skydome as well.

Xia Fan finally understood why Luolin had handed Jane over to him. It turned out that he had already decided to sneak off from God Metropolis. Only by handing Jane over to Xia Fan would he be able to set his mind at ease!

“What do you think?” Hidden Wind asked Xia Fan in the corridor outside.

“There shouldn’t be any reason for Moon Churan to lie.”

“Yes, I think the same. Then what next?”

Even as Hidden Wind said this, a deafening sound rang iyt. The interrogation room was deep underground, so one could imagine just how loud it would have been on the surface for them to hear the intense tremors here.

Xia Fan grimaced, “The rate of the planet splitting is now down to once every three hours. I’m afraid there isn’t much time left. Let’s go. We’re off to meet Tamu!”

Pearl excitedly cocked her tail. The little dragon stood by the window, shiny like white jade, while down on the street, the people were animatedly discussing the descent of the dragon. There was plenty of admiration in the words they used about Pearl, making her feel very proud.

“We need to leave and blow up God Metropolis!” Tamu stated decisively.


Hidden Wind hesitated. God Metropolis was the holy land that the Four Great Clans had painstakingly established. Generation after generation had lived there, and he naturally felt unwilling to suddenly hear it needed to be destroyed, just like that. But even if Hidden Wind did not mind it, the others from the Four Great Clans might not agree to it.

Tamu somberly explained, “The Demonic Energy has already spread thoroughly across this space. Aside from its destruction, there really is no other solution. If we don’t destroy God Metropolis, then Ashen Moon will face certain destruction.”

“God Metropolis is a huge hidden space, so what methods do we have that could destroy the entire space?”

“There are of course plenty of methods we can use, but the fastest would be to set my warship to self-destruct. Since the ship itself was infected in the first place, we should organize a retreat immediately. Quick, we don’t have much time left!”

Hidden Wind nodded grimly. This old man was someone who did not usually speak a lot, or even get along with others, yet this had changed a lot recently. After all, this matter involved plenty of people, and Hidden Wind could not bear to see his fellows and relatives lose their lives as a result!

Hidden Wind left, preparing to evacuate and bring the people from God Metropolis to Four Kings City.

God Metropolis was not too far from Four Kings City, and there were also regular routes between the two places. It was just that having to coordinate the massive population to evacuate the planet at such short notice would still take some time.

Xia Fan looked out the window. Leaving God Metropolis for the Skydome, the place where he grew up in, would require a two to three day journey.

Xia Fan had always avoided returning home because he was afraid of seeing the corpses of the Disasters. He did not want the memories he had of childhood to turn to ruin. The Skywings were his family, but that did not change the fact that it was the Disasters under the Skydome who had raised him.

But escape was not the solution; it was only a matter of time before he would have to face what he needed to face!

Xia Fan made up his mind and flashed his usual smile. “Would you people like to see the place where I spent my childhood and grew up?”

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