Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Suyang will be my professor!

The ghost also stared at me. They both had the same faces; but one of them was cheerful while the other had no expression.

I was a bit spooked. I just spoke to a ghost…so now she knows I can see her.

“This is the invitation card. It is tonight at 7pm. Make sure you come!” She dug for a pen and grabbed my palm and wrote a phone number on it. “If you have any issues, give me a call!”

“Oh. Thank you.”

I took the invitation card from her and watched the girl leave.

Was it possible to have a ghost that looked exactly like a living person? Or vice versa? As the saying goes, “If you live long enough, you’ll see everything.”

After the girl left, the ghost also followed closely behind her.

Something must be wrong here….but it was none of my business. In order to live a peaceful life, I must keep a distance from ghosts.

I took out my cell phone to call Suyang. I wanted to know what he wants me to do now.

I called many times, but no one picked up. Was he purposely avoiding me?

When I arrived on the 2nd floor of the school, I noticed a huge crowd of students staring at someone.

Oh kids…

Deep down, I felt like all Universities were the same. Just like how flowers bloom in Spring, and snow falls in Winter. Only a handsome guy can cause such a huge commotion amongst female students.

“Have you seen the new literature professor? He is super hot!”

“I saw! I saw! He even smiled at me!”

“I heard he is very young. He’s not even 30 yet! Aw man, if only I could be in his class…”

“Aren’t you in the sciences? Why would you take a literature course…”

On the other hand, my call finally went through. I paused my steps and yelled, “What happened to the text message? Did you know I was waiting for your message the entire class? What am I supposed to do now?”

Coincidentally, the female students began shrieking without prior consultation. I couldn’t hear Suyang’s response.


I scorned at those crazy fangirls. Through a small crack, I distantly noticed Suyang. He was currently holding the phone by his ear. He was staring at my direction like he knew where I was.

Following the surging female group of students, from time to time, I could see his eyes and nose. But I was never able to see his whole face.

I was still in a bewildered state, but I could hear Suyang’s voice now, “From today onwards, I’m going to be your professor. Can you see me?”

*Buzz buzz buzz* It was as if there were thousands of bees buzzing around my head. I had no idea that the cell phone had slipped out of my hand. Right now, my mind was continuously pondering over a question: “How could he be a professor here?”

“Classmate, you dropped your cell phone.” While I was zoning out, someone had picked up my cell phone and returned it back to me.

“Oh…thanks.” I took the phone from his hand as I conveniently glanced at the guy. He was very tall and wore a basketball player outfit. There was a white towel around his neck, and he literally looked like a sunshine boy. If he went to my University, most ladies would consider him as Mr. Perfect! But I have left the student era long ago, so I had no interest in this child.

“You’re Bai Silu, right? I’m from your class. My name is Kevin.” Kevin’s smile could really make a person bathe in youth. But he was still a child in my eyes, he had no manly charisma at all.

“Hi.” I awkwardly replied. Responding to my fake name was very weird and awkward.

“Are you going to the student party tonight?”

Kevin is the chatty type, eh?

Suyang gave one look at my direction, and then he slowly left the scene.

No way. Before he completely disappear from my sight, I must block him and ask what we’re acting!

“Uh…I will go! I have something urgent to do at the moment, so… I’ll see you tonight!” I gave Kevin a half-hearted reply and ran after Suyang’s direction.

I kept on running until I finally caught up to him. I pulled Suyang into an isolated corner and continued holding on his arm in fear that he will run off. “Boss, can you please clearly explain to me what is going on?” I panted.

“You’re still unclear?” Suyang spread out his hands, “We have both smoothly transitioned into our roles.”

“What roles?”

“You’re the student, I’m the professor. Everything is ready, we’re only missing the east wind.”

“What east wind?”

“You need to fall in love with me.” Suyang firmly commanded.

“Ha…what?” I released my hand. I was stunned, and didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

Suyang probably assumed I didn’t hear him, so he slowly repeated it word for word, “You. Need. To. Fall. In. Love. With. Me.”

I was too dumbfounded and couldn’t help but smack Suyang, “Boss, feelings aren’t something you can control. You can’t just love someone whenever you want. Even if that is part of my weird job, you can’t expect me to suddenly fall in love with you…”

The moment I finished speaking, Suyang abruptly seized me by my shoulders and spun me around. In a split second, he had pressed me against the wall and stuck his forehead on mines.

Suyang’s action brought along a little breeze and I could smell the lemon scent on him. Subconsciously, my eyes widened as I held onto my breath. Suyang lifted my chin; leaving me no choice but to look him in the eye.

“How about this? Does this stir your heart a little?” I could feel Suyang’s breath on the wing of my nose. When did his voice turn so sexy?

“Why are you acting like this?” My pupils were spinning around; I didn’t want to make direct eye contact with Suyang.

“This is what I found online. This was one of the methods on how to quickly win over a woman. Is it not effective?” Suyang stared deeply into my pupils. I felt like he could pierce through my soul.

Hearing his words, I instantly pushed him away.

He was trying to use me as a little white mouse again!

“It’s not effective! Not effective at all!” I strongly insisted as I regulated my emotions. “Have you ever been in a relationship? This type of trick doesn’t work! You can’t capture a woman’s heart like this…”

Suyang gave me a skeptical look but didn’t say a word.

I seemed to have sensed something and I rubbed my chin as I narrowed my eyes at Suyang, “Boss, you have never been in a relationship before?”

“So what?” Suyang had a “I don’t care” expression on his face. He was trying so hard that in my eyes, I found it unusually hilarious.

After restraining it for awhile, I ultimately couldn’t hold it in as I burst into laughter. One of my finger was pointing at Suyang while my other hand was holding onto my cramped belly.

“Haha, you’’ve….never?”

“You probably lost your previous job because you ridiculed your boss, eh?” Suyang’s face hardened. He was threatening to terminate my employment. It was very effective because I immediately stopped laughing and obediently stood by the wall.

“Have you ever been in a relationship before?”

I shook my head. Oh yeah, what gives me the right to laugh at Suyang. I have never been in one either….

All of a sudden, the atmosphere turned very awkward.

We sympathetically stared at each other with our single eyes, but I hated his pitiful gaze.

“In order to get into the right state of mind, I hope you can fall for me as soon as possible. Add oil.” It was as if Suyang was trying to cheer me on. Then, he proudly walked away.

I shook my head. I honestly don’t understand him. How low could his IQ be? He would go up to a girl he doesn’t like to tell her to fall for him as soon as possible?

Especially when the girl already knows he is purely doing this for his creation..

For a long time, my eyes lingered on Suyang’s rear view.

Today, the weather was nice and sunny. But because of one line from Suyang, my mood was covered in a layer of dense fog. It wouldn’t go away.

“If I actually fall in love with you, would you take responsibility? Or would my feelings for you only continue in your novel….? If you aren’t willing to take responsibility, how dare you talk about love….” I muttered.

That idiot!

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