Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Sheyu doesn’t remember me

Suyang walked the doctor out and came back with a blue kettle.

“Explain to me what just happened.” The moment I opened my mouth, I instantly regretted it.

I shouldn’t have said it like that. So I quickly altered my words, “Were you and the police secretly monitoring me?”

“Yes.” Suyang responded. He poured a cup of water for himself and crossed his legs as he leaned back against the chair with a cheeky expression.

“How did you guys know my plan?”

“Use your goldfish brain. What is my relationship with Shen Shaoqian?” Suyang hooked his finger through the centre of the frame and took the glasses off.

There were no lenses to begin with.

“He told me you wanted to borrow his surveillance camera glasses frame. I can’t believe you were planning to risk your own life to capture the killer.” Based on his tone, I couldn’t tell if he felt helpless or he was trying to mock me.

At the time, I had nicely requested Shen Shaoqian not to tell Suyang. Unexpectedly, he still did. I pouted my mouth and wouldn’t look at Suyang straight in the eye.

I must seem so stupid to him now…

My original plan was to record all of the homicidal maniac’s criminal activities with my glasses.That way, when the police searched through my dead body, they would discover the secret of the glasses and have the necessary evidence in order to seize him.

“Yeah. You saw through my plan. And you saved my life.”

Since I had survived such a horrific incident, I was naturally quite casual about it. But Suyang’s expression was not casual at all. His face was rock solid as he jabbed my brain. “You called that a plan? A paramecium is a hundred times smarter than you at dealing with its enemies!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! So painful!” I stopped Suyang as I glared at him, “My brain is injured! Can’t you see the bandages around my head? How can you poke it!?”

“See what? I have to make you suffer a bit so you can evolve into a human with an intellectual mind.”


Suyang really enjoyed making me red in the face. He smiled and said in a satisfactory manner, “I told you. When you get beat up, I will call the police for you.”

Although he was joking, he actually did it.

At the end of the day, Suyang saved my life. At that moment, I felt as if Suyang was shining in radiance.

It seemed more and more probable..

“Oh yeah! Sheyu!” I suddenly remembered. Now that the homicidal maniac was dead, Sheyu’s spirit should’ve returned. I aggressively yanked the intravenous drip off my hand and surprised Suyang. He widened his legs and spread his arms to block my path. “Where do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going to see someone.” I tried to push Suyang away. As it happened, a wave of dizziness hit me and I lost the strength in both my legs and tumbled backwards.

“Careful!” Suyang hastily caught me and I was firmly wrapped in his embrace like a baby.

Since we’ve met, this was the first time we were so intimately close to each other. Thus, the feeling was magnified.

As my back leaned against his chest, I could feel his heart beating. I inhaled a deep breath and I could smell the faint fresh lemon scent on him.

“You can’t even walk, and you want to go somewhere?” Suyang’s voice hovered above me. I raised my head and we made direct eye contact. By now, I couldn’t hear anything that he was saying. My heart was beating like crazy. I’ve been single for 25 years.

Suyang also took my second maiden crush moment.

The first time occurred in my dream. This time, it was reality.

I continued acting like I was in a paralyzed state. I placed all my weight against Suyang.

“Speak to me, Goldfish!” Suyang had one hand supporting me and the other firmly smacking my face. “Goldfish! Lin Yixin! Can you hear me? Your brain isn’t damaged from the impact, right?”

What should I say? What am I supposed to say? He was watching me? Why was he watching me? Oh, I need to say something! The atmosphere was too acute. What should I do? He is so good looking. Was he always this handsome? How come he looked especially good today?

I must look like a dwarf right now. Suddenly, I wanted to leave a good impression. I didn’t want to lean on him like an useless person. Oh God, who can tell me what to do….?

All my brain cells were awaken as they operated with flying speed. Then, the short circuit fumed with rage and discharged smoke..

Suyang dragged me to the bed in a sitting position as he bent over in front of me and clapped his hands. “Goldfish! Wake up! Come back!”

His loud voice brought me back from my inner world.

“I…..I. am. going. to. see. Sheyu. I. think. she. is. awake.” For some reason, I sounded very robotic. My arms and legs were stiff as I headed towards the exit. Surprisingly, they obeyed my orders.

As I left the room, I was quite disappointed with myself. At critical moments like these, I should be calm and collected. Yet, I acted like a fool and was a complete mess.

The feeling could be described as someone scolding me, but I wasn’t able to come up with an argument until after I had returned home. I regretted not speaking up to alleviate my situation when I could.

After I escaped from Suyang’s side, I took small quick steps towards Sheyu’s ward.

From a distance, I could hear a lot of noise coming from her ward. When I got close to the entrance, I could hear tears of joy from Sheyu’s parents.

I was quite confident that Sheyu was awake.

I lightly knocked on the door as I poked my head in. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people inside. There were police officers, the doctor, and Sheyu’s parents.

Most importantly, Sheyu was awake and sitting on the bed.

“Sheyu! You’re awake! I am so glad!” I happily skipped over because I wanted to hold her hand. But Sheyu appeared bewildered.

“You are…?” Sheyu had confusion written all over her face.

My hand hovered in midair. Facing her blank expression, I lowered my head and wasn’t sure where I should place my two hands.

“Who are you….?” Sheyu weakly asked. The three words were softly spoken but they penetrated through my heart. Suddenly, everywhere seemed very dark, and I was standing at a corner with everyone’s attention on me.

Out of the bunch, Sheyu’s gaze was the most intense. I felt as if their eyes were the light source. The line of sight was the equivalent to light rays as they shined on me.

It was as if I was a convict being interrogated. I felt awkward, but I had nowhere to hide.

“Sheyu, she is the girl you rescued last time. It’s because of her that we finally caught the homicidal maniac.” I heard someone introducing me to Sheyu.

“I….uh, I want to thank you for saving me last time…also, I’m sorry you ended up getting harmed because of me.” I took a step back to give myself a way out of this embarrassing situation.

She honestly doesn’t remember me?

“You managed to catch the murderer who committed all sorts of crime. We, the police department, should be ashamed of ourselves!” Sheyu smiled as she joked. But I couldn’t smile at all.

“You really don’t remember me?” I was too stubborn. My heart truly wanted to know, and subconsciously it rolled off my tongue.

“What did you say?” Most likely, my voice was too low, Sheyu didn’t hear me, and asked.

I immediately shook my head, “Nothing. Nothing! I said, I hope you get well soon. You’re a good police officer.”

Then, I bowed to everyone and rushed out of the suffocating room.

Perhaps humans were selfish, I missed the spirit Sheyu. We used to be inseparable.

She was the first person I considered a friend. She saved me, and I saved her. Yet, she had forgotten about me; whereas I still remember her. After all the things we’ve been through, I felt like it was unfair to me.

Originally, I left in high spirits, but I returned dispirited and downcast. I went in my cold and empty ward. Both my mind and body were exhausted. I climbed in bed and lied on my stomach as I supported my chin with my elbows and stared out the window. I watched the wavering branch as I began to ponder life.

The leaves were randomly swishing around with a lack of tempo. It was just like how I felt on the inside -confused and irritated.

I walked towards the window and opened it. The cold night air ruthlessly entered and I began to tremble from the cold. Yet, I had no intentions of closing it. Once in a while, getting blown by the wind was probably good for my opinionated brain.

“You’ll catch a cold like this.” An arm suddenly appeared in front of me and pulled the window shut. The transparent window reflected Suyang’s face.

“You’re still here?” I gazed at the reflection as I softly said. “It’s getting late. You should return home.”

“What happened? Earlier you were like a lively tiger. Why are you like a frosted eggplant now?”

“If you want to mock me, just stop. I’m not in the mood to hear this stuff right now. Leave.”

“Alright, I know. I’m not here to be sarcastic. I know this is not a good time, but I still have to say….” Suyang stammered. He was acting all shy and awkward. I couldn’t help but wonder. Was he going to confess to me?

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