Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I was gradually becoming Suyang’s nanny

“You!” I heatedly snatched the contract from Suyang’s hands, “Fine! You win!”

Just as I was about to leave, Suyang blocked me.

“What else do you want?”

Suyang looked at me like I was a hopeless child as he placed his hand on the top of my head and roughly turned it towards the clock against the wall.

“Goldfish, it’s 7:12am. It is time for you to fulfill your obligations from the contract. Time for you to prepare breakfast.”

“What? Do you think I’m nanny?”

“In the contract, it states that you are responsible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So you can go prepare breakfast now. I am not a picky eater. I will eat anything.”

Then, Suyang took out 200rmb from his wallet. “Food allowance.”

I took the 200rmb and thought of a plan.

I truly wanted to say, you’ll eat anything, right? If I am the one buying, I’ll definitely buy you the “highest quality” breakfast to match your “high class” image.

I smiled cunningly behind Suyang’s back as I took his 200rmb and casually grabbed my jacket. I didn’t even wash my face as I left the door. Deep down, I was thinking, “You want to have sandwiches with milk? Bread with jam? The typical standard breakfast? Dream on!”

In less than ten minutes, I had returned back from a breakfast place around the neighbourhood. I was carrying a lot of food.

“I have breakfast here. Come over and eat.”

I removed the plastic bag on the dining table and displayed the items that I had bought.

The breakfast place was known for its soft bean curd with deep fried breadstick. However, I was worried the ‘young master’ wouldn’t be accustomed to this type of food. So, as a kind-hearted woman, I also bought a steamer basket of one of their most popular dishes -the mincemeat steamed dumplings that had freshly came out of the oven.

“What is this?” Suyang stared at the breakfast that I had bought. His expression looked like he was staring at ET.

“Breakfast! Eat!” I knew this rich guy had never eaten a commoner’s breakfast. I secretly grinned as I took out two bowls and chopsticks. I sat on the opposite side of Suyang and began to eat.

As we ate, I silently glanced at Suyang to observe his expression.

I had already thought of all the things that I would say to mock him if he said it wasn’t his type of meal. Unexpectedly, Suyang didn’t complain at all. He quietly ate everything that I bought.

“The soft bean curd tastes better when mixed.” I reminded him.

Suddenly, he lifted his hand towards me.


“My money. I gave you $200rmb. You only bought this stuff. What about the rest of my money?”

“Hummph! So stingy!” I muttered as I jammed my hand into my pocket to take out all the leftover change.

The coins clanged onto the dining table.

Suyang stared at the wrinkled banknotes and I noticed blue veins appearing on his face. “Forget it, use the leftover money to prepare lunch and dinner.”

Then, he lowered his head and proceeded with his meal.

After breakfast, I pretended to tidy up the kitchen. But actually, I was on my phone searching up Suyang in the keywords. Strangely, there was nothing on the web about him. I was puzzled. Was he really an author?

After observing him for a week, I came up with a conclusion: He was just an otaku that had nothing to do.

Whenever I was tidying up around the apartment, he would be in the living room either playing video games, watching television, or playing some weird internet games.

Sometimes, I would quietly watch Suyang play games. He would be very engrossed in it. Watching from the side, I would be as well. But then, he would suddenly throw the game to the side and run back to his room.

“Huh? How come you don’t want to play anymore?”

I stared at his closed bedroom doors. He wouldn’t come back out for the rest of the afternoon.

He left me alone in the living room. But just as I decide to continue playing his game, he would suddenly come back out and ignore my bewildered expression and heartlessly pluck the electric power source and hiss at me.

“I need to create right now. According to clause 35, you’re not allowed to make any noises to disturb me. No TV.”

“You’re so demanding…”

Suyang disregarded my complaint and went back to his room. He shut his door once again.

I angrily pressed the buttons on the video game controller to release my frustrations. Ugghh. Forget it. I’m so gracious; just like one of those Prime Ministers from Ancient China that can hold a ship in their bellies…I’ll let you go this time!

At this rate, if I stayed at home, Suyang was going to come out and say I’m breathing too loud and tell me to stop breathing.

If I can’t move at all, I might as well go out for a breath of fresh air.

Since it was a work day, aside from the old uncles and aunties that were retired in the neighbourhood, I was the only young person wandering the streets.

Naturally, people would talk behind my back. “Wow, this young lady is always idling around…” You think I want to idle?? It’s society’s fault! It is not allowing me to display my abilities.

I came out for a breath of fresh air because Suyang was boring me to death at home. But if I wander off too far, it would be a big hassle to get back. So I took my cellphone and put some money in my pocket; I decided I was going to walk a few circles around the neighbourhood and then head to the supermarket to conveniently purchase the groceries I needed to make lunch and dinner.

Wow, I was gradually becoming Suyang’s nanny.

Due to my gluttonous mouth, I was carrying a huge watermelon that weighs around 4kg. In addition, the shopping bag around my arm was filled with groceries. By the time I walked out of the supermarket, I felt like my arm was going to break. All the areas of my joints were starting to turn numb.

While I was shopping and placing the items into the shopping cart, I didn’t feel anything. It wasn’t until I was at the counter that I realized how much I had bought when the numbers continued to increase.

Ai ya, why did I buy so much?!

From the supermarket, there was two paths I could take to go home. One path was the path that I took coming here. It was heavy traffic on a main street. But I would need to make a big detour before I could get back to the main entrance of my neighbourhood. The other path I could take was a nearby dark alley that was created in between the walls of houses. However, the alley would lead me straight to the entrance of my neighbourhood.

The only downside was, the alley was sketchy. And according to the news, there had been an increase in crime these days. Hence, I haven’t taken this path lately.

But when I saw how much stuff I was carrying, I thought about it for a bit and decided to take the alley.

What were the chances of people committing crimes during the day?

The moment I stood outside the alley, I felt a pang of regret. Although I was standing in a bright area, there was no light through the alley at all. The alley was long and narrow, and I couldn’t see the end of it. It was like a mysterious path to space.

*Gulp*. I swallowed my saliva as I made up my mind.

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