Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 10: First Kill

Volume 2 Chapter 10: First Kill

In the enclosed town, the 1680 prospective fighters rapidly spread out and started to hunt their prey.

“Brother Yang, are you going to challenge monster town alone?” Luo Feng and Yang Wu stood next to a small supermarket’s wall together. Yang Wu firmly nodded his head: “Crazy, this time’s fighter combat exam isn’t just an exam, more importantly, it’s a place for training your courage! When you enter the danger zone alone, the dangers you’ll encounter are ten to a hundred times more dangerous than the ones here! If I even need your help in this monster town, then what’ll I do in the future?”

Luo Feng nodded: “You’re right. Brother Yang, be careful.

“Okay, Crazy, you should grab your chance too” reminded Yang Wu, “This town is all filled with the weakest H level monsters. There probably won’t be any more opportunities in the future to train your blade on the weakest level of monsters”

“I understand. This is a rare chance to train our skill with the blade” smiled Luo Feng as he nodded.

“Okay, meet you in the town tomorrow morning” after saying that, Yang Wu looked carefully in all four directions and then swiftly jumped away.

Luo Feng also quickly sprinted into a shady area.


As nightfall approached, there was a huge searchlight illuminating the borders of the town. Most of the town was lit up, but there were also many places hidden in the dark.

“From what the fighters said in the small sector, the monsters are split into soldiers, commanders, and horde leaders”. Luo Feng held his hexagonal shield with his left hand and his ghost blade with his right as he quietly stood in a ruined alley filled with dust.

“The soldier, or H level monster, is as strong as a human beginner warrior”

“Even though there are many monsters in this town, there are mainly three different types: the cat monster with the primary trait of speed ‘shadow cat’, the powerful, heavy class ‘Iron fur boars’, and the ‘Mastiff tiger’ whose power and speed are great” Luo Feng scanned the area.

Suddenly, a shadow approached from a ruined two story apartment. With Luo Feng’s great vision, he saw that the shadow’s fur was sharp as needles and was at least 1.5 meters tall. Its mouth had two gigantic tusks which reflected the light from the searchlight, which could make one’s heart skip a beat.

A regular boar that humans eat is probably only 60-70 cm tall.

In other words, this monster is at least double the size of a domestic pig, almost as if it was a small truck.

“Iron fur boar? My first prey will be you” Luo Feng watched the iron fur boar and came out of the alley, right into the iron fur boar’s field of vision.


As he stared at the iron fur boar in the eye, he held up his shield and blade. The monster made a weird growling sound and suddenly fiercely stepped on the concrete surface, making a cloud of dust. It carried a putrid current with it as it charged towards Luo Feng, as if it was a heavy hummer flying towards him.

The two long, sharp tusks pointed forward like gigantic scimitars.

[HU!] Right when the iron fur boar charged, Luo Feng quickly dodged to the side; the iron fur boar didn’t even have time to stop during its charge. And with a quick flash in his eyes, all the power on his body focused in his arm and unrelentlessly made a slash with his ghost blade! The ghost blade cut right across the iron fur boar’s neck!


The head of the iron fur boar was immediately detached from its body and flew up high. Fresh blood was spewing out of the area where it was cut from and the body also flew at least 10 meters before falling. The body twitched for a bit on the ground and then finally died.

“Hu, hu” Luo Feng took in two deep breaths. Luo Feng’s heart shaked a bit after witnessing the gory scene.

Killing monsters…..

Killing a monster for the first time can indeed be a shock.

“No wonder uncle Wu said that some prospective fighters can’t bring out their strength after witnessing blood” Luo Feng reflected on his battle, “The dodge just now was done pretty well, but….. the way I slashed across the iron fur boar’s neck used up unnecessary strength. However, a regular prospective fighter probably could never cut off the iron fur boar’s head”

The iron fur boar’s defense was powerful, but that was for a regular prospective fighter.

Luo Feng’s current strength is on par with an intermediate warrior level fighter. Fighting with this iron fur boar is just like bullying.

“According to my fighter brothers at the Ming-Yue sector, you can’t just use brute force when dealing with monsters. You have to grasp their weak point”

“Also, I can’t believe I let my heart waver when I severed the iron fur boar’s head. I must get used to this! In the future, I’ll be fighting with monsters all the time with my life on the line. If my heart isn’t prepared, I might lose my life in a crucial moment” Luo Feng understood that the more crucial the moment is, the more calm you have to be.

However, Luo Feng’s state of mind was pretty good, since people usually have a much larger reaction towards their first kill.

Luo Feng walked towards the boar’s head, and with one swipe of his hand –

He cut off the boar’s left ear and put it inside the bag he was carrying, “First one! Now towards the next!” with a slight movement of his body, Luo Feng has already disappeared from the street. Only the corpse of the iron fur boar remained on the blood stained street.


With every passing second in this enclosed town, there were bloody battles taking place in every corner! Even though the H level monsters are close to the prospective fighters in power, the humans have one advantage: intellect! The weakest H level monsters don’t have much intellect; only some basic bestial instincts.

Around 8 PM.

On a six story high apartment, two shadows were swiftly fighting with each other.


A cold light shone, Luo Feng’s was kneeling on the platform. A trace of blood could be seen on the ghost blade he was holding. The other shadow was helplessly thrown aside as it left behind a trail of blood.

“This shadow cat is the fastest one out of the three monsters. Even though it’s a H level monster, it has a speed of 40 m/s” Luo Feng stood up and walked over to it. The shadow cat on the floor’s fur was grey and its body wasn’t too big; around half a meter long. This shadow cat’s abdomen had a staggering wound; even the inner organs were slashed open by Luo Feng’s attack.

“For regular prospective fighters, this cat does indeed pose a threat. However, too bad it met me” Luo Feng shaked his head and cut off the shadow cat’s left year.

Luo Feng’s speed is way faster than the shadow cat’s.

There’s no helping it, since Luo Feng has already reached the level of an intermediate warrior. And within the intermediate warrior level fighters, Luo Feng counts as a stronger one.


Luo Feng carefully put away the spoils of war, “Usually, there’s a hundred percent chance of passing if you can kill three monsters. I already killed five, so I pass for sure! Then now….. I’ll start seriously training my agility and blade”. He killed monsters for points before, and now he has enough points.

“I’ll use 1000 kg of fist strength and 30 m/s of speed to start fighting with these monsters”

Luo Feng was practically bullying the monsters, since they were on a completely different level.

But now, Luo Feng has suppressed his strength to make it equal with the enemies’, so there’s actually a point in training. When you enter the danger zone in the future, you can’t just keep killing monsters weaker than you every time.


Luo Feng was standing on the balcony of a residential apartment as he looked around and below him.

“Hm? First one!” Luo Feng saw a mastiff tiger, whose body was full of spots, near the top of a ruined three story apartment out of the corner of his eye. Luo Feng immediately flew towards it. With just one leap off of the balcony, he flew more than 10 meters and heavily landed onto the ruined roof, even the floor violently shook as he landed.

Luo Feng rolled on the ground with the force of the impact and directly flew towards the mastiff tiger.

[HOWL~~~] The mastiff tiger also came flying towards.


A grim teenager, whose shirt was stained with blood, carried a darkmoon blade as he arrogantly walked on the street.

“I wonder how many monsters Luo Feng has killed” thought the grim teenager. He is the only one out of the 1680 fighters whose strength is close to Luo Feng’s. The genius who was scouted by the Thunder dojo, ‘Wan Dong’. Although this time, there were three people who were scouted.

However, one of them is a firearms genius whose fitness level isn’t that high.

Only Luo Feng and this Wan Dong are geniuses with similar fitness levels.

“Hm?” Wan Dong’s gaze landed at a location.

He only saw a shadow constantly fighting with two shadow cats. The two shadow cats hissed and speedily attacked with their claws. However, the shadow dexterously dodged the attacks as he fought the two shadow cats.

“Luo Feng! It takes you so long just to kill two shadow cats? I am so disappointed in you” shouted Wan Dong as he laughed.

[CHI!] [CHI!]

As if lightning, the ghost blade in Luo Feng’s hand made two slashes, and the two shadow cats immediately fell to the floor. After a few twitches, they stopped moving.

“So quick” Wan Dong was shocked and thought to himself, “And the blade made a clean cut towards the weak points of the shadow cats”. Wan Dong saw from Luo Feng’s two slashes that Luo Feng’s strength was not to be underestimated.

“I was going to play with you a bit more and continue training myself” Luo Feng looked at the corpses of the two shadow cats, “However, that guy is annoying and I don’t want him to see me training my agility and blade” Luo Feng cut off the two shadow cats’ ears, put it into his bag, and disappeared without even looking at Wan Dong once.

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