Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The ghost was Xu Weishan

There was two seconds of silence. Then, Suyang hastily stood up without untying my hair. After he straightened out his suit, he dashed off like a released arrow.

I was still lying on the ground, thinking; if I remained on the ground, would they disregard my existence and continue arguing?

I had to put in a lot of effort before I was able to stand up. Sadly, my hand was still tangled with my hair. I pretended to scratch my head as I spoke aloud and walked by Xu Weishan and Kevin, “Ah! My head is so itchy. I wonder if it’s because I didn’t wash the shampoo off properly today….?”

The moment I exited the room, I made the fastest escape in history.

I ran into the female washroom and faced the mirror. It took me a very long time before I was able to untangle myself. Sure enough, men were unreliable. Women must be able to fend for themselves!

Since I had forcefully pulled out a few strands of hair, I grimaced in pain. The first thing I did after my hand was free was to fly-kick the ghost that had the same exact face as Xu Weishan. Although I was only kicking air, it still helped dissolve some anger. “What do you want from me? You’ve already scared me twice today! Twice! Tell me, if Xu Weishan and Kevin ask about me and Suyang tomorrow, what am I supposed to say?” I yelled.

She didn’t say anything; all she did was stare at me.

“I’m telling you, even though you and Xu Weishan look exactly the same, I am not interested in knowing why! Stop following me around, do you understand?”

I furiously slammed the paper towel in the garbage can as I gave her a sideway glance. But my words appeared to be useless.

Each time I tried to take a step forward, the ghost would purposely block and prevent me from leaving the washroom.

“Silu…..” A voice suddenly appeared. At first, I thought the ghost was talking to me. I was flabbergasted.

From the entrance corner, a head popped in. It was Xu Weishan. She had unrolled her hair and it was obstructing her face. It was more frightening than the female ghost.

She must be here to ask me about what just happened. I must remain calm. I must pretend….ugh how must I pretend? Based on what they saw, there was nothing I can feign!

While I was thinking of what to say, Xu Weishan was frank and directly confronted me, “You are Professor Su’s lover, huh?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” I pretend to act clueless.

“Kevin and I already caught you guys, why are you still pretending?” Xu Weishan sleekly walked over to my side and nudged me with her shoulder. “I know your circumstances. Secret relationship between a professor and a student. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the secret for you.”

“Oh…..thank you?” I helplessly replied as explaining would be no use. I might as well allow Xu Weishan to keep her mouth shut. “You seriously have to keep this confidential! Do not tell anyone!”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry! By the way, today, there was a misunderstanding. I saw you and Kevin chatting, and I thought you were trying to seduce him. As a result, I might’ve been a bit rude. Don’t blame me, ok?”

“Of course not! No, no. I only said a few words to Kevin. We don’t really know each other.”

“Honestly, you can’t blame me. It’s because my Kevin is too outstanding. Many girls are after him like a tiger after its prey. I have no choice but to have my guard up high. You understand, right?”

Eh? She was shamelessly bragging about her boyfriend, how am I supposed to continue?

I could only nod, “I understand! I understand!”

“I’m glad there is no more misunderstanding between us!” Suddenly, Xu Weishan’s facial expression changed and she sat on the vanity unit. She behaved like an elder sister from an underground black society as she firmly patted me. Then, she ran her fingers through my hair. “Now that I know you’re Suyang’s lover, I’m not going to do anything to you. But you’re the unique type of girl that would unintentionally attract many people’s attention. I’m not sure if you’re doing it on purpose, but there should be no harm in taking note.” She murmured.

I was clearly a few years older than Xu Weishan, yet I was being threatened by her. I couldn’t even say a word.

She didn’t seem like a daughter from a rich family at all. She was more like a rogue from an underground black society.

After leaving me with a pile of warning, Xu Weishan turned to leave.

“Umm….” I called after her, “Do you have a twin sister?”

Xu Weishan’s face suddenly turned white; her voice was an octave higher as it trembled, “What do you mean?”

I noticed the signs weren’t good, so I quickly waved my hand and smiled, “Never mind. While I was travelling out of the country, I felt like I met a person that looked very much like you….I guess I’m wrong.”

“You are wrong! I don’t have any twin sister! You better not spread any rumours or I’ll tell everyone about you and Suyang!” She blurted.

Oh my! This woman! A few minutes ago, she said she was going to keep the secret, and now she was already threatening me to spill it.

“No no no! I was just asking! I don’t have any other intentions. Don’t overthink.” I tried my best to soothe her so she would finally leave. The ghost version was still by my side. She heard our entire conversation.

This time, even though I didn’t want to deal with this, I kind of had to deal with it….

I sighed and stood in front of the ghost, “What is the relationship between you and Xu Weishan?”

Initially, I thought it was something innocent. For example: Perhaps one of the twins passed away. But based on Xu Weishan’s earlier reaction, it didn’t seem that simple.

The ghost floated in front of me and pointed at the nameplate on her uniform.

I stared at it. The three characters were particularly eye-catching.

Xu Weishan.


After debating for awhile, I decided to come back to this place again.

Grandmother Meng was sitting on the chair that was exclusively made for her as she peeled a tangerine like last time. She evilly grinned at me, “I knew you’d be back. We are on the same path. Aside from me, no one else can help you…”

As I watched her playful expression, I began to question whether I had made the right decision coming here.

The room was much colder than last time; I wrapped my jacket tighter around me.

“Are you cold?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Grandmother Meng shrugged her shoulders and revealed what she was wearing for me to see, “This is made from wool. Of course I’m not cold…”

Haha. Who wears wool in the Summer?!

Whatever. That is not important. Grandmother Meng was correct. She understood me the most. Based on the Sheyu incident from last time, she definitely had some skills.

In addition, she was the only person that was walking my path.

“I know you didn’t come alone. You have a friend with you, but just like last time, she is blocked at the entrance. Am I correct?”

“You can see her?”

Grandmother Meng shook her head, “Didn’t I previously tell you I couldn’t see ghosts? Child, you have poor memory. Normally, your brain doesn’t work well, huh?”

I had to deal with the insult for no reason….

“Maybe you have mentioned it before…but am I not allowed to forget….” I quietly muttered. Then, I openly stated the reason why I came.

“I want to know how to communicate with ghosts.”

Hearing my words, Grandmother Meng sat up straight. She appeared alert as she slightly frowned her brows, “What do you want to do?”

I could tell the way Grandmother Meng stared at me was different, so I explained, “Although I can see ghosts, but all the ghosts I can see cannot communicate with me. This is giving me a rather big headache. I want to know how to interact with them.”

“Interacting with ghosts isn’t something a normal person can do. I urge you not to try. Otherwise, there might be an unexpected price you have to pay.”

“Price? What price? Is it a scary price?” I asked a bunch of questions in a row. If there was danger involved, it doesn’t matter if she was Xu Weishan or not, I would turn a blind eye on all.

Grandmother Meng gazed at me and spread out her hands, “I am not sure myself. That’s what I heard.”

Seeing how solemn she was, I thought there was a horrifying consequence….

I slowly sighed a breath of relief, “If I can only see ghosts but never interact with them, I’d rather not see them….”

“Having the ability to see ghosts is a gift God gave you.”

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