Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: It should’ve been me

“What are you doing?!” Just as the knife was about to stab into me, a bright female voice appeared from the distant light. The killer uncle was caught off guard and ran off without a word.

This was literally what they would show in historical dramas -when they would scream and say “Cease the execution!” I have been rescued.

I vaguely saw an uniformed policewoman running towards me.

“How are you feeling? Are you still conscious?” The policewoman roughly examined my wounds as she rushed, “Another policeman will arrive shortly to help you. Stay where you are and don’t run off.”

“My head hurts. Can you help me….” I weakly asked.

Before I could finish my sentence, the policewoman had already gone off into the same direction as the killer.

“Don’t go….” Originally, I wanted to remind her that he had a weapon. It was too dangerous. I wanted to stop her.

But she ran off too quickly, I tried reaching for her but I only managed to slightly brush against her trousers. I couldn’t grab onto her, and I helplessly watched as she disappear from my sight.

“Ahhh! My head hurts…” I gently used my hand to feel the area that I had crashed into. It wasn’t blood, but the moisture from the wall.

The man was a chain murderer. Currently, the female policewoman was alone. She was in a very dangerous position.

I told myself I must hurry to find help…but I could barely stand up. It took a lot of strength for me to get up.

“Are you ok?” A policeman ran towards me. Just as I was about to collapse again, he held onto me. I assumed this was the police officer the policewoman was talking about.

“Just now…the policewoman ran off after the criminal. But he has a knife and he had killed before! Go help her! She is in danger!” I simplified everything I knew because of the severity of the situation.

“There are so many different paths in this alley. Do you know which direction they went?”

“Umm..” Honestly, I don’t remember. I just saw her disappear in front of me. However, I couldn’t provide any explicit details. I had no idea which path they took.

But suddenly, there was a blurry shadow standing near me. Could it be one of the two ghosts? Was he here to lead us to the killer?

“I know where to go…” I replied as I held onto the wall for support. The policeman also gave me a lending hand as I advanced forward with difficulty.

“Is your body ok? Why don’t I send you to the hospital first??” Since my condition was quite bad, the policeman asked out of concern.

“No, I’m fine. We have to find the policewoman!” Then, we heard a *bang*; the sound of a firing gun.

The policeman’s hand shook as he released me and bolted straight towards the scene of the crime. My heart was pounding, and I also quickened my footsteps.

By the time we had arrived, there weren’t two people waiting for us. It was only her.

The scenario I so desperately wanted to avoid had occurred.

The policeman crouched down to his female counterpart and took off his outer uniform and pressed it against her bleeding abdomen. Blood was continuously spilling out. We took a quick look around but there was no trace of the criminal.

The policeman yelled, “Quick! Dial 120!”

“My cellphone has been stolen!” I felt helpless. The policeman quickly reacted and directed, “Come over here and use strength to press against her wound….just like what I am doing. Are you able to follow?”

I firmly nodded as I switched positions with the policeman. He used one hand to call for support on his walkie talkie, and the other to dial 120 for emergency.

As for me, my job was to remain conscious so I could stop the blood from flowing out.

Sadly, regardless of how much strength I placed against the wound, the blood wouldn’t stop spurting onto my hand and the policewoman’s outfit.

Since it was so dim, the blood looked black; it was like lava bubbling out from Hell. There was an endless stream coming out from her body.

Since I had exhausted my mental state, by the time the ambulance arrived, it only sounded like buzz in my ears. All the noises and sounds mixed together and spun in my mind.

I was helped onto the ambulance, and then I passed out. I had no recognition of how I arrived at the hospital and how I ended up in the patient’s bed.

In short, when I awoke, I saw a person in white recording down something.

Was the person in white an angel? I thought angels were all good looking… I guess not.

I had a throbbing headache. This was an indication that I was still alive. Although I was grateful, there was something that was of higher priority, “Doctor…where is the policewoman?”

“Are you talking about the policewoman that was sent to the hospital at the same time as you?” The doctor lowered his eyes; clearly that was a sign of bad news, “She is still in surgery. I’m not too sure about her condition.”

I disconnected the IV drip and hopped out of bed.

Just as I was about to leave the room, the doctor blocked me, “You’re very weak right now. You must remain in bed. According to our preliminary testing, you have a slight cerebral concussion.You have to recuperate.”

“My head doesn’t hurt at all. I don’t feel like vomiting anymore. I’m fine!” I pushed the doctor aside and left the room. I was shoving and bumping my way trying to find the operation room.

My injuries were nothing! The most urgent thing right now was to find out the policewoman’s condition.

But due to my anxiety, I actually got lost in the hospital. I had to ask many nurses before I was able to find the emergency room.

When I saw the people waiting outside of the emergency room, I could barely advanced. Each step was like getting stabbed by the tip of a knife.

I can see the uniformed policewoman standing outside the emergency room. She was watching an old couple cry.

I can see her spirit.

This means…those two must be her parents?!

I didn’t need the surgeon to tell me, I already knew the result. But her parents don’t know. What should I do?

It was all because of me…if she weren’t trying to save me, she wouldn’t be…

Her parents suddenly looked at my direction and made eye contact with me.

I felt like I was getting stabbed, and I quickly lowered my eyes to avoid their glances. By the time I looked up again, everyone’s attention was on me.

I was so nervous that my nails were digging into my hands. I summoned up the courage and was prepared to be blamed and screamed at as I walked towards them. Subconsciously, my steps became very heavy.

“My poor Sheyu….!” They cried.

Sheyu? I guess the policewoman’s name was Sheyu?!

“Why aren’t you resting in your room?” The policeman from before was here as well.

“I came to see how her condition is..” As I spoke, I couldn’t help but secretly peeked at the policewoman’s ghost. We made eye contact.

Perhaps she knew I could see her, because she started to head towards my direction.

Sigh. Forget it. Even if she hated or glared at me, I will accept it. I have never felt so guilty in my entire life. Because of me, someone lost her life. If I knew someone was going to get hurt, I should have just allowed the criminal to kill me.

I should have been the one in the emergency room.

The policewoman’s ghost stood in front of me. She made a hand motion beneath her eyes, and then gazed at her parents. I think she was trying to tell me to help her parents wipe their tears.

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