Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 153 (END)

Chapter 153: Happy ending

This time I was actually stunned. I stared at Suyang. “Why would you come?”

“Why are you overreacting? I’m fired anyways. There’s nothing for me to do in City A. Why can’t I go to your city and see how you’ve been living? Unless you have some secrets you don’t want me to know about?”

“Stop stop stop! You’re creating scenarios in your head! I’m just surprised. So are thinking of becoming an author again?”

“If I want to find inspiration, going to your city is the best way. When your location changes, your mood naturally changes. Anyway, book me a ticket as well.”

“You’re so stubborn….” I muttered with resentment. Nonetheless, I included Suyang on the flight.


So, on a bright sunny day in April, Suyang and I flew to City B together. The moment the flight landed, I received Xialing’s pressuring call. “Have you arrived? Where are you now?”

“Mm. I just landed.”

“Do you want Zhou Zhen to pick you up? He’s around the airport area right now.”

“Nah, it’s fine. Suyang and I came back together. We’re going to take a taxi. Don’t worry about it.”

“What?! Suyang is back too!?!” Xialing screeched so loud that she nearly shattered my ear drums. “W-why is he back? What is he doing here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“Why are you reacting so dramatically? He’s just here to take a look.”

“Alright. Got it! Return to the firm first.” Xialing rushed to hang up. I listened to the disconnected beeping sound and blinked. Then, I turned to Suyang. “Have you offended Xialing before?”

“No, why?”

“It’s kind of strange. I feel like the punk quite dislikes you. Anyhow, just be prepared. We’re heading to the firm first.”

Suyang disregarded my warning. “She’s a punk. What could she do to me?”

That’s what we thought. However, when we arrived at the firm, Suyang and I were astonished by the bright red banner that was hanging by the door. On it were the words: Ghost and Suyang are not allowed in.

Wow… how awkward….

I gazed at Suyang. Contrary to me, he was much more relaxed. It was like he wasn’t affected at all. He totally ignored it and casually asked, “Is this your firm?”


“Not bad! Let’s go in.” Suyang grabbed my hand and walked in like it was his own office.

I wonder why Xialing has such a deep hatred towards Suyang. She actually created this banner within the hour that it took us to get here. This is the first time she has ever been so efficient. Normally, it would take her half an hour just to get me a cup of water….. What happened between them? I was quite curious.

The moment I pushed open the door, I saw Xialing standing there with her arms crossed. She puffed out her face like a bun as she pointed at Suyang. “Why are you here?”

“I came to visit my girlfriend’s workplace environment.” Suyang ignored Xialing’s hostility and calmly replied.

I was turning red because Suyang was holding onto me in front of all my staff members. It was a bit embarrassing and it felt unnatural to me.

“Yixin sister’s boyfriend?” Jia Wenwen and Zhou Zhen seemed to sense the scent of gossip as they pounced over. “Are you really Sister Yixin’s boyfriend?”

“Of course!” Immediately, Suyang was surrounded by those two and I was pushed aside.

I went over to Xialing and nudged her. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so moody for? Are you that mad Suyang is here?”

“Of course!” Xialing still looked pissed. “Why did you bring him?”

“Suyang said he wants to take a look at where I work, so I brought him here…”

“So if he said he wants to leave, are you going to leave with him too? Yixin, be honest with me. Are you planning to leave with Suyang and move to City A forever?!”

Oh that silly girl. So that was what she was worried about.

“Don’t worry. I will remain in City B. This is where I work. You guys are here as well. I won’t leave.”

“Then what will happen to you and Suyang? One of you will have to leave your city to accommodate the other person, right?”

Xialing brought up a very good point that I’ve been neglecting. My heart thudded but I didn’t make it obvious. During dinner, we ate together as a group. The whole time, Jia Wenwen kept taking selfies with Suyang. Zhou Zhen was using his hunting dog traits as he tried to piece up my story with Suyang from the very beginning.

I’ve never seen them so proactive. Usually, Zhou Zhen wouldn’t even ask about my own birthday.

After the hearty meal, Suyang and I walked home together. We were walking on a path where cherry blossoms were blooming from both sides. When the wind blew, the petals would gently fall down. It made the atmosphere very romantic.

On the way, I asked Suyang the question Xialing had asked me earlier. “Umm.. are we going to continue with a long distance relationship?”

“What do you mean?”

“As in, you remain in City A while I remain in City B? Is that really ok?”

Suyang smiled and held onto me. “I thought it was another question….”

“Don’t smile! This is a serious question! What do you think….”

“I…. I am going to deal with this issue right away.”

Before I could process what Suyang was saying, he took out his cell phone and made a call. “Hey, Shaoqian. It’s me. I want you to help me with something. Clear out my stuff and rent out my apartment. I’m in another city now. I won’t be returning. Yes. You can clear out the stuff tomorrow.”

I couldn’t believe what Suyang was doing. Even after he hung up, I was still in disbelief. By the time I snapped out of it, Suyang was already ahead of me by quite a bit.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Yes. Solving the problem.”

“Ah? No, how could you rent out your apartment so easily? What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to live with you! I’m an author, so I can work anywhere. From now on, I’m just going to rely on you and stay at your place. Be prepared!”

“Uh…..” The issue that caused me stress for the entire afternoon was solved by a 30 second phone call?

Suyang suddenly grabbed my hand and put it in his pocket. “Wow. Why is it so cool on an April night? Aren’t you cold?”

“No!?” While I was replying, Suyang seemed to be fidgeting with my hand. It felt weird. I forcefully pulled it out from his pocket and noticed there was a dazzling ring on my finger.

“What the heck? Don’t you know you can’t just put any ring on the ring finger?” I tried to pull the ring out, but it seemed to be stuck.

I was not pleased. “Are you trying to propose right now?”

“You should give up. I purposely got a size smaller! Hahaha!” Suyang proudly showed off his ring on his finger as well. He hugged my reluctant body. “Thanks for accepting my proposal! If you want to take the ring off, go lose some weight first!”

“When did you buy the ring?”

“I didn’t buy it. It’s been handed down from generation to generation.”

I broke out of Suyang’s grasp and began to punch him. “You have no candles, no champagne, no flowers, no sweet words… and you proposed? Who would accept this?”

Suyang covered his mouth with his fist. “*cough cough* Please understand that I’m shy. Plus… if you want flowers, there’s a whole bunch here!” Suyang lifted his hand and caught a bunch of cherry blossom petals and displayed it in front of me.

“Who wants this?” I heartlessly blew the petals away. “Aren’t you usually very good at saying mushy stuff? Why are you so shy today? What kind of person proposes so sloppily?”

“You may be complaining with your mouth, but you haven’t rejected me!” Suyang saw through me and cunningly smiled. “If you really want to hear sweet words, then I’ll purposely tell you a bunch tonight…..”

Based on his pervy expression, I knew he was thinking dirty again, I covered my ears. “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

“C’mon! How about I tell you now then?” Suyang began to pester me from behind. “What do you like to hear? Do you want me to tell you how cute you are? Or how sexy? Or how much I love you? Or perhaps, we should take turns. Each of us say one loving line back and forth. I think that’s fair.”

“Aiya! I said I’m not listening!! Shhh! Don’t say anything!” I covered my ears. Although I sounded annoyed, deep down, my heart was beaming like a flower. However, I didn’t want to let Suyang see, so I began to run wildly ahead of him.

“Listen listen listen!”


“I love you!”

“Shhhh! We’re on the streets….”

“I love Lin Yixin!”

“Stop!!! Other people are watching!”

“Suyang loves Lin Yixin!”

“I got it. Let’s go home!”

“Hey…stop running! How could your short legs run so fast…!”

The End


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Supernatural Girlfriend powerful quotes

“Regardless of who you are, we all have a different side to us. For example, the way you act towards your parents and teachers would be different. The way you interact with your friends and lover would be different. Perhaps I didn’t have the intentions, but I felt like I had to do it. Or maybe, I wanted to do it but I felt like something was stopping me from acting. Humans tend to contradict themselves. Only when they are alone, are they truly themselves.” -Chapter 17

“There is a fine line between a genius and a madman.” -Chapter 40

“Deep down, thanks to emotions, all of us possess the seed of destruction. All of us have a measuring cup inside of us. No one knows its marked scale until the negativity has exceeded its load.”

“Since every single human possess emotions, there isn’t an absolute good or bad person. No one has the qualifications to judge a person based on their characteristics. Who created the labels? What’s the boundary to a good and bad person?” -Chapter 44

“Goodbye always has a tendency to arrive without a sound.” -Chapter 49

“Those who are the most dangerous are people like myself. Since we have nothing, there’s nothing for us to lose.” -Chapter 75

“Regardless of where you go, people tend to bond over their dislike of a person. I was the person who was sacrificed…” -Chapter 96

“The human heart is quite resilient. After experiencing negative emotions repeatedly, it will turn numb. Then, it will treat others coldly.” -Chapter 105

“The truest emotions are always unplanned.” -Chapter 121

“People are often scared of ghosts, but humans are much more dangerous than ghosts.” -Chapter 123

“I heard that photos can also record speech. From looking at the person’s expression, you could tell what emotions they were feeling and what they wanted to express.” -Chapter 136

“He was someone I didn’t want to remember but couldn’t forget.” -Chapter 140

“Perhaps my heart was only able to seek peace in the darkness.” -Chapter 151

“If death cannot be avoided, I would want to leave in front of you.” -Chapter 152

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