Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The ghost scared me again

I whispered to remind Suyang, “This is a public place with numerous people. You’re clearly my teacher. Can you please take note of your image? Aren’t you afraid of people seeing us like this?”

Suyang naturally released my hand and led me to a room upstairs.

“You got a room?” I shockingly exclaimed.

“Got what room?” Suyang rolled his eyes at me. “The school rented this room for staff members to take breaks.”

Suyang crossed his arms and sternly looked at me, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here?”

“It’s my business whether I come or not. Why must I tell you…?” I mumbled. Deep down, I was feeling very restless and kept rubbing my fingers together. “Plus, you didn’t tell me you were coming either….”

“Are you certain you’re not here as a joke? Why would you wear something like this?” Suyang retorted in a criticizing tone.

“I….before coming, I wasn’t aware it was this type of party. To be honest, I was shocked…” My voice was becoming more and more timid; as if I was losing lung capacity.

Suyang was defeated by me, he had his hand on his forehead as he paced back and forth in front of me, “All the students in your class are children of high officials. If you had used your brain, it would have been obvious that this wouldn’t be an ordinary party….I included this information in the folder, but you didn’t memorize it?!”

I was at a loss for words. At the time, I only cared about memorizing my own profile. I didn’t care about the school nor the class. I thought it was just extra information.

After all, Suyang wrote it… so I thought he included unnecessary stuff.

“You should’ve put me in a regular class!”

“You dare to talk back? Which school would take you in if it was a regular class?” Suyang’s eyes grew big as he roared. I was so frightened that I withdrew my neck and involuntarily stood by the sofa.

Seeing me like this, Suyang didn’t know what else to say except sighed, “Forget it. Right now, the top priority is to get you to change into a formal attire.” He fished out his phone and dialed a number.

“Why don’t I just go home….?”I raised my hand as I tried asking.

“No. This is an opportunity for you to fit into the class. You have barely started University and you already want to be excluded? Don’t worry about the evening gown, I’ll take care of it.”

To me, it didn’t really matter. It wasn’t only in University; ever since I was little, I had always been excluded. It was a common occurrence. Being excluded once more wouldn’t make much of an impact.

But this time, while I was helplessly standing all alone in this “awkward” isolated island, Suyang was like a sailboat that was lightly floating towards me from the boundless ocean. It was as if God had specifically sent him down to save me.

Although, the name of the sailboat was, “arrogant”.

I was shallowly laughing as I watched his rear view making the call.

In less than ten minutes, someone knocked on the door. Both of us were instantly on the alert.

I hid behind the sofa while Suyang went to answer the door.

It wasn’t until he said, “Come out”, before I revealed myself. “Who was it?”

Suyang had an extra box in his hands. He placed the box on the table and turned to leave, “Change into the formal attire. I’ll stand outside to guard the door for you.”

After Suyang left, I happily ran to open the box. Inside, there was a beautiful blue gown that was exquisitely made. In addition, there were accessories and a pair of shoes to go along with it.

“Oh my god….” I gently stroked the high quality material with my hands. It felt as smooth as a baby’s skin. Wow, I never thought I would have the opportunity to wear something like this. For some reason, my heart ached for the gown.

With a serious mind, I changed into the formal attire. It fit perfectly.

While I was pulling the zipper up from behind, it accidentally caught onto my hair and made my scalp feel numb.

“Ah!” Oh no, my hand, zipper, and hair were tangled together.

The pain increased the more I struggled. Thus, in order to lower my pain, I crookedly faced upwards as I headed to the door and knocked, “Boss! Come in and help me…!”

“Are you done?” Suyang entered the room. My left shoulder strap accidentally slid down and Suyang instantly covered his eyes as he turned around, “Are you crazy? You haven’t finished changing and you told me to come in?”

“I’m stuck at the back. Can you help me undo it?” I headed towards him for help in an inconvenient position. However, Suyang ran the other direction when he heard my footsteps.

“Where are you going? Stop running!” I chased after him.

The way he ran while I chased reminded me of an anime -as if I was the crazy girl chasing after Suyang.

“Stop running and help me undo this!” I tried hard to suppress my frustrations. I really didn’t have any physical strength to chase him around.

Suyang halted his steps and turned to face me, but his eyes were still closed. Like a blind person, he reached out his two hands to explore, “Fine…where are you?”

“Here! Here! Here!” I yelled as I took the initiative to walk in front of Suyang and turned my back against him, “Open your eyes! Or else, how would you untie?”

I honestly didn’t understand Suyang. Normally, he would bully me with no mercy, but whenever it has anything to do with physical contact, he would turn into an innocent fellow?! Last time he acted very strangely while I was changing too..

“No, it’s fine. I can untie it even with my eyes closed.”

I quietly listened to him boast.

As expected, after touching air for awhile, Suyang missed the zipper entirely and unintentionally touched the inside of my dress.

When my skin came in contact with his hand, it was like getting shocked by lightning. We both bounced away from each other.

“What are you touching?!” I frowned as I yelled.

“I can’t see, remember?” Suyang also shouted impatiently. Yet, he still refused to open his eyes.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my head and his evil claws reached for my face as he brutally pinched me, “You. Are. So. Troublesome!”

“Stop! Don’t pinch me. It hurts!” I whined as I tried to twist out of his grasp. Unfortunately, my tangled hair didn’t permit me to make any big moves.

“Boss, do you seriously think we have time to waste? If someone comes in, we wouldn’t be able to wash ourselves clear even if we plunge ourselves in the Yellow River! I beg you, open your eyes and untie me. Then, we can happily leave this room. Okay?” I turned around and used my free hand to forcefully opened one of Suyang’s eyes.

Suyang glared at me with the eye that I had forced open. After thinking about it for a moment, he nodded and opened his other eye.

Hearing this, I turned around without any vigilance. Subsequently, I was faced with the female ghost. She was a fist away from me.

The moment I made eye contact with her deathly pale face and expressionless eyes, I freaked out. I tried to back up and escape. I had completely forgotten about the person that was grumbling about my dress from behind.

“Why is this zipper on this dress so long?”

I directly elbowed him in the gut and then accidentally stepped on his lower leg. Then, I slipped and fell on him like an arc.

Fortunately, my face landed on his firm chest. The two of us fell over very comically.

I lifted my head. Suyang stared at me with his round and bulging eyes. He was speechless as he stiffly smiled. His first line was, “Why did you hit me?”

His second line was, “Why did you step on me?”

There was no way I could explain what had happened, so I sat up. However, my hand was still caught by my hair. So, with my free hand, I tried to find a way where I could push myself up. In a daze, I think I unintentionally touched something I wasn’t supposed to, and Suyang looked like he was in tremendous amounts of pain.

“Boss, are you ok?” I felt bad and knew I was in big trouble. I didn’t dare to move anymore as I tried to shift my body and put less pressure on Suyang’s body part.

“You!” Suyang couldn’t even yell at me properly. After he regulated his breathing, he suddenly flipped me over and pressed me down.


“Stop moving!” Suyang’s face was restrainedly red as he began to use both his hands to untie my hair from my neck.

He was always making these ambiguous moves on me…. Isn’t this too intimate? I silently thought.

Although I couldn’t see his face in my current state, I could feel Suyang’s breath on my back. The feeling was enlarged and my back felt very limp and itchy.

“Si…..” I hissed as a strand of hair was torn from my head.

“Are you in pain?”

“No, you can continue.”

I tried to turn my attention elsewhere as I steadily stared at the design on the carpet. For some reason, the odd design began to magnify in front of me. It kept going until the image became very blurry.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?”

“I…*cough cough*. My heart naturally beats fast.”

My lips were turning dry, and I kept using my tongue to wet it. My hands were tightly gripping the carpet. If there was a hole right now, I would definitely crawl in to escape.

“What are you trying to say….” Suddenly the door opened and Xu Weishan stormed in. Following behind her was Kevin, who had his head down. It looked like they were fighting. But the moment they saw me and Suyang on the ground, there was silence.

The four of us made eye contact and stared at each other. We were all in shock.

“You didn’t lock the doors?” I asked Suyang.

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