Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Provoking the killer

Suyang stopped the car in front of the entrance of the hospital to let me off. From inside, he said to me, “I’m going to find a parking spot. Give me a moment and wait for me here.”

“No need. You can go home.”

“I feel like you’re kind of abnormal…”

“What?” I placed my hand on top of his car window and teased. “Are you worried about me?”

“Pssh. In your dreams! I’m not worried about you. I’m just worried you’ll go back on your words.” Then, he disappeared from my sight.

Was he just a stubborn duck that refused to admit his concern? I didn’t expect the cold and heartless Suyang to actually have a human side to him. I smirked as I watched Suyang go. Then, I looked up at the sky. It was getting late.

I turned to the huge batch of reporters that were waiting outside of the hospital’s main entrance.

I quietly walked beside a reporter as I raised my voice, “Are you waiting for the police to come out?”

“Yes.” The reporter didn’t even look at me.

“I have news to expose!”

I suddenly yelled on top of my lungs and all the reporters reached their necks over like giraffes to look at me.

I wasn’t sure who called out, “She is the woman from the Police Station yesterday!”

Three seconds later, the reports surrounded me like how they did the day before. In an instant, my path was blocked from all sides. But the difference between yesterday and today was this time, I came prepared. I directly faced the reporters and shouted as if I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to hear what I was about to say.

“Hey! Hey! Look over here! Here! I am the 10th victim of the homicidal maniac. At the same time, I’m also a survivor.”

“Stop pushing! No pushing! Stop pushing against me!” The reporters were all trying to shove themselves at me. I was getting irritated. “You can all take turns asking me questions. I will respond one by one! One at a time!” I stepped onto the rim of the flower bed* as I randomly pointed to a person, “Ok. You may start first.”

*She was probably standing on something like this. Flower bed is the closest thing I can think of.

“Could you tell us the entire process of what happened?”

“It was a dark, windy afternoon. The homicidal maniac cut me off in the alley when I was on my way home from buying groceries. He wanted to rob me, but I had no money. So, he flew into a rage and wanted to kill me. But in the end, he didn’t succeed.”

“Why didn’t he succeed?”

“At the time, a policewoman saved me. But even if she hadn’t, I would be ok. Because through his eyes, I saw fear and weakness.”

“What do you mean?”

“When he was about to stab me, I looked him straight into the eye.” I gave the reporters my deadliest look to demonstrate. “Then, he began to panic. When the policewoman called out, he was instantly spooked out of his mind and fled.”

In order to provoke the homicidal maniac, I deliberately exaggerated like a novel and fabricated a story.

“What is the policewoman’s current condition?”

I cannot let the topic change to Sheyu. Or else, if he decided to get revenge on her, it would produce the opposite effect.

I ignored the reporter’s question and changed the topic, “Basically, I just want to say the homicidal maniac is not that scary. If not, why couldn’t he handle a tiny maiden like me?”

“Are you trying to challenge the homicidal maniac?” A reporter curiously asked.

“Challenge? I’m not trying to challenge anyone. I’m just stating a fact. Let me tell you a secret. I actually somewhat saw his face in the alley. But my mind is still kind of blurry so I temporarily cannot remember. But I have a feeling I will recall in the next few days. After I remember, I will tell the police. After it is verified by the police, I am certain the homicidal maniac will be caught! He is not going to roam free for long. Just wait for the news.”

“Are you crazy?” An angry voice burst from the crowd. Everyone’s attention turned to the person standing at the very end, Suyang.

He walked towards me with a poker face, and everyone subconsciously opened up a path for him. Before I could react, Suyang lifted me up and threw me on his back.

“You! Let me off!” My hands and feet were fluttering like mad. But it was no use. Suyang carried me straight into the hospital to avoid the reporters.

I watched the reporters upside down as I helplessly saw our distance grew wider. Deep down, I sincerely hoped they were going to publish what I said!

I gave Suyang a flabbergasted look. What’s wrong with him? It was as if he had changed into another person again.

People were giving me strange looks and I covered my face, “Where are you carrying me to?”

Suyang didn’t put me down until we had arrived at the hospital’s fire control passage. He clutched my collar and shoved me against the wall. The harsh impact injured my arm and I had to hold back from yelping out in pain. Suyang had one arm against the wall.

“Are you crazy? If the reporters published or aired what you had just said, it would provoke the homicidal maniac! What if he comes looking for you…?” He furiously shrieked.

I rolled my pupils around and avoided Suyang’s glance, “Are you afraid? Are you scared the homicidal maniac might get you if he sees us together?”

Suyang used one hand to pinch my face. He used so much strength that I could barely speak clearly as I cried out in pain, “Ai ai ai, lighter! Lighter! What are you doing?”

A drop of my saliva accidentally came out of my mouth and landed on Suyang’s hand. He released me and frowned as he wiped the back of his hand on my shoulder. “A goldfish is truly a goldfish. Your IQ must be negative. He is on the dark side and you’re the opposite. You’re just going to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry. Even if I hurt myself, I won’t let it affect you. The moment we get home, I’ll move out until this is over. Alright?” I glared at Suyang’s arm. “Are you done talking? If so, move your arm so I can leave.”

“You’re such a stupid woman. Do you honestly think you’re Virgin Mary? You walked around the gates of hell and you still don’t understand your situation? You barely made it out alive. You should learn your lesson and stop causing trouble! Remain still! Why don’t you have any memory? Do you normally lack sleep? Is that why you want to sleep forever?”

My heart was actually hurt by Suyang’s words.

I lost my temper as I yelled, “Annoying goblin! Your words are so spiteful. I’m cursing you! I curse that you’ll never find a girlfriend in this lifetime! Remain single for life!”

Initially, I was hollering at Suyang, but then my voice choked with emotions, “Do you think I wish to provoke the homicidal maniac? Who wouldn’t want to be further away from him? Who wouldn’t want to live? My luck had just began to change. I’m not wandering around him because I’m sick of living. I’m not crazy. You seriously think I am tired of living?”

My eyes were red as I glared at Suyang. Surprisingly, my reaction caused Suyang to react much warmer. He took his hand off the wall and lightly patted my back. “Don’t misunderstand. It’s not because I’m afraid you will involve me. I’m only saying this stuff because I’m truly concerned about you.”

“Well, you don’t have to be so mean about it! My spirit is hurt…” I inhaled a deep breath from my nose and leaned my head against Suyang’s chest.

“Can you tell me what your plan is?”

I still had my head buried on his chest. “Why should I tell you?”

Suyang lowered his head and lightly stroked my hair. His voice was as gentle as the spring breeze. “I can only help you if you tell me. You’re a woman. You should allow a man to protect you…”

Suyang’s voice made me feel all warm and bubbly. I lifted my head and looked at him….appearing a bit confused. No! Stay clear headed! Clear headed! I’m not the type of woman that would allow honeyed words to deceive me.

Suyang sincerely stated, “If we are together and you get beat up, I can secretly go and help you call the cops…”

Suyang, you, grandpa!

Hearing Suyang’s words, the warmth I felt momentarily ago immediately disappeared without a trace. I hastily pushed him away and turned around and fan my cheeks to get rid of the blush.

I almost fell for his trap again.

As expected, he cannot be sweet for more than three seconds.

“Annoying goblin, can you say something good?”

Suyang coldly snorted, “My degree of concern is already quite good. Some men won’t even help you call the police.”

I obediently returned home with Suyang. Along the way, I didn’t say a word as I followed behind him.

Around the neighbourhood was a defective streetlamp. It wouldn’t stop flickering and gave off the “It was a moonless night. The killer came and killed.” type of atmosphere. That moment hasn’t come yet, but I was already shivering from fear.

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