Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Suyang is so childish

I rented out the apartment that I had previously stayed and officially moved in with Suyang to work for him. Although my title was an assistant, in reality, I was really a female servant and a little white mouse in an experiment.

Everyday, I had to wash his clothes and prepare three meals. Furthermore, aside from his bedroom, I had to clean the entire apartment. In addition, I had to participate or be his victim in all sorts of pranks.

For instance, occasionally, he would give me a packet of chewing gum. But once, when I caught the chewing gum, I realized there was a trap at the back (tl: she was probably zapped?)…and he held onto his belly as he roared into laughter.

Another time, he stuck a note behind my back while I wasn’t paying attention. On that fateful day, he deliberately brought me out with him. I didn’t realize he had used superglue to stick a note behind my back until I noticed a lot of strange glances. On the note, there was an arrow pointing to the left; which had “the smartest person in the world” written on it.

I finally understood why Suyang insisted on standing to my left.

I didn’t know if I, as the victim, lost more face, or he, the self-proclaimed smartest person, was worse off.

In brief, Suyang was extremely fond of these childish pranks. He never seemed to get tired of them.


On one ordinary day, I had just returned from buying groceries. The moment I entered the apartment, I saw Suyang curled up on the couch. He appeared distressed and sorrowful as if there were black clouds looming over his face.

My intuition was telling me that if I ask him what was wrong, I would ultimately be the one to be out of luck. So, I pretended not to see anything as I stealthily tried to slip into the kitchen.

“You’re back…..” Suyang used a downcast tone as he looked at me with his droopy eyes.

Ah. Damn it. He caught me!

I turned around and showed him the bags that I was holding, “Yeah, I just came back with the groceries and I’m going to put them in the fridge now.”

“Put down the groceries. Can’t you see how upset I am?” Suyang bitterly glared at me. Uh…so is he implying he wants me to go comfort him or something?

Ugghhh…now that he was my boss, I didn’t really have a choice. So, I obediently put down the groceries and walked over to the couch. “May I ask what is wrong, boss?” I patiently asked.

Suyang raised his head and I immediately noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

“You didn’t sleep last night? Were you up all night writing again?”

Suyang shook his head as he patted the package that he had around his arms. He gazed at me with a pitiful expression. “Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt that I had turned into a stray cat. I didn’t have a home, food, or an owner. When I encountered bad people, I was bullied. At the end, I starved to death in the rain….”

My eyes grew big, and I had a very bad feeling about this. “So…?”

Suyang shoved the package he was holding towards me. “Today, you must hand out the cat food to all the stray cats in the area. All of it. Nothing must be left over.”

Now, I could finally read the words on the package. It was 25kg of cat food.

I scratched my neck and found it somewhat hard to take. “Boss, since it was your dream, it was your calling. As the saying goes, ‘Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it.’ Shouldn’t you be the one personally handing the cat food out?”

“I’m a very busy person. As my assistant, you will be representing me. Plus, you have no choice. Currently, it’s your working hours.” Suyang said in his matter-of-fact voice. Once again, Suyang was giving me an unreasonable task to do.

Busy? I swept my eyes at Suyang as I stared at his pyjamas and messy hair. If this was considered busy, no one in this world would be considered not busy.

It took me a day to distribute 25kg of cat food. I used a plastic bag as it made it easier for me to carry the cat food. I went to an area where most stray cats hung out and “meowed” a lot to get their attention while I was distributing.

Worse of all, after the cats were done, I had to pick up the plastic bag to throw it away. Recently, there has been a uncle from management who keeps patrolling around. I must not get caught for littering…

But while I was picking up the plastic bag, a vicious cat clawed me. I had to go to the hospital to get a vaccine.

Of course, this was considered a work injury and I got Suyang to give me a reimbursement.

Poor me. Who else would get clawed by a cat for work purposes?


Two days later -evening.

I was still recovering from my injury. Currently, I was resting on a rocking chair as I sat by the window. It had been raining all day. From time to time, there would be ear-splitting sounds of thunder. It was quite horrifying.

After dinner, I had taken a nap. Before my nap, Suyang was still at home playing video games. But when I woke up, he had disappeared somewhere. It had already been more than two hours and he was nowhere in sight. I looked out the window and curved into a smile.

I feel so at ease when Suyang wasn’t around.

The sky wasn’t totally black yet, so while I was looking outside, I vaguely saw a crazy figure that was standing motionlessly in the rain.

From my angle, his rear view appeared very sad. “Did he just go through a breakup? Does he think he’s acting in a soap opera?” I said my thoughts out loud. All my life, I had always looked down on men who were super dramatic like they were the main leads from a drama.

I couldn’t understand and neither did I want to understand why they would purposely come out during a thunderstorm and get drenched.

Hmm, he was probably crazy.

But the more I stared at his rear view, the more I felt like something was wrong.

Although I couldn’t see the man’s face, how come he resembled Suyang a bit?

It must be a misconception….Suyang wouldn’t be that insane, right? There was a possibility of one in ten thousand, but I decided to give Suyang a call. The moment he picked up, I heard unending sounds of rain in the background.

“What is it?” Suyang’s voice was very quiet. Actually, it wasn’t that quiet; it was being concealed by the pitter-patter.

I was so shocked that I nearly dropped my phone. I didn’t know what to say. After I was stunned for three minutes, I hurriedly stood up and took an umbrella as I rushed out the door in my slippers and indoor clothes.

The elevator took forever to come. I was impatiently stomping my feet as I grumbled. “Why is he so stupid?! …if he caught a cold, who would have to take care of him? Me!”

The moment I arrived at the entrance of the first floor, there was a flash of lightning and a *hong long* sound. I was so frightened that I stopped in my tracks.

I tightly gripped onto the umbrella as I hesitated whether I should exit my building or not. Then, I saw Suyang’s figure shivering from the cold. That idiot!!

I gritted my teeth and ran out with the umbrella, screeching, “Suyang! Suyang! Hurry up and come home!”

Hearing my voice, Suyang turned around. Since he was drenched, his hair was plastered against his head. Originally, he already looked thin and weak. Now, he looked even more frail.

Although I was holding onto an umbrella, I was getting attacked by rain from all direction. In a few seconds, I was also wet; especially when the wind blew, my umbrella would be shaking uncontrollably.

With difficulty, I held onto the umbrella with one hand while I tried to pull the motionless Suyang with the other. “Go home!”

Unexpectedly, Suyang firmly shook me off as he looked unhappy and replied in a slightly hoarse voice, “I am not going!”

“Why are you out here getting soaked?” I could already hear the sign of a cold. I wanted to drag him home by force.

But the strength of my one hand was no match to the strength of his two hands, so I simply got rid of my umbrella and exposed myself to the storm. I used two hands as I tried pushing him from behind, “Hurry up and go home!”

The storm was scarier than what I had anticipated. The moment I separated from my umbrella, I was rained on so hard that I could barely keep my eyes opened. At the same time, Suyang was still resisting me. It made me even more furious.

In a moment of desperation, I ruthlessly kicked him as I roared, “Can you go home?!”

“I’m doing an experiment right now. If you want to go home, go!”

By now, my umbrella had been blown far away by the wind. But Suyang picked it up and handed it to me, “Who told you to come out?”

I had to put my hand over my forehead in order to slit open my eyes. Just as I was about to say something, another explosive thunder sound rang in my ears. I threw myself in Suyang’s embrace as I violently beat his back with my fists. At the same time, I was babbling nonsense, “Aiya! Ma ya! Go! Home…..go now! At this rate, we might be so unlucky that we get split in half!”

After a long time, Suyang grabbed my arm and we wildly ran back into the building to hide from the rain.

In less than three minutes, my entire body was soaked. As for Suyang, he looked like a fresh seafood that had just been fished from the ocean. Everytime he made a movement, there was a *hualala* sound.

“What the heck are you trying to do now?” I muttered as I wrung the water from my clothes. I was extremely annoyed.

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