Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: My second time in University

“I already told you I’m experimenting. Why did you come down to disturb me?” Suyang reacted like I was a sinner, “I know you’re not of much use, but can you not cause trouble?”

“I purposely came down for you! There is flashing lightning and thundering outside. What if you get hit by lightning? Plus, even if you don’t get struck, you will catch a cold after standing in the rain for so long!” I felt wronged as all my emotions began to bubble up from within.

All of a sudden, I exploded. I shoved Suyang and shrieked, “If you want to get drenched so badly, then go! From now on, I won’t give a shit even if you die outside!”

Then, I ran straight into the elevator door. I planned to go up on my own.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, an arm reached in and the elevator doors opened again. Suyang stood in front of me as droplets of water continued to drip on the ground. He gazed at me attentively as he entered the elevator and leaned against a corner. His voice couldn’t be anymore quiet, “Wait for me….”

When my handsome bodyguard saw both of us drenched, he was astonished. Then, he waved at me, but I ignored him and walked straight into the apartment. I was still furious at Suyang, so I acted in a fit of pique and pretended like he didn’t exist.

This was the first time I had encountered a person who failed to cherish himself at all!

As expected, after the storm, Suyang caught a cold.

Suyang wiped his runny nose on tissues and left it all over the apartment. The bacteria followed him everywhere.

In order to prevent myself from getting infected, I had to make all sorts of preparation to defend myself.

Suyang spent the entire day on the computer; he was wearing a mask that only revealed his eyes. He was sneakily working on something. Later on, he thoughtfully turned towards my direction with his evil-looking eyes as he waved me over, “Goldfish, come here.”

“What do you want?” I walked towards Suyang but stood at least 2 metres apart from him as I was afraid he would give me his germs.

“Come closer, I have something to say to you.” Due to the cold, Suyang’s voice had turned very raspy and low. I wasn’t used to it, but it did sound a lot manlier than his usual voice.

I shook my head to show my refusal, “You can tell me from here. I can hear you.”

“Come over, I have private words.”

“There is only two of us in the house! There is no difference between private words or normal conversations?!” I rolled my eyes at Suyang as I threatened him, “Are you going to tell me or not? If you’re not going to say it, I’m leaving!”

Suddenly, Suyang took off his mask and pouted. His eyes revealed disappointment and sorrow. For some reason, I couldn’t bear to see him upset so I sighed and kindly walked towards him. I lowered my waist to his level and placed my ear near him, “What do you want to say?”

The moment I completely let my guard down, Suyang abruptly grabbed my head and held it in a fixed position. Then, he coughed in my face *cough cough cough cough*!

“You!” While Suyang was coughing, I had my eyes closed as I held onto my breath. If he spread his germs to me, I’m going to kill him!

Ugh, I should have known he would never have good intentions…

With great difficulty, I broke out of Suyang’s grasp as I stared at the keywords he had typed in search: How can I quickly get rid of a cold?

The response beneath: Give the cold to someone else.


“You annoying goblin! You’re so blackhearted! You will suffer a terrible retribution!” I seized a cushion from the couch and used all my strength to throw at it him. Then, I stormed back into my room.

It turned out I was correct. Suyang’s plan was useless. For the next few days, he was still the only one with the fever and running nose. Each time I walked by him, I would hum a joyful song and Suyang would give me a dirty look.

“So apparently, those with lower IQs don’t catch colds.”

“When you’re alive, the most important thing is your health!” I shook my head at Suyang; deliberately wanting to anger him.

Suyang rolled his eyes at me and then pointed at a folder on the coffee table, “Open it and take a look.”

Since Suyang had pranked me too many times, I refused to accept anything he gives me anymore; especially when it’s inside a folder.

“First, you have to tell me what’s inside….”

“Your profile for school.”

The moment Suyang opened his mouth, my eyes and mouth grew big.

School profile?! What the heck? I’ve already graduated from University a few years ago.

“I’ve already told you. My next project is related to love. I need a student role.”

“Boss! Don’t tell me you’re using me as a white mouse again? You want me to be your experimental girlfriend?” Deep down, I was really hoping he was joking. I opened up the folder and took a look at “my” profile. After carefully analyzing it, aside from my sex, everything else was fabricated.

“Originally, an actress was supposed to take the role of Bai Silu and enter the school. But she ended up accepting a movie and breaking her contract with me. So I have no choice but to get you to replace Bai Silu.”

Hearing Suyang’s words, I was very annoyed, “So are you saying you are using me because the other person ditched you?”

Suyang could hear the annoyance in my tone so he added an extra explanation. “When I prepared this role, you were not my assistant yet….so….”

“No wonder you kept appearing near the Universities. Do you think anyone can get in nowadays? How can you enrol a person that doesn’t exist in real life into an University?”

“A wise man has his methods.” Suyang bragged.

“So what do you want me to do once I enter? If you really want to create a character, then you should be the student yourself. Why do you have to make me….”

Suyang slyly laughed, “I have my own stuff to do. Just act your part well.”

“I’m telling you right now, I am selling my skills; not my body! Don’t even think of creating a romantic relationship between me and a professor!”

“Even if you want to sell your body, no one would want to pay. Don’t overestimate yourself…” Suyang acted like a soothing grandma as he patted my shoulders and coldly walked away.

So, under Suyang’s miraculous methods, he somehow managed to create a second opportunity for me to enter University.

I sat in the classroom filled with noise as I observed the different groups of students chatting. They were all in their early twenties, but I was already in my mid twenties. *Sigh* Time waits for nobody!

Last night, I had to memorize my entire profile. From the beginning to end, nothing was real. It required a lot of effort.

I was accustomed to sitting at the spot that I used to sit back when I was in school. Then, I took out my cell phone and waited for Suyang to text me. Today, before I left the apartment, he acted like a stern grandpa and said he will message me my next steps.

Minutes passed by but Suyang’s text message never came. I was starting to think whether he expected me to react on the spot. Was this another prank?

Fortunately, the professor for this lecture was female. At least I was safe for now.

While I was focused on my cell phone, another female student suddenly appeared and quietly sat down next to me.

She had jet black straight hair and pitiful looking eyes. Her skin was white, and there was a nobility aura surrounding her. In addition, she was quite stunning to look at.

But I was too focused on my cell phone and didn’t spend much time dwelling on her. I spent the entire class attentively watching my phone. I didn’t receive anything; even the usual small advertisements weren’t displaying.

The lecture was over. I packed up my books and planned to leave. But the student beside me had no intentions of getting up. She was in my way. So I awkwardly said, “Sorry, can you move over? I have to go now….”

She didn’t pay attention to me as she stared straight off into a distant place. Her attention was on the girl that was walking towards me.

I also followed her eyes. It turned out…

I couldn’t hide my shock. It took me half a second to snap out of it. The girl that was walking towards me had the exact same face as the girl sitting next to me.

I switched back and forth and compared the two.

They were the same.

“Bai Silu classmate, we have a class party today. You’re new. Why don’t you join us?!” When the girl standing in front of me totally disregarded the girl sitting down, I understood.

The girl sitting next to me during the lecture was not a person.

She was a ghost.

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