Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 805 - Impossible

Chapter 805 Impossible

“Oh?” The graceful woman also thought of something and said, “Is he the one who is called the Saber and Sword Addict?”

The Demon Royal quickly answered, “Yes, it’s him. The Seven Black Cut circulating among many low-level martial artists of the Human Clan in Snow Province and even in the Northern Region was created by him. In the past three years, a lot of people of the Demon Clan have been killed by this move.”

“Seven Black Cut?” said the slim woman. The five fingers of her right hand, which were as tender and fair as freshly peeled shallots, made seven postures in the void. It was the seven styles of the Seven Black Cut. In silence, the wind and snow within hundreds of meters in front of her were all crushed by an invisible force. She whispered, “Although I haven’t seen Ding Hao, as the person who created such a cutting method before he was 20 years old, he is indeed a rare genius in a hundred years. It’s simple, yet it’s fundamental. It’s actually the most suitable for actual combat.”

“It turns out that Sect Master has also heard of this cutting method,” the Demon Royal said, “but in the past three years, Ding Hao seemed to have disappeared from the world and has never appeared again. No one knows how strong he is and where he went. If the person just now is really an expert of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, he should be Ding Hao. He is said to be a rare handsome man in a cyan robe. The person just now fits these characteristics very well.”

The fair woman nodded, saying, “Hmm, your analysis makes sense. That person should be Ding Hao. Well done. Come over.”

The Demon Royal walked over with fear.

The slender woman gently held the Demon Royal’s hand, like a woman in love holding her sweetheart’s hand. It was extremely natural.

The eyes of the other Demon Royals all showed envy.

The woman was as fair as jade and owned many male companions. She was practicing the Great Method of Increasing Yin and Nourishing Yang. If anyone could dual cultivate with her, he could quickly improve his strength. Countless heroes of the Demon Clan had fallen head over heels in love with her. Today, this Demon Royal won her favor with just a few words.

Right at this moment, a figure flickered in the distance and quickly arrived.

It was a master keeping a close watch on the enemy arranged by the Evil Heart Sect. He knelt on one knee in the snow and said, “Sect Master, the 10th temple master of the Heavenly Demon Temple has brought his men here. The four Immortal Generals of the outer palace of the Demon God Palace, the sixth peak master of the Sky Thunder Peak, the Demon Blood Lake’s Tianluo Demon Emperor, and the others have already appeared a hundred miles away. In addition, there are also many masters of the Human Clan gathering here. I also heard that there are masters from outside the Northern Region constantly coming to Snow Province. I guess they will soon get the news…”

Hearing this, the slender woman stood quietly for a while and then said, “With good and evil people mixing up, we cannot gain profit at risk… Pass my order; people of the Evil Heart Valley should temporarily withdraw from the area within a hundred miles of Qing River Town and wait and see.”

“Sect Master, why are you retreating?” The Demon Royal who stood by her side spoke with surprise.

“The Sky-fleeing Stone Key is a rare divine object. Even if the entire sect is going to suffer miserably, we should give it a try. Ambitious, Sect Master was determined to get it when she came here. Why did she suddenly plan to retreat? Does she know that she is no match for the various forces that are rushing over?

“That shouldn’t be the case!

“Firstly, the Evil Heart Valley is also a major force of the entire Demon Clan in the Northern Region. Secondly, she is not someone who is overcautious.”

“Sometimes, retreat means advance.”

The pretty woman laughed out loud. Before her laughter died away, she flashed and disappeared into the snow.

The night passed quickly.

At dawn, the howling wind and snow stopped for a while.

Ding Hao walked out of the stone hall in a cyan robe, with the smell of alcohol on him. Looking up, he saw that in the distance, the rising sun was as red as blood, dyeing the silver-coated ground pale red.

Qing River Town was tranquil and beautiful in the morning sun.

Ding Hao looked beyond the distant city wall to the endless white wilderness and hills. He frowned slightly, and the look on his face gradually became grave.

He had already known why Wang Xiaoqi and Li Yunqi were trapped here.

He had never heard of what the Sky-fleeing Stone Key was.

Wang Xiaoqi and Li Yunqi even placed everything they had bought in front of Ding Hao one by one. He scanned them with his Divine Senses, running his Mind Essential, but did not find anything suspicious.

What was wrong?

Ding Hao was puzzled.

However, the current situation was far beyond his previous estimation.

Although the surrounding wilderness was quiet, and the sky was clearer than ever, he could feel that within a radius of 20 to 25 kilometers, there were countless experts of the two clans hiding in the dark, eyeing the town covetously. Compared with the number of people last night, the number had increased rather than decreased. What was worse, these people obviously came later, and their auras were many times stronger than those of the people who were present at the beginning of last night.

“In addition to the Heavenly Demon Temple, have some other super forces of the Demon Clan come?”

Ding Hao stood on the steps of the stone hall and released his Divine Senses slowly like tides. With his current cultivation on the Mind Essential, his Divine Senses could even detect superiors in the Sage Realm. Wherever it passed, nothing could hide.

He heard footsteps behind him.

A pair of slender, fair hands gently put a white fur cloak on his shoulders.

“You’re up?” Ding Hao turned around with a smile and looked at Li Yiruo standing behind him.

“Haven’t those people left yet?” Li Yiruo asked with a frown. She was now an expert in the Martial King Realm, so she naturally had some keen senses and could perceive the danger around Qing River Town.

Ding Hao nodded.

Right at this moment…

“Which Human Clan expert is guarding the town? Please let us know your name.”

A majestic and overbearing voice came from a distance. Clouds of Demon Auras were rolling in the blue sky. Dozens of powerful experts of the Demon Clan showed up. The leader wore black thorny armor with red hair like flames. He was tall and sturdy, more than three meters high, with a strong aura. He was a Martial Grand Emperor. It was him who spoke.

His voice thundered through heaven and earth.

At this time, Li Yunqi and Wang Xiaoqi had already been woken up and rushed out of the main hall. The humans in Qing River Town were also alarmed by this voice.

Ding Hao did not speak but flicked his fingers gently.

Swoosh, swoosh!

Two streams of Sword Qi rose into the sky, one silver and the other gold, turning into a huge intersecting pattern of a sword and a saber in the sky. The pattern of the Rusted Sword and the Devil Saber was vivid and lifelike, with a strange visual impact, as if it was going to devour people’s souls.

That was a pattern derived from the profound Saber Intent and Sword Intent.

In the distance, the red-haired burly Demon Emperor was slightly stunned. For the time being, he did not think of any martial arts master of the Human Clan who had been famous for a long time in the Northern Region, using an intersecting pattern of a sword and a saber as his symbol. However, the power contained in the pattern in front of him couldn’t be underestimated, which showed that the master of the Human Clan guarding Qing River Town was extraordinary.

After a pause, the red-haired Demon Emperor asked, “Do you want to save this town by stopping us?”

“That’s right.” Ding Hao’s voice came from a distance. “I have said that when the sun rises, if there are still people with malicious intents within 50 kilometers of Qing River Town, I’ll kill them without mercy. I will give you another chance. Leave quickly, or you will never be able to leave.”

A glint flashed through the red-haired, burly Demon Emperor’s eyes.

“Lord, this person doesn’t know what’s good for him. Let’s kill him.” Several Demon Clan experts beside him furiously snorted. They couldn’t hold back their urge to attack.

The red-haired robust Demon Emperor lightly shook his head.

Others might not be able to sense it, but as the Immortal General of the Demon God Palace, the number one force of the Demon Clan in the Northern Region, he was very clear that the huge intersecting pattern of a saber and a sword just now contained a kind of strange power. Ordinary experts might not be able to defeat its owner at all.

“I’m the Black Demon Immortal General, one of the four Immortal Generals of the outer palace of the Demon God Palace. Please step aside. The Sky-fleeing Stone Key is useless in your hands. Give it to me and the Demon God Palace will owe you a favor,” the red-haired and black-armored Demon Emperor said loudly.

Soon, Ding Hao’s voice echoed in the sky again, with only one word.


His answer was crisp and clear, leaving no room for negotiation.

The anger in the eyes of the Black Demon Immortal General gradually increased, and he said, “I’m trying to persuade you with nice words. Don’t be ungrateful. Sir, even if you have extraordinary strength, how many people can you resist? Are you going to turn the entire Qing River Town into a blood prison?!”

“Haha, I’m afraid you guys can’t do it.” Ding Hao’s loud laughter came from Qing River Town.

“Ignorant fool, who do you think you are? How dare you disobey the Demon God Palace? I’ll teach you a lesson.”

An expert of the Demon God Palace finally couldn’t stand it anymore. With a roar, he turned into a flowing light and rushed directly to Ding Hao. The surging Demon Aura flames were as hot and crazy as a scorching sun.


What welcomed him was a stream of chilly Sword Qi mixed with Sword Intent.

It was the cold winter. The cold air between heaven and earth was endless. The Sword Qi of Winter, which had absorbed the coldness of heaven and earth, was simply invincible. The expert of the Demon God Palace only felt that an extremely sharp chill was coming at him, completely locking him down. It was impossible for him to dodge or resist.

In the next moment, like a sharp sword piercing through a balloon, the Sword Qi of Winter shot down the coming expert of the Demon God Palace in an instant.


Blood squirted everywhere, and bones were shattered.

The expert of the Demon Clan was directly turned into powder.

There were gasps between heaven and earth.

Many experts who were hiding in the dark and were from different forces shivered when they saw this scene.

The mysterious Human Clan expert guarding Qing River Town was more terrifying than he was last night. Who gave him the courage to kill the expert of the Demon God Palace in one blow? Was he going to fight against a behemoth like the Demon God Palace?

He had killed a Demon Royal with just a wisp of Sword Qi from a distance.

How mighty and overbearing he was!

“Those who bully others by relying on their powerful connections will only end up dying.”

A cold and sharp voice rang out from Qing River Town.

In the next moment, a small pale silver token flew out and floated in the void, emitting endless brilliance. It was so dazzling that no one dared to look at it directly. Shortly after, a huge illusion of the divine hall, as magnificent as a palace of gods and demons, was projected in the void by the silver token.

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