Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 19

Chapter 19-Capturing the Beauty’s Heart through Swords and Silver

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I’m serious. Hehe, what do you think of my sister? She’s a super beautiful lady. If you’re interested in her, I can help you.” The little girl looked at the large tree in the distance and pouted. She finished one of Ding Hao’s meat biscuits in a few bites and her mouth was covered with scraps. Her chubby hand reached out at a lightning-fast speed and snatched up a second biscuit.

Ding Hao was speechless.

The pony-tailed little girl was rather odd.

Honestly speaking, Ding Hao had helped them out earlier was not just because he didn’t like Li Yiruo’s arrogance. The stubbornness and strength in the mysterious girl’s beautiful eyes, as well as the weakness of the two girls depending on each other, had struck a chord in the deep part of his heart. Ding Hao was reminded of the hardship he and Ding Ke’er had endured as they depended on each other. And thus, helped them out under the risky guise of pretending to be a Swordsmanship-seeking Sect disciple.

However, Ding Hao did not think that the mysterious young girl would be able to pass the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect entrance test.

Because she did not have any martial arts background and her body was extremely weak. She was way weaker that Ding Hao had been, and basically had no hope.

He feared that the fates of the sisters would be even sadder five days later.

Soft footfalls came from behind them as they conversed. The mysterious young girl had already washed up in the pool and dressed in Ding Hao’s long robes. She emerged from behind the big tree barefooted.

Ding Hao turned around to look at her subconsciously and was stunned.

Behind him, approaching them, was an extremely beautiful girl.

Her hair, which had been filthy and messy had become black and smooth, weighing down wetly until her waist. The water droplets on her hair shone brightly, reflecting a myriad of colors. The skin on her face was pale, like the most perfect jade in the world. And while she was thin, it was difficult to disguise her beauty which could bring ruin to a city should she smile once. And should she smile again, she could bring ruin to a country.

As Ding Hao’s robes were wider than the girl’s body, an inch of her jade-white skin was exposed at the collar. Her exquisite collarbone was like that of sheep-fat jade. It was natural and flawless.

The grey color robes hid the wounds on her body. Her bare feet were white and eye-catching. Her exquisite toes were extremely beautiful. The lines of her ankles and calves were breath-taking. She stepped on the soft green grass lightly, her beauty seemed to be out of this world.

Ding Hao had always thought that he was a focused person. But at this moment, he could not help but be dazzled.

The mysterious girl looked at Ding Hao’s tongue-tied expression, and an odd flash of joy crossed the depth of her eyes.

“Big brother, big brother…” The little girl with goat-horn braids, Ding Ding, laughed happily as she waved her pudgy fingers in front of Ding Hao’s eyes. She had a devious expression on her face as she said, “You’re so lecherous, your saliva is flowing to the ground.”

“Er…” Ding Hao finally regained his wits.

The mysterious girl walked over towards them, natural and poised and bowed to Ding Hao. Her red lips moved slightly as she said, “Thank you, young master, for saving my life and giving me clothes.” Then, she flicked her slender fingers at the little girl with goat-horn braids, Ding Ding, on the head lightly. She scolded laughingly, “You rascal, you’re being naughty again!”

Ding Ding held her forehead unhappily. She made a face at the girl and teased, “Sister, you don’t usually treat other men so nicely.”

This rascal, she is definitely a talent that matured early.

They did not speak much after that.

The three of them sat by the Sword-cleansing Pond for a while.

Ding Hao carefully explained the process of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect disciple intake ceremony that would happen in three days. He also took out his dried good before leaving and gave them all to the sisters. Then, he thought about it and left behind 50 taels of silver and said, “Miss, it is difficult to enter the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Keep these silver taels in case you need them. After you climb up the mountain, rent a house and stay at the front of the mountain and prepare well.”

With that, Ding Hao turned and left.

It was a kind of fate for them to have met. But Ding Hao was just a floor-sweeping servant. He could only care for the poor sisters to this extent.

The mysterious girl was indeed stunningly beautiful, her beauty beyond compare. However, Ding Hao was not a geek who could not move after seeing a beautify girl. He was determined to become stronger, step up to the peak and take control of his destiny. He naturally did not have any ulterior motives towards the girl.

His simple farewells impressed the sisters.

Strange lights danced in Ding Ding’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl looked at Ding Hao’s back. She wanted to speak, but then stopped. In the end, she said softly, “Young Master, my name is Xie Jieyu.”

Not even she knew why she would tell her name to a strange young man she had only met once.

Ding Hao paused slightly, laughed and then left in great strides.

Xie Jieyu?

It was a nice-sounding and unique name.

As she watched Ding Hao walked away casually, the young girl’s eyes shone even brighter.

The sunset was like the color of blood, and the green mountains were like a picture. The nonchalant young man walked away lightly.

The intoxicating scene impressed deeply in the girl’s heart unknowingly.

Time passed quickly.

Three days had passed in the blink of an eye.

It was finally the time when the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect would open its doors and accept disciples.

On the day, Ding Hao woke up early. After cleaning up, he practiced a swordplay suite. After calming himself down, he left the slum calmly just as he had in the previous days.

The morning mist was like fog, and the birds chirped loudly.

The front mountain of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect bustled with life. People walked around and it was a noisy scene.

Chapter 20 Part One of the Sect Entrance Test

The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect was the largest martial arts sect within a thousand-mile radius.

Countless young, talented people wanted to join the sect.

As such, there were many young talented people who had come to participate in the sect entrance exam. There were also their guards who were there to protect them, envoys from major players in the surrounding area, disciples and members of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect… There were various types of people who bustled about.

When the “Swordsmanship-seeking bell” at the mountain gate chimed for ten times, the sect entrance exam would officially start.

Ding Hao did not wait at the front of the mountain. Instead, he went to the Sword-cleansing Pond at the foot of the mountain.

He spent two hours completing his duties for the day, and then, spent another hour practicing with his sword by the Sword-cleansing Pond. After that, he jumped into the pond and had a good bath and changed into a clean robe. He had adjusted his body to its peak state before walking up the mountain path to the front mountain of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

When he arrived at the square at the sect gate, the disciple acceptance ceremony had already begun for more than two hours.

There was a sea of people in the large square and it was very noisy.

The sect entrance exam of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect was very systematic after experiencing more than a thousand years of development and change. It was split into six major sections- the bone-age test, the element test, the meridian test, the comprehension test, the body state test and the test of will. There would be specific sect disciples and elders who would carry out the test and there were many test centers. As such, the progress was rapid.

More than a thousand youngsters who had come forth to learn had been heartlessly eliminated in the past two hours.

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