Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Did you commit murder?

I hesitated for a second, because I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. After all, her parents probably despised me right now…but since she gestured, I did as she wanted. I went over to Sheyu’s mother and crouched down as I lightly helped wiped the tears off her face.

“Don’t cry, auntie. Your daughter will be ok.” I softly whispered. It was a lie, but as long as I could comfort her distressed mother, I would do it.

The policewoman’s mother lifted her head and looked at me. Her eyes were brimming with fresh tears. After staring at me for a few moments, she tightened her grip on my hand and embraced me as she sobbed.

As she weeped in my arms, she began to cry louder and louder.

Although she wasn’t resentful towards me, but through her tears, I felt a responsibility that I couldn’t deny.

The surgeon came out and everyone stood up surrounding him.

I felt like there was something blocking my heart. I remained where I was as I waited for the surgeon to announce the grievous news.

“For now, the patient’s life is preserved, but she is still unconscious.”

“Thank you for preserving her life! Thank you, surgeon! When will our daughter wake up?”

“That is hard to say…it could take a day, or a month, or even a year. We already did everything we can. Now, it will depend on the patient’s will to survive.”

As I listened to the surgeon’s words, I stared at Sheyu’s ghost; confused.

The surgeon implied that Sheyu was still alive? But I could see her spirit right here!

Sheyu was pushed out of the emergency room and brought into the intensive care unit. I was still confused as I stood there foolishly.

“At your convenience, we will need you to come with me to the police station to record an oral statement.” The policeman told me.

“Oh! I’lI get the discharging paperwork done and come with you now.”

“No no. You’ve misunderstood. I’m not trying to rush you. I just…”

“I know you’re not trying to rush me. But I also want to leave an oral statement as soon as possible to help you guys find the criminal. It’s not only for me. I also want to do it for the policewoman. We need to capture this psycho as soon as possible.”

“Thank you for your cooperation! I will help you with the discharging paperwork. Just wait inside your room. I will pick you up after.”

Then, the policeman disappeared like a wisp of smoke. As I stared at his rear view, I could tell that he wanted me to leave the hospital as soon as possible so that I can provide information to the police to arrest the killer.

After all, his colleague nearly lost her life. It must be traumatic for their police department.

When I returned back to my room, I changed back into my own clothing that was covered in Sheyu’s blood. Sheyu the ghost was waiting for me by the door.

“I don’t get it. You’re already a ghost, but why did the surgeon say you’re still alive?” I asked Sheyu, but did not get a response.

“Actually, that is not focus right now. Perhaps your spirit is only temporarily separated from your physical body. Maybe you will return soon. Currently, the most important task is to capture the psycho. Don’t worry. I am going to head to the police department to make an oral statement now. Do you want to come with me?”

Sheyu nodded.

By the time I had finished precisely regurgitating everything that I knew at the police station, it was already midnight.

Within ten steps, I was surrounded by a crowd of reporters.

Countless amount of blinding flashes made it difficult for me to open my eyes. I heard ‘ka cha’ left and right. Everyone was striving to be the first to question me. They raised their voices and all the sounds clashed against each other. The quiet night was now replaced by a crazy crowd that was damaging my eardrums.

“You are the chain homicidal maniac’s 10th victim and lucky survivor. How do you feel right now?”

“Did you see what the chain homicidal maniac looked like?”

“Could you give us the general idea of what happened?”

“Rumours say a police officer had been injured. Is it true?”

How did they know I had encountered the chain homicidal maniac?! Who spread the news? Uggh. F**k. What am I supposed to say?

“What are you guys doing?” A few police officers stormed out and barged through the group of reporters. They encircled me and block the reporters from touching me. A police officer softly whispered in my ears, “Go now.”

I saw my opportunity and slipped through the gap they had created for me. Without turning back, I entered a taxi.

Since the police officers blocked them, the reporters couldn’t get to me. I sighed a breath of relief as I leaned back against the seat. Along the way, the taxi driver kept peeking at me through his rear mirror. There were a few times where we made eye contact. I could understand how he felt. It was in the middle of the night and his passenger was covered in blood; anyone in his position would be afraid.

“Uncle, don’t be scared. This is not my blood…” I attempted to comfort him.

Unexpectedly, the moment I said those words, the driver dramatically braked. He appeared even more frightened.

I guess he misunderstood my words….the car began to move again. The more I said, the more mistakes I’d make. We remained silent all the way until my destination.

Since, Sheyu was a ghost, only I could see her. So I brought her along with me. When my hot bodyguard saw her at the entrance, he kept turning around to stare at her.

Ohhh! You like this policewoman because she is pretty, eh? Hummpt! So swallow!

Deep down, I secretly looked down on him.

Anyhow, I figured Suyang would have been asleep long ago. I didn’t want to wake him up by making too much noise, so I tried my best to open the door as softly as possible. I was trying to avoid conflict at all cost.

I gently pushed the door open. I was so silent that the detector couldn’t even detect me and the light didn’t naturally turn on. I took off my shoes, and just as I was about to walk through the entrance hall, I noticed Suyang sitting in the dark.

Suyang was on his chair with his legs spread and arms crossed. His head was lowered and he was facing the entrance.

It looks like he fell asleep.. Was he waiting for me the entire time…in that position? I pointed towards my door and indicated for Sheyu to head there and wait for me.

After Sheyu left, I lightly shoved Suyang, “Hey. Wake up! Wake up!”

Suyang slightly shifted but there was no more movement afterwards. I pushed him again; this time, with more strength. “Don’t sleep here! You’ll easily get sick. Return to your room.”

All of a sudden, Suyang grabbed my hand and slowly opened his eyes. I was shocked.

“Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?” Wow, this reaction was totally not what I had expected. Suyang wasn’t using his usual annoying and arrogant tone. Instead, he was being abnormally gentle.

Don’t scare me. Even Suyang is acting weird…

“What happened to you?” Suyang stared at my bloody top.

“Talking should remain talking. Can you let go of my hand?” I attentively stared at my hand that Suyang had been holding on so tightly, “Men and women should keep a proper distance from each other.”

Hearing my words, Suyang released my hand like a reflex as he got up and his chair wheeled backwards. He appeared flustered as he tried to explain himself, “I didn’t intentionally grab you. But when you suddenly woke me up….”

I put on my slippers and walked over to him as I tapped his shoulders and attempted to sound as natural as possible, “I know you didn’t do it on purpose. No need to explain.”

“You still haven’t answered my question. What happened to you?” Suyang pointed at my bloody clothes as he leaned closer towards me and cautiously looked to the left and right. He whispered in my ears, “Did you commit murder?”

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