Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Capturing the killer

The next morning, the first thing I did after I woke up was turn on my cell phone and opened the webpage. Sure enough, all the webpages, news, newspapers, and magazines had the homicidal maniac on their headlines. In addition, the reporters united together and recorded down my interview word for word. It made me sound so despicable that even I couldn’t stand it.

Everything I said was leaking with shameless provocation. This was the type of effect that I intended.

While I was watching the news, a few moments later, Sheyu’s colleague called me and asked what was going on. I told him it was nothing, I was just bullshitting. Unavoidably, he lashed out and lectured me.

Afterwards, I pretended nothing happened and prepared breakfast for Suyang like what the contract had stated.

When Suyang came home, he was in shock. He fixedly remained by the entrance, “You cooked?”

“Doesn’t the contract state I am responsible for three meals a day?” I sat across from Suyang. “Are you busy today?”

Suyang sat down and was about to eat. “I knew it. One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.”

“It is easier to get your way with food.” I gave him an honest grin, “It’s not that big of a deal. I just want you to drive me somewhere.”


“The college where we went to yesterday. There is something I have to do around there.”

“What do you have to do?”

“Are you a curious baby? Why do you have to get to the bottom of everything huh? If you won’t take me, I’ll take the taxi there myself. When the homicidal maniac is caught, I don’t think you will have the opportunity to talk to him anymore.”

I snapped back as I pretended to leave the apartment.

“Wait! I didn’t say I wouldn’t go. Let me finish my meal first.”

Haha! I evilly smirked. Since I knew Suyang’s strange fetish, I was able to use him to my advantage. Although it was rather despicable of me, I could not help but admit that I was a genius.

I made Suyang drop me off at a spot that was very far from the flower shop and walked there by myself. This time, I was no longer avoiding. I confidently had my head raised and chest struck out as I entered the flower shop.

“Boss, I would like a bundle of white roses.” I called out. I noticed the boss had bent over to attend something. I looked around the flower shop and saw that all the flowers were at its prime. It was Spring, and the perfect season to catch the homicidal maniac.

Honestly, if I hadn’t known his real intentions, I would have thought this was a happy and comforting place.

“Wait a minute. I-…” The homicidal maniac saw me and paused for a second. Then, he used standard Mandarin and enthusiastically exclaimed, “I’ll get it for you right away! I’ve been so busy all day. Sorry about that!”

Acting, eh?! Keep acting! I can act too!

“No problem. I’m not in a rush. Please take your time.”

After he tied the bundle together, the boss handed me the flowers. Through his eyes, I could see how badly he wanted to massacre me. I pretended not to notice as I took the flowers and left.

After I left the flower shop, I entered the car once again.

“Are you nearsighted? Why are you wearing glasses?” Suyang hesitantly stared at the the glasses that I was wearing. Since I had Shen Shaoqian’s contact details, I knew his occupation. I had called and asked Shen Shaoqian to lend me a pair when I found out he knew how to make high tech technology stuff.

“This is called a disguise, understand?” I glared at Suyang with disdain. Then, I continuously admired my reflection with the glasses on.

“Don’t be so shameless. Just speak the truth. Yesterday, your brain wasn’t working and you were talking so big to the reporters. Now, you’re afraid eh? Smart enough to wear a disguise?”

I rolled my eyes at Suyang and threw the bundle of white roses at him. “Think whatever you want.” I responded coolly.

“Why are you giving me the flowers?”

“This is to thank you for being my driver twice!” Then, I pointed at the upcoming intersection. “Just drop me off here. I’m meeting with a friend.”

“I thought you have no friends?!”

“Who said I have no friends?” I pointed at Sheyu who was sitting behind me, “My friend is here!”

I know Suyang couldn’t see her, so I purposely teased him.

“You senseless woman!” Sure enough, Suyang shook his head at me and rolled his eyes.

I got off the car and Suyang sped away. The fragrance of the white roses still lingered on my hand. I rubbed my fingertips together as I reflected on the tactile sensations of the rose petals.

I watched the car disappear and my heart couldn’t help but sighed, “Was this the last goodbye?”

Nighttime. I had my head lowered as I scrolled by the unfamiliar and gloomy area. From time to time, I would hear a few cats meowing. Ahead of me was a faint street lamp with a ghost beside it.

The ghost stared at me and pointed behind me.

It was a kind ghost. He indicated that I was being followed.

I was sure it was the homicidal maniac as I pressed the frame of my glasses and turned into an even darker alley.

I had everything prepared. As expected, a dark figure appeared in front of me and blocked my path just like last time.

Although I was well aware of everything that was going to take place, I still had to pretend to be frightened. I swore and ran towards the other direction.

My useless short legs only managed to run a few steps before I was caught. The homicidal maniac grabbed my hair and ruthlessly slammed my head against the wall.

This time, he was evidently much harsher than last time. If last time was his hobby, this time, it was a personal grudge.

Based on the amount of strength he used, I could feel his deep hatred towards me.

I felt something dripping down from my forehead. It was blood for sure. Although it was my own blood, the rusty scent still made me nauseous.

I straightened my body and arranged my glasses. I had to make sure I was able to see the killer clearly.

“Last time, I let you go. But you didn’t know when to shut up.” He snarled as he took out a dagger without the slightest bit of hesitation. “This time, I’m going to quickly finish you off!”

Just as he was about to stab me, I raised one of my hand and had the other one pressed against my head. “Wait! Let me ask you a question first.” I was trying my best not to pass out. “You’re the boss of the flower shop near the college, right?”

“How did you know?” The homicidal maniac was stunned. He looked around his surroundings and took his mask off.

Now, I was finally able to see his true self. The flower shop boss’s face was sinister. It was as if he was Satan and he had just escaped from Hell. It was completely different from his image during the day.

He leaned his menacing face towards me as he cruelly laughed, “Since you already know, there is no need for me to hide.”

“Whatever you’re doing, the Heavens is watching. Don’t assume you can get away with doing so many horrible things. You’ve killed so many lives. One day, you will be caught and punished!”

“So what if you know? You’re about to enter another world. Why would I have to worry?” The homicidal maniac pressed his dagger against my neck. I tried to pull back as my pulse accelerated.

“After I kill you, my next target is the policewoman at the hospital. You two can accompanied each other.”

What? Hearing him mention Sheyu brought shivers up my back. I should be his only victim! There was no need to involve Sheyu! If Sheyu gets killed, there was no purpose to what I was doing.

“I was the one who said all the things to the media. Whatever grudge you have, just lash it out at me!” I roared.

“No rush. I’m going to kill you now!” The homicidal maniac’s eyes revealed an ominous glint. I widened my eyes and held onto my breath. He was about to thrust his shining dagger in me. Although I was scared shitless, I didn’t dare to lower my head; as if I was afraid to miss out my last moments.


That…did not sound like the sound of a dagger being stabbed into a body.

It was a gunshot?!

Where did the gunshot come from?

I tested my fingers and realized I was still alive.

Just as the homicidal maniac was about to stab me, it spontaneously came to an end with a grunt. Three seconds later, he collapsed. A bunch of people suddenly came out from all directions and ran towards me and the killer.

I vaguely saw blurry figures and people were questioning me, “Are you still conscious? Can you hear me?”

“My fore…” I took a huge breath of cool air. I was so nervous that I had nearly forgotten to breathe. I greedily took huge breaths of fresh air as I gazed around my surroundings.

What was going on? Everything appeared hazy.

“How are you feeling? Can you respond?” I could finally see clearly. It was Sheyu’s colleague. He came with many medical personnels as they lifted me onto a stretcher. “We are taking you to the hospital now.”

“What is going on?” Police cars and ambulances were shrilling around me. The spinning red light was an indication that I was safe. The fact that I was alive was a good thing. But could someone tell me what happened?

I was confused until I made eye contact with the person standing next to the ambulance. It was Suyang.

“What?” I was lying on the stretcher, but my mouth was open from shock, “Why are you here?”

Suyang looked at me and calmly stated, “Wipe away your tears and close your mouth.” Then, after I had been loaded onto the ambulance, he climbed in and sat down next to me.

I didn’t realized I had tears streaming down my face until Suyang brought it up. I couldn’t even feel the tears running.

While I was confused, Suyang tried to take my glasses off. I stopped him, “This is a very important item….”

“Let me keep it for you first. I know it’s very important.” Suyang tried to comfort me. After he took my glasses, he put them on his face. “Is this okay?”

His action made me laugh. But the moment I laughed, I felt a wave of dizziness attacking me. “It doesn’t match you at all. You’re so ugly…” I weakly joked.

Somehow, I made it onto the ambulance. Somehow, I arrived at the hospital. Somehow, I was bind up and pushed into my ward. However, through all my somehows, I was fortunate enough to have Suyang by my side.

I was conscious during the whole process. The doctor said my brain was the thickest skull he had ever encountered. I had two major incidents and they were both only a mild cerebral concussion. After resting a little, I could leave the hospital.

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