Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: This isn’t the first time I’ve killed

With great difficulty, I used the flashlight on my phone to fumble my way through. From time to time, there would be a sour smell in the air. I wondered if people randomly threw their trash here.

Despite the awful smell, it cut my journey in half. Thinking of this, it drove me to hold in my breath and carry on through the alley. I wanted to get through it as fast as I can.

When I had gone through ⅔ of the path, I vaguely heard trifling noises behind my back. It sounded like footsteps, but they were lighter than footsteps. Was it a mouse scuttering through the garbages? I suddenly turned around, but I was faced with the pitch darkness. I couldn’t see anything.

I waved the flashlight of my phone, but there was nothing. However, my heart still felt very uneasy. Goose bumps were extending from my arm to my entire body, and my back wouldn’t stop shivering.

I hastened my pace and centralized all my sense organs. I noticed that if I accelerated my steps, the sounds behind me would grow louder. But if I slowed down, the sounds would become softer. Could someone really be following me?

At this moment, the words of those uncles and aunties suddenly popped in my mind:

“Have you heard? Recently there has been a bad guy in our area!”

“What bad guy?”

“He tends to target those walking who walks alone late at night. According to rumours, he is not satisfied with wallets and cellphones…he even kills!”

“Lies! If someone like that existed, the cops would have caught him by now.”

“I’m not lying! It’s even on the news. My granddaughter showed me. She told me to be careful and not to go out at night. You should also be more cautious. Tell your son and daughter-in-law to go home early! Every time I think there is a chance of being approached by the bad guy, my heart trembles from fright…”

My legs began to shake. Out of all times, why was this dialogue popping in my mind now? I felt an urge to urinate; as if I was watching a horror film and it was really coming at a bad time. Plus, it wasn’t night yet…. I can’t be that unlucky, right?

Don’t tell me I’m getting a real test because I resented Shen Shaoqian for creating a fake situation!? Oh God, please forgive me! I know I tend to attract a lot of ghosts..but don’t let all the bad stuff come to me as well!!?!?!

I just started living in a 140 square metres apartment. Don’t let me wake up from my dream so soon!

I didn’t do anything. All of a sudden, the sound behind me got closer and closer. It sounded more and more daunting.

I seized the little time that I had, and just as I felt the person was going to touch me, I violently turned around and used all my strength to throw my weapon, the watermelon, at him.

I didn’t strike a person, but I alarmed a few rats. One after another, they spurted across my feet.

“Oh! Oh oh oh!” In order to avoid the rats, I stamped my feet like I was doing a tap dance. Although rats were scary, I felt much better after confirming there wasn’t a person behind me.

“Damn it…” I muttered as I stared at my crushed watermelon. I will never take this route again! Wahhhh…my watermelon…

I was sadden by the loss of my watermelon. I decided to continue through the alley since I could already see the bright exit up ahead.

While I was fixedly staring towards the light, suddenly a black figure blocked me. He came from another side alley and stood in front of me.

“You?!” Before I had time to panic, the person had already forcefully grabbed my hair and shoved me up against the wall.

The harsh impact caused me to see stars, and I lost all the strength in my hands and legs. My body fell against the wall and my cellphone slid down from my hands.

I honestly couldn’t clearly see the person who had attacked me. But based on his lack of hesitation and his merciless action, it was obvious that he came with ill intentions.

I could feel the moist walls behind me. Something began to roll down from above my head. Was it blood?

I wasn’t sure. All I felt was pain. I was beginning to see overlapping images. One became two, two became four. I also felt like vomiting.

“Oh boy, another day of business..” The man’s voice was very coarse. In addition, he had a slight regional accent. I used all my remaining strength to look up. My attacker was tightly bundled up. He was wearing a hat, a mask, and a pair of gloves. He leaned over and crouched down in front of me as he began to flip through the pockets of my jacket.

I had no capabilities to resist. But deep down, I was hoping for a miracle. I was hoping Suyang was acting as the attacker. I wanted him to coldly tell me he was playing a role again.

Even if I had been a victim twice, I would forgive him as long as it was a joke.

When I saw what was behind the man, I truly began to freak out.

In the past, I have seen clips of murderers on the news. There would always be ghosts with unsolved grievance behind them. This guy also had a few ghosts behind him. How many?

My vision was very blurry. I wasn’t certain if it were two or four.

In short, they were lifelessly watching me.

I felt a chill down my spine. Was this their way of inviting me to join them?

Currently, I was silently praying that the thief will let me keep my life as I didn’t resist and allowed him to take my money.

“You broke ass!” After flipping through my pockets, he couldn’t find any money because I had already spent it all on groceries.

The man picked up my cellphone and stuffed it in his pockets.

“Uncle. I didn’t carry money on me today…why don’t you just take my cellphone and run? I can’t see your face anyway. I won’t call the cops.” I was leaning against the wall as I weakly took deep breaths and actively tried to suppressed my urge to vomit.

“Young lady, today is your unlucky day for coming across me. Robbing is actually my side job. My real hobby is to kill!” He sneered.

Then, the man fished out a shining knife in front of me.

Deep down, I hollered. Why was the knife so bright when I could barely see? It was so eye-catching! My level of dread was rapidly rising. I was imagining how painful it would be when he inserts the knife into my body…

Immediately, my heart began to shrink and pound at an outrageous speed.

“Aren’t you afraid of retribution? You’re killing innocent lives?!” I asked as I fixedly stared at the two ghosts behind him. Now, I was certain there were two. I wonder if they will save me? After all, we are somewhat part of the same team?

We should form a victim alliance?

“Young lady. To tell you the truth, this isn’t the first time I’ve killed. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. They couldn’t fight me when they were alive. What makes you think they can do anything to me now that they’re dead?”

I wonder how he would react if he knew his two victims’ spirits were standing behind him. At the same time, he was correct. I’ve encountered so many ghosts, but they were all super weak.

They couldn’t speak, carry items or strike..

“Uncle, the people that you’ve killed are standing behind you. I can see them.”

“Young lady, are you trying to tease me? It doesn’t matter what you say. No ghosts or humans can save you now!”

True…the two ghosts clearly had no intentions of saving me. I guess soon I will turn into a ghost and stand next to them. I slowly shut my eyes and waited for my life’s final moment.

Last time, Suyang and Shao Shenqian tricked me. This time, it was the real deal. I’ve lost my bluntness from before.

Farewell, 140 square metres apartment…

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