Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 490 - The Invincible Ding Hao

Chapter 490 The Invincible Ding Hao

“How could there be those from the Human Clan that participated in the siege?”

At first glance, Ding Hao saw Ling Shixiong, the senior brother of the Black Devil Sect, who was covered with black Qi.

“How could he kill humans with the Demon Clan?”

A wave of uncontrollable anger suddenly burst out of Ding Hao’s chest.

“Move!” Ding Hao leaped into the air and shot toward the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion.

At this time, the demon masters who were responsible for defense in the periphery also discovered the strong advance of Ding Hao and others. A big demon at the level of Demon King appeared in the air. The Demon Aura around him was rolling like a substance, and the fierce flame was hot. It took the initiative to come out and block in front of them. It shouted, “Who are you? This is the guarding range of Demons Valley. You are not allowed to enter within 500 meters of the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion. Get out if you don’t want to die!”

Without saying a word, Ding Hao held the Moon-Cutting Sabre with both hands and slashed down in its face.

“Seven Black Cut · Vertical Cut!”

“Tut-tut, you reckless human, you’re courting death. You can’t blame others. I’m just a little hungry today, delicious blood…” The Demon King laughed weirdly. It almost transformed into a human, but there was a wolf tail behind its buttocks. Obviously, it was a heterogeneous wolf demon.

It stretched its hands into the void, and dense hairs emerged from its skin, turning into a half-beast. Its fingernails, which looked like metal, gave off a black glow and turned into 10 sharp daggers.

It did not take Ding Hao seriously at all.

Because it could tell at a glance that the strength of this human was only at the realm of two-apertured Great Grandmaster. It was equivalent to the Demon Clan’s realm of Second-level Demon Prince. Moreover, he did not use any fighting skills. “He only used a simple long saber to cut vertically, which was extremely arrogant and stupid. With such strength, he actually dared to take the initiative to attack me. That was one word— ” it thought.


“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

A pair of black wolf claws reached out and an evil wind blew heavily. It was horrible.



A sound like a piece of paper being torn was heard.

The demon wolf felt dizzy, and it had lost track of Ding Hao. When it was about to turn around, it suddenly felt that its wrist was light and it was stunned. When it looked carefully, it found that its wolf claws, which were made of its own flesh and were as strong as divine weapons, were cut at the wrist and fell from the sky!

“How…” it said, and an unprecedented fear surged in its heart.

The next moment, it felt a piercing chill in the middle of its brows, and some hot liquid spurted out. One of its eyes saw the other half of its body… “No, the other half of my body? Was my body…” it thought.

It instantly understood that it was actually cut into two pieces by the very simple cut.

Before a desperate roar came out of its throat, endless darkness drowned it in an instant!

After killing the exotic wolf demon king with a single strike, Ding Hao continued to move forward.

His Qi cultivation was only two-apertured, but because of his physical power converted from Saintly Being of Saber and Sword, Invincible Fighting Method, the magical power of Heaven-Earth Blood Bone, and Yin Yang Jade in Stone, his combat capability had reached the Half-step to Martial Emperor Realm in his normal state. He really looked down on a demon king.

The saber light grew explosively, and a beam of light suddenly appeared.

Ding Hao rushed into a Demon Clan group. Flesh and blood flew everywhere he passed.

The suffocating various Demon Auras quickly dissipated just like with hot water being poured on snow. Ding Hao only activated Heaven Fire Qi, and his whole body flashed with gold Qi. Like burning red iron tongs inserted into fresh cheese, in the entire area of Demon Valley, no one was Ding Hao’s match. Without any obstacle, Ding Hao cut all of them in half with his saber!

Regarding different clans, Ding Hao showed no mercy.

The disciples of the Tianning Dynasty who sent the message followed Ding Hao in shock. They walked on the road that Ding Hao paved for them by killing. They almost did not need to fight. They walked freely and went forward hundreds of meters in a twinkling of an eye!

“Who are you? How dare you slaughter our Demon Clan in the Demon Valley?”

With an angry shout, very powerful Demon Aura rose up to the sky.

At this moment, the supreme experts of the Demon Valley finally noticed the chaos in their camp. When they saw their disciples being slaughtered like wheat being scythed, they had to temporarily abandon the siege on the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion and come to help.

This was a demon in the Half-step Demon Royal Realm.

As soon as it appeared, the fiery red Demon Aura swept over like a volcanic eruption. The space became sticky and distorted because of the pure aura. Wherever the Demon Aura went, the dead demon corpses on the ground melted like ice in a fire. Clouds of pure Demon Qi poured into its body, and even the buildings collapsed like mud…

“Demon Royal?” Ding Hao thought.

He finally stopped holding back his strength.

With a stir of his mind, a drop of blood essence of the Evil White Ape hidden in the Heaven Fire Qi Seed was instantly activated. The extremely violent and cruel aura burst out from Ding Hao’s body in an instant. White and hard hair like steel needles grew at a high speed from his skin, and his body also swelled up incredibly.

When Ding Hao took a third step, his body had expanded to more than 100 meters high.


A divine beast from ancient times finally appeared in this world.

“Beast Transform!”

“Evil White Ape!”

Everyone gasped when they saw this.

The white flames, visible to the naked eye, circled around the Evil White Ape like a halo of destruction. All kinds of violent, cruel, and bloody aura spread out in the void like a substance, making people feel that they had arrived in hell. The nearest dozens of demon race experts only felt an uncontrollable tremble in their souls, and they couldn’t help kneeling on the ground!

The ancient Earth Power Demonic Beast was originally a kind of demon. It was born with a noble bloodline, far above that of the ordinary Demon Clan. It was born to have a restraining effect on the Demon Race.

“Huh? Monster Ape? Beast Transform?”

The supreme expert of the Demon Valley was also shocked.

The human expert opposite it increased his strength after using Beast Transform, which instantly gave it an extremely dangerous feeling. His violent and cruel aura was not any weaker than its own Demon Aura. He probably had borrowed 70 percent of the powerful magical skills from the Baleful Devil White Ape.

“When did such an expert appear in the Human Clan?” it thought.

Familiar names flashed across the minds of the expert from the Demons Valley one after another.

“There seemed to be no such a person among all the young geniuses who were like the sun at high noon in the Northern Region. There were a few terrifying opponents who had the blood essence of the divine beasts that could exert the Beast Transform. But they did not have the blood essence of the Baleful Devil White Ape nor could they exert Beast Transform to such a terrifying level,” it thought.

“Your name?” it asked. At this time, it did not dare to look down upon him. So it stopped taking him lightly.

“Ding Hao from the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect!”

The thunderous sound echoed in everyone’s ears, and everyone heard it in an instant.

“Ding Hao? You are Ding Hao? The little guy who opened up the Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower by luck?” the expert of Demon Valley said, shocked. It had heard this name, but it did not pay much attention to it before.

“So what if he had opened up the Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower?

“According to the precise information, Ding Hao was only a weak person in the realm of Great Grandmaster. God knows what kind of strange means he used to build the Abyss of Death. It was said that the inhibition and Puppet Dolls of War of the Heaven Sabre – Peerless Sword Tower did not have any reaction that day. Ding Hao probably did not enter it relying on his real ability,” it thought.

“You’ll see in one move whether I’m lucky or not!”

With a loud shout, Ding Hao turned into the Baleful Devil White Ape and attacked.

He held the Moon-Cutting Sabre backhand.

This giant saber, which was more than 10 meters long, was like a slightly longer dagger in his hand. The silver flowing light swept through the void and directly slashed toward the expert of Demon Valley. Along the way, the saber light was blurry and the trajectory of the blade could not be seen. It was elusive. The saber light seemed to contain the mystery of the rise and fall of the sun and stars and the mystery of the death and revival of the universe. It was completely unpredictable!

“20 percent of Saber Intent!”

The expert of the Demon Valley jittered, and an unprecedented sense of danger drowned it.

“Good… I planned to meet you… Demons Refined Body and Power of the Bear’s Paw!”

With a roar that shook heaven and earth, the expert of Demon Valley revealed its original form.

A gigantic black bear appeared. The earth quaked and tens of thousands of demons trembled. The black pure Demon Aura instantly gathered and compressed like a whale sucking water. In an instant, it transformed into a hundred-meter-long, gigantic spear.

The expert of Demon Valley held the giant flame spear in its hand. Its arms, which were as thick as mountains, exerted the spear. The void was crushed, and the air rippled. The tip of the spear soon splashed out a lot of cold stars, which were as dense as the stars in the universe, enveloping the Saber Intent and saber radiance that were coming toward him!

“Boom! Boom!”

Endless cracks could be heard.

The white saber light moved forward and rushed forward in the endless spear waves. Wherever it passed, the spear waves were broken, and the suffocating Demon Aura burst out. The saber light was overwhelming, like the smirk of Death. It approached the expert in a flash!

“What? I can’t block it… Is that… Saber Intent? The real Saber Intent?” the expert thought, and its face changed. It immediately noticed the strangeness of the saber light. It changed its movement of the long spear again, and the spear waves in the sky suddenly retracted, turning into a cold star targeted at the white saber light.


There was a soft sound.

The white light of the saber suddenly stopped.

“Haha, Saber Intent? It’s nothing more than that…” The expert burst out laughing.

Before the laughter died away, it suddenly felt a great force coming from the body of the spear in its hand.

“Sizzle! Sizzle!” A soft sound suddenly rang out.

It saw that the huge body of the Baleful Devil White Ape was already in front of him. Ding Hao held the Moon-Cutting Sabre with both hands, and the mysterious inscriptions on the body of the long saber suddenly flashed, bursting out a strange force. Combined with the Saber Intent, the misty light became more dazzling. The saber cut on the tip of the spear, instantly splitting the fiery red long spear into two parts.

Sparks flew everywhere!

It was like the most beautiful and strange meteor or fireworks.

The tip of the spear whined, and finally, a neat crack slowly appeared. It was like bamboo that was cut open from the top with a hunting knife. Under the crazy attacks of the Moon-Cutting Sabre, the two blades of the spear were cut in half.

The expert was shocked and its hands, which were holding the body of the spear, curled up.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

The long spear began to spin wildly.

It wanted directly to break the Moon-Cutting Sabre, which was in the middle of the two halves of the spear.

However, there was a series of explosions. The broken parts were the fiery-red long spear itself. The metal-like spear bodies were broken, and it turned into clouds of fog-like Demon Aura. Then it scattered in all directions.

Terrifying energy waves surged wildly.

If the giant city of the Highest Heaven hadn’t been reinforced by the power of ancient inscriptions, they would go to the sky vault to fight. Otherwise, all the buildings and creatures within a radius of hundreds of kilometers would have been smashed to pieces.


The sound of the saber resounded through the sky.

The big body of the Evil White Ape suddenly accelerated.

A white light flashed.

Shadows intertwined.

Blood spurted out. The expert from the Demon Valley howled at the sky. Blood gushed out of its waist, which looked like a majestic, black, heavenly pillar. The next moment, it was like a golden mountain or jade pillar had collapsed; its body was cut into two pieces from the middle and collapsed!

“Ding Hao, I will definitely avenge myself in the future!”

The giant demon bear roared angrily as Demon Aura surged all over its body. its aura rapidly weakened, but in the end, its figure shrank and the two halves of its body strangely joined together, turning into a black and red demonic light. It left the battlefield and flew toward the west.

It was impossible for a demon that had stepped into the Demon Royal Realm to die so easily.

Ding Hao stopped chasing.

With the long saber in his hand, Ding Hao stood between heaven and earth with fierce flames burning all over his body. His pair of giant ape eyes were scarlet, sweeping across the world like a doomsday holy emperor. His voice was like thunder. “Whoever dares to attack the Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion, human or demon, will be my enemy. Don’t blame me for being ruthless with the saber and sword. No matter how far away you are, I’ll kill you!” Ding Hao said.

It was quiet in the distance!

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