Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Interviewing the homicidal maniac

“Say it…” I turned my head to look at him. Deep down, I was a bit hopeful. My eyes were beginning to light up again.

“Umm…!” Suyang suddenly grabbed both my hands and placed his on top. His eyes were bright and full of expression.

“Say it! Hurry!” I wondered if my guess was correct. Currently, my emotions were stirring and I was very excited. I didn’t even dare to blink because I was afraid I would miss this precious moment.

“Remember what you said about letting me see the homicidal maniac…?” Suyang tried to read my reaction.

The moment he opened his mouth, I felt my heart sank. Today, I had suffered through too many psychological blows. Is going negative really ok?

“Didn’t the homicidal maniac die from the gunshot? I can’t bring him back to life and order him to discuss how he had developed his abnormal mindset, you know?” Although I could see the homicidal maniac if I wanted to, I didn’t want to see him again.

Suyang shook his head, his eyes were filled with longing, “He’s not dead. He’s just wounded. I need you to speak to the police department. I really want to see him. If possible, ideally, I would like to take part in the interrogation.”

“How am I supposed to do that? Interrogating the criminal happens internally! We are commoners. We cannot take part!”

“You’re different! Not only were you one of the victims, you also contributed greatly in this case. If you personally ask, they should be fine with it.” Suyang confidently stated as he grabbed both my shoulders.

“Then, that’s for me to watch. What does it have to do with you?” I pulled from Suyang’s grasp as I exercised my muscles and lied back in bed.

“I can follow you! Don’t forget. You promised me this. If you go back on your words, I will….”

“What will you do?” I arrogantly raised my chin and gazed at Suyang.

In one second, Suyang went from a ferocious face to a smiling face. He stroked my head like I was a puppy. “Our goldfish is so pretty. She will definitely keep her promise, right?”

“What? Goldfish?” I glared at him.

Suyang quickly waved his hands, “No! It’s Yixin! Our Yixin is so pretty. She will definitely not go back on her words….”

Oh God. He’s so desperate to see the homicidal maniac that he doesn’t even care about his pride anymore? He praised me!? Wait, what’s that supposed to mean? It’s a bit odd…

“Fine fine fine. I’ll speak to the police officers. But I can’t guarantee they will let me. Understand?”

“I know you can do it!” Suyang was degenerating. He acted more pleased than a three years old receiving a candy. His smile was so big, it was practically drawing to the back of his head.

I honestly couldn’t understand how he could be so excited to see a person that was mentally unstable.

Right before he left, he stroked my head again and smiled. “Get well soon. I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

I felt like Suyang had changed a lot since the first time I’ve met him. Initially, I thought he was the iceberg from Titanic. Now, I’ve realized he could also be a considerate cotton-padded jacket.

Is it because I was starting to like him?

I leaned against the bed as I guarded the empty room and warned myself.

Don’t you dare think crookedly! If he discovers you’re interested in him, he might think you have an ulterior motive to live with him. Who knows? He might kick you out before the renovations are complete! Or perhaps he’ll make you live elsewhere. Aaaaiii, secretly crushing on someone is so depressing….


“When can you be discharged from the hospital?”

“Have you contacted the police?”

“The homicidal maniac woke up today. He is temporarily in custody.”

“The interrogation is happening soon. What are your thoughts on it?”

Everyday, Suyang nagged me like a broken record. I couldn’t handle his belligerent saliva attack. So the first thing I did after I was discharged from the hospital was to contact Sheyu to ask if it was alright to bring Suyang with me to see the homicidal maniac.

Although Sheyu had no recollection of our past together, she agreed to let Suyang accompanied me to the detention center to interview the killer due to my identity and contribution to the case.

“Are you sure you want to come too?” Suyang sounded a bit concern as we stood by the entrance of the meeting room.

“What? Don’t forget. He wouldn’t have been caught if it weren’t for me.” Although those words came out of my mouth, deep down, I was very conflicted. On one hand, I didn’t want to see the homicidal maniac. On the other, I was curious about what he was like now that he had been taken in custody. For some reason, I felt like seeing him suffer would make me feel much better.

Thanks to the murderer being arrested, Huang Zhiwen and Xu Ming also woke up from their comas.

I went inside with Suyang as we sat and waited. At the corner of the meeting room was a crouching ghost that was as thin as a match. His face was deathly pale as he stared at us. Most likely, he didn’t know I could see him as he quickly lowered his head again.

The clothes ghosts have on were the last items they were wearing before their deaths. Based on what he was wearing, he was a death penalty criminal.

Approximately a few minutes later, the homicidal maniac was brought out with handcuffs around his hands. The moment he saw me, he had a jeering expression on his face. He confidently sat down and leaned against the back of his chair with his legs opened wide. His two eyes narrowed and he stared at me like he was a ravenous wolf and I was his prey.

Unfortunately, the wolf fell for the prey’s trap and ended up becoming a locked up dog.

I blankly looked at him. I didn’t want him to see me cower to one side. Suyang broke the silence, “Do you know who we are?”

The homicidal maniac slowly shifted his attention and pupils towards Suyang. He used his usual devilish tone as he growled, “I don’t know who you are, but I know her. Thanks to her, I am like this right now.”

“I told you. You will be punished for your actions. From now on, you should expect retribution. Sadly, even if you die thousands of times, the innocent victims that you’ve killed will never be able to return.” I bitterly interrupted. There was still more I wanted to say, but Suyang stopped me by tapping my hand on the table.

I restrained myself as I held in my breath. Then, I turned my head and stared at the floor and no longer uttered a sound.

“I am a journalist that is here to interview you.” Suyang began to fabricate. “Apparently you have pleaded guilty to all ten crimes. Why?”

The homicidal maniac coldly laughed, “What? Is it not enough that I pleaded guilty? Are you implying I shouldn’t have?”

“I’m merely curious. The police department only has proof that you are related to this particular case. They do not have proof to accuse you as the killer for the other nine cases. So why did you voluntarily reveal everything?”

“When I was caught, that was the true me. Do you understand?” The homicidal maniac leaned forward as he overlapped his hands and pressed them against the table. “Because of people like you, I am able to have a rebirth. Why would I renounce my masterpiece to drift and live without purpose? This perfect masterpiece only belongs to me!” He screeched.

You psycho! Pah!

I silently berated.

As of now, he has not shown any signs of regret or made any apology. This was completely opposite to what I had expected. I didn’t want to hear him speak anymore and got up in a whoosh.

I turned to Suyang, “I’m going to wait for you in the car.”

Suyang gave me his car keys and I left the meeting room without turning back.

Before the door was shut, I heard the homicidal maniac screaming behind me, “Little girl. You think you’ve won? You were only able to prevent my actions. But you will never be able to stop my hidden worshippers that I have influenced! One day, you will also receive retribution!”

Despite not wanting to, I still heard the homicidal maniac’s threat. I hurried and left the detention center and returned to the car.

After locking all the doors and closing all the windows, I adjusted my seat and attempted to relax.

I felt like I was trying to hold resentment back, but it would continuously punch me in the pit of my stomach; making it hard for me to breathe.

I waited in the car for a very long time. I had no idea what Suyang and the homicidal maniac could be talking about for so long.

I haven’t had lunch yet, and my stomach was beginning to grumble.

Around 3pm, someone suddenly knocked against the window and woke me up from my nap. I jumped a little as I opened my eyes and noticed Suyang trying to peek inside of the window. Since he was looking so aimlessly, I knew he couldn’t see me from the outside.

I reached out my finger and drew the outline of his face on the car window. Ultimately, I ended at the tip of his nose.

I thought it was rather fun, and took awhile before I finally let him in. I pretended I had just woken up as I stretched my body, “Why did you take so long?”

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