Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Shameless Suyang

“Why are you pulling onto my blanket?” I shouted; but I was still hiding underneath it.

“I’m a bit cold, share with me.”

“If you’re cold, then go back to your room!”

“I’m watching TV. Stop being so stingy! Let me use it too!”

I could see through Suyang’s plan. Why would I let him get his way?

“Then put on your clothes!”

“Huh? How do you know I’m not wearing clothes? Were you secretly watching me this whole time?” Suyang teased. He was trying to show that he was winning.

I justified, “Who is peeking at you? If you don’t want people to stare, then stop acting like a psycho. Put some clothes on! The living room is public space!”

“But this is my apartment!” Suyang boldly declared, “I would suggest you not to look. But if you want to, go ahead!”

I was speechless. How could he be even more shameless than he was three years ago?

“You can decide for yourself whether you want to look or not. I’m just going to sit here and watch TV. I’m not leaving.”

No. At this rate, I’m going to suffocate from being underneath the blanket for too long. I lifted the blanket just enough so I could get some air but not see Suyang.

But the moment I lifted the blanket, Suyang came over without restraint and started to invade my territory. He began pacing back and forth naked!

I couldn’t take it anymore and irritably poked my head out to yell, “Do you have to be like this?!”

“You started it first!”

At this rate, I was going to lose for sure. After being harassed by Suyang, I wasn’t sleepy at all. So, I used my feet to poke him, “Are you tired?”

“Not at all! I’m super awake.”

“Let’s go out then!”

“Go out? Where?”

“I want to see Grandmother Meng. We talked about this before. After Yao Youfan and Xu Chuqiao’s case was over, you would take me to see her.”

Suyang didn’t respond.

I poked him again, “Why are you not answering?”

“Isn’t it a bit too late to go?”

“What. Are you afraid?”

“Going to a cemetery late at night seems….” Suyang was hesitant.

I sighed, “We’re going to see your granny. What are you afraid of?”

“Aside from granny, there are so many other graves!!! And it’s quite late. Don’t you find that spooky?”

Suyang always acts cocky around me but three years later, he was still scared of ghosts. When it came to this stuff, he was the complete opposite of his usual self.

However, I was stubborn and determined to go. So, I began to push, “Let’s go! Have you forgotten what my occupation is? I can protect you!”

In the end, Suyang gave in and took me to see Grandmother Meng’s grave. But the moment we got off the car, Suyang clutched onto my sleeve.

I couldn’t really blame him. The moment we got off the car, there was a cold breeze. In addition, the crickets were making “zi zi” sounds. Suyang was having a mental breakdown.

“Hey! You can’t stand behind me. I don’t know where her grave is! Go lead the way!” I grabbed onto Suyang and pushed him ahead of me. Then, I began to chuckle behind him.

“You can see ghosts, right? How many are there now?” Suyang’s voice was trembling; once again proving how scared he was.

1, 2, 3, 4… there were 8 sitting on their own graves alone. But I couldn’t tell Suyang this. If I did, he would be too scared and run back to the car. So, I did what a smart person would do. I lied.

“None. There isn’t a single ghost here so calm down and lead the way.”

Finally, we arrived at Grandmother Meng’s grave. Initially, I thought I had a lot of things I wanted to say. But when I arrived, I realized the words were stuck in my heart. I held onto Suyang’s hand and pulled him down to sit with me. Suyang appeared a bit confused, “You came here to sit?”

I lifted my head and gazed at the round moon, “I don’t know what to say. But regardless of what we do, Grandmother Meng won’t see it. In the letter she mentioned that she was going to reincarnate immediately. She didn’t want to dwell on Earth. I think I just wanted to confirm by coming here. For some reason, Grandmother Meng’s death seems like a lie to me. I keep hoping it’s false.”

“Me too. I wish granny was still by our side.” Suyang tightly wrapped his hand around mines. Our ten fingers intersected. I wasn’t sure if he agreed with my thoughts or he was just too spooked by the environment.

Suddenly, out of curiosity, I asked Suyang, “Do you think when we’ve turned into dust, we’ll meet again?”

“I don’t know. But if death could not be avoided, I would want to leave in front of you.”

“What? You want to abandon me? I would be so lonely by myself. You selfish….!” Usually, when it came to death related questions, a person would rather die first than to experience losing his or her loved ones.

Suyang brushed his hand on my nose, “Silly, you could see ghosts, right? I could be by your side as a ghost. But if you die before me, then we would truly be separated by yin and yang.”

“Oh! I see…” I nodded. He had a point.

So, Suyang and I sat in front of Grandmother Meng’s grave for the whole night. We shared what we went through the past three years. Through our stories, we realized that although we were busy with our own lives, our hearts had never once drifted apart.


“Sister! Boss! President! Lin Yixin!” I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet, but the moment I picked up the phone, Xialing’s loud voice exploded on the other side. It was more effective than any alarm clocks!

When I opened my eyes, I saw Suyang sleeping like a baby next to me. I couldn’t help but smile. This was the effect of Suyang. He had the ability to make me feel amazing in the morning.

I flipped over and hugged him. I used his arm as a pillow and quietly muttered, “What is it….?”

“What is it? You don’t feel bad for asking? Xu Chuqiao’s money came in a week ago! Why are you still not back? Do you know how busy the firm is right now? The three of us are working like mad!”

I secretly grinned, “You punk! Now you finally know what I go through when I tell you guys to work, eh!?”

“Yes yes yes! I know. Now can you please hurry up and come back!?”

From Xialing’s voice, I could imaging her gritting her teeth. I couldn’t help but tease, “It’s going to take me a bit longer. You guys hold on, ok? I’m hanging up now!”

“No! No! If you dare to hang up, I’m going to get on a plane and fly to City A to seize you! Boss!!! If I say it, I can do it! Tell me how long it’s going to take for you to come back!”

Xialing’s voice woke Suyang up. He rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “Who’s calling so early….?”

I pulled the phone away and gave him a reassuring kiss, “It’s nothing. Did it wake you?”

“Huh?! I hear a man’s voice!!!!!” Xialing’s ears were sharp. She began to shout, “It’s Suyang, isn’t it?! I knew it! You’re taking forever to return because of him! Let me talk to him!”

I didn’t even need to put her on speaker phone, she was so loud that we could both hear her perfectly fine.

“What is there to talk about?” I rejected. But Suyang took the phone from me and impatiently yelled, “It’s so early right now. You’re not letting people sleep! Who are you!?”

“Xialing! I’m Xialing! If you don’t want me to bug you guys, then send my boss back!”

“Your boss?” Suyang had a crafty smile on his face as he made eye contact with me, “Your boss won’t leave on her own. I can’t kick her out….”

“You!” I covered Suyang’s mouth immediately, “What are you saying!?”

“Please, can you two show some mercy? The firm is insanely busy. You can’t just be like this and let us die. Lin Yixin, if you’re going to be like this, we’re going on strike!” Xialing threatened.

Alright, I won’t tease her anymore, “Fine. I know. I’ll return by tomorrow, ok?”

“Really? You better!”

“Yes, for my hardworking Zhou Zhen and Wenwen, I will return tomorrow!”

Xialing coldly humphed, “For Zhou Zhen and Wenwen? What about me?”

“You have time to call and bug me, you must be quite free. Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow. We’ll talk then.” I hung up the phone and realized my other hand was still covering Suyang’s mouth.

At this moment, Suyang was glaring at me with resentment. I removed my hand and patted his head like a dog, “Be good!”

“Are you really leaving tomorrow?”

“Didn’t you say I was unwilling to leave? Now that I’m leaving, you should be happy!” After teasing Xialing, it was time to tease Suyang.

“I was just kidding! Are you really going to leave me? I don’t want to be home alone!” Suyang covered his chest with the blanket and tried to act pitiful.

I shook my head and pretended to sigh, “It can’t be helped. I’m a very busy person. Without me, the firm will go nuts.”

“Stay for a few more days! You know how painful long distance relationships are!!”

“Nah. Thinking about it, I’ve actually stayed here for quite too long. I can’t let my staff suffer. I must be responsible and head back.” I stood up and put on my clothes. Then, I walked out of the bedroom as I took my cell phone and began looking for flights back to City B tomorrow.

Suyang stormed out behind me, “You’re going to leave me by myself at home?”

“It can’t be helped…” I looked up. But when I saw Suyang’s naked body, I quickly turned around, “I’ll call you daily! And can you put on some clothes?”

Suyang boldly laid on the couch and shook his head, “Why are you pretending to be modest? Aaai.. the pain of a long distance relationship… the boyfriend that gets ditched….”

I threw a blanket at Suyang and continued to search for flights. From time to time, I would glance at him. Suyang wasn’t saying anything but his pupils were rolling around. I knew he must be up to no good.

“What are you think about now?”

“Yixin, did you bring your household registration booklet?”


“I asked if you brought you household registration booklet!”

“Of course not. Who would bring that stuff with them on a business trip? Why do you need it?” I rolled my eyes at Suyang. Suddenly, I thought of something, “Could it be that….”

Suyang punched the couch, “What a pity.”

“What pity?” I punched Suyang’s head, “Don’t even think about it. I have no plans to settle down yet.”

“You’re no longer young. It’s time.” Suyang suddenly spoke to me with a granny tone, “How old are you now? You’re still not thinking about it? You won’t be able to find a better candidate other than myself. You should cherish and seize your opportunity!”

“Pssssh… you think you’re the only young one?”

“I’m not young either. I want to find someone to get married with!”

Suyang put his head on my shoulder but I shoved it off, “I’m not a good person. I thought you knew this already!”

“I want to get married with an old woman.” Suyang leaned on my shoulder again. This time, I wasn’t as heartless and let him remain for a bit.

Suddenly, Suyang asked, “Are you booking your flight right now?”


“Buy for two!”


“I’m coming too.”

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