Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 11: Ru Wei class

Volume 2 Chapter 11: Ru Wei class

In the enclosed town, the slaughter continued.

Some prospective fighters instinctively pressed the emergency help button after getting injured in their first battle, and thus failing. Some prospective fighters become pale from shock after killing a monster. Some powerful prospective fighters get pumped up and excited after killing monsters!

In a place not too far from the enclosed town, there was a large security screen in a tall structure displaying everything happening in each sector in the town.

“What a weak strategy!” In one of the rooms of this large structure, a military officer was drinking with a burly man. The screens on the sidewalls were displaying the slaughter going on in the city. The burly man sighed, “Watching these young men fight with these monsters reminds me of when we were young!”

“Yea, from a glance, most of them are all around 20 years old, which is the youngest yet most fragile point of their lives” the military officer also sighed, “Old Wang, after a blink of an eye, we two brothers have become old. Back in the day, we were rookies in Jiang-Nan city too. Now you’re the chief of the Thunder Dojo, haha”

The burly man laughed loudly, “Iron monkey, didn’t you also get your way to major general”

“Hm?” the military instructor looked with shock at the display. The more he looked, the more shocked he became, “Old Wang, hurry and look”

On the display was several videos of the town. Since there were so many cameras recording, the videos on the display change every so often.

“It changed?” the military officer immediately pressed the telephone on the side and commanded, “Lock onto the prospective fighter just now from camera #21, lock onto him”

“Yes” an impressive sound came from the telephone.

The burly man Wang looked suspiciously at his good brother: “Iron monkey, what did you just see?”

“Old Wang, you’ll see soon” the military instructor laughed mysteriously.

In just a moment, the display changed to the video from before. in the video was five shadow cats constantly attacking a prospective fighter. These five shadow cats were five H level shadow cats, and the prospective fighter held a hexagonal shield, a ghost blade, and looked very young, it was indeed Luo Feng!

“Oh?” the burly man’s eyes flashed.

“How about this? This kiddo’s strong isn’t he” said the military officer, “This kiddo actually used this exam as a free chance to train himself! And look….. his technique is insane!”

“Ru Wei class!”

“The Ru Wei class!” the burly man’s eyes flashed and stared at the five shadow cats who were attacking Luo Feng. Each of Luo Feng’s dodges didn’t make much motion, but easily dodged every attack from each of the shadow cats. The taste of this stroll completely took over these two powerful men!

The Ru Wei class technique, even many warlord level fighters can’t do it.

“His technique actually reached the Ru Wei class. Amazing, amazing!” the burly man took in a breath, “he’s only 18 years old. His technique is just as good as his fitness level. With good talent, your fitness level will be high. However, technique results from battle experience and a clear understanding of the basics. Only then can you enter the ‘Ru Wei class’.

“How did you know he’s 18 years old?” the military officer jumped in surprise, “You know him?”

“He’s Luo Feng. ****, the Dojo of Limits recruited him first” angrily shouted the burly man, “The dojo of limits sure had some bullshit luck. This Luo Feng is only 18, but not only is his fitness level fantastic, but his technique is also amazing! Ru Wei class at this age, what will he become in the future?”


That even powerful warlord level fighters haven’t reached the Ru Wei class in technique! Clearly your technique has to be insanely good to get into this level.

In real combat, fitness level is just one side. Technique, skill, and willpower also come into play.


The burly man slammed the table, “We can’t let the Dojo of Limits steal this genius! Thankfully I was lucky and saw this scene while drinking with you, iron monkey”

“What are you planning to do?” laughed the military officer.

“What? Win him over!” the burly man glared, “I’ll win him over no matter what! The Dojo of Limits might not have noticed this, but this young man’s technique is astonishing. I’ll win him over first! Isn’t it just money? Hmph! Sure am lucky to encounter such a talented young man. Compared to him, Wan Dong is off by 18,000 miles!”

The military officer laughed.

“Iron monkey, make a copy of this recording for me later” said the burly man.

“Sure, no problem” laughed the military officer as he nodded.


In the dawn of the day in the enclosed monster town, Luo Feng encountered and was surrounded by three mastiff tigers, two shadow cats, and two iron fur boars in a ruined sector. It took quite a bit of energy to gather up all seven of these monsters here.


“Keep coming”

“Just like that”

Luo Feng was calm, and as if taking a walk, he occasionally stepped left, occasionally stepped right, and forwards, and backwards. Sometimes he would slightly bend his waist, sometimes he would bend his body…..

With just these small, slight movements, the seven monsters couldn’t even touch a hair of Luo Feng’s body.

“Growl~~~” from the corner of his eye, Luo Feng noticed a mastiff tiger flying at him. Around him were four more monsters preparing to attack at the same time. Looking at the situation, his foot turned and his body immediately moved.

“Not good, barely missed!” thought Luo Feng hopelessly.

It seemed like the shadow cat’s claw was about to grab onto Luo Feng’s body, but strangely enough, Luo Feng’s body suddenly moved five cm, which allowed him to just barely miss the attack.

“It sure is quite a challenge learning the legendary Ru Wei class technique” it seemed like Luo Feng dodged all the attacks, but in fact….. Luo Feng himself was clear, he failed! Because in the last moment he used his spiritual force on the hexagonal shield on his left arm to create a force of propulsion!

It was because of this force that Luo Feng was able to move that 5 cm!

In a battle, your technique is extremely important, which is why Luo Feng has been training his technique the entire night. Usually….. technique training requires a very solid understanding in the basics, which usually takes ten years of bitter work. And fighting with monsters for years drills the ways to dodge into your consciousness. Once you train enough, your reflexes will come in play no matter what the situation.

Solid understanding in the basics, tons of training, and reflexes!

These three levels are the basics of technique. Above these three is….. the Ru Wei class!

The Ru Wei class means that you have virtually complete control over your strength and body and are able to use the smallest amount of energy to just barely dodge the attack. All kinds of dodging, just like it has been calculated by a computer! The reason why the Ru Wei class technique is so hard is because when you are just barely dodging, any kind of mistake will lead to the attack from the monster striking you! Once you are hit by a monster, most people get heavily injured, if not killed.

When training in the Ru Wei class technique, it isn’t really effective to train with monsters who are much weaker than you.

Luo Feng is being attacked by seven monsters right now; his strength and speed are being used to their utmost capabilities. However, it is too difficult to not get touched at all when surrounded by seven monsters.

“I guess I’m in the Ru Wei class now?”

“I also use the smallest, slightest of movements to delicately dodge. Of course errors will happen sometimes” Luo Feng felt a bit tired, so the ghost blade that never attacked suddenly flourished and the monsters cried in anguish. Five streams of fresh blood poured out and five out of the seven monsters were instantly killed. The other two realized the situation and ran away.


“After this night of training, my technique has at least doubled in skill” Luo Feng let out a smile, what kind of training could compare to real combat experience with a monster? And what kind of combat with monsters could compare with Luo Feng’s extreme training?

Only by challenging your body’s limits can you know the where the limit of your dodges are.

This night of training has benefited Luo Feng greatly.

Luo Feng is stronger than a H level mastiff tiger, shadow cat, and an iron fur boar in a one on one. However, seven monsters can kill a person. A fist can have 3000 kg of strength, but a 2000 kg charge from a monster is enough to heavily injure Luo Feng!

Even that genius ‘Wan Dong’ wouldn’t attempt such an extreme type of training!

Or else, you might get pulled apart by the seven monsters.

But Luo Feng would dare to attempt such a thing!

Because he has his spiritual force. If he ever encounters any sort of danger, he can just use his spiritual force on his shield or his ghost blade to give him a boost and use that to dodge.

“Too bad this spiritual force can only be used on inanimate objects. Once it gets near a person, it gets absorbed into it” Luo Feng shook his head, his spiritual force couldn’t be used to control humans and animals. He can only control things such as metal and wood. However, the spiritual force already gave Luo Feng plenty of joy.

At least…. he’s skilled enough for Ru Wei class dodging.

Of course, it was a different type of Ru Wei dodging. Since when he makes a mistake he can just use his spiritual force for a boost. However, just his dodging ability alone isn’t any worse than the regular Ru Wei class. And it’s also even more strange!


An ear piercing sound suddenly rang through the entire town. At the same time, a heavy voice also spread across the entire town, “Time’s up, all prospective fighters immediately return to the exit of the town”.

“The fighter combat exam is over?” Luo Feng laughed.

“I’ll keep doing this kind of Ru Wei class technique training until the day I won’t need my spiritual force to help me. My technique will also reach the Ru Wei class” Luo Feng cut off the left ears of the five monsters, put it in his bag, and rushed towards the main gate of monster town.

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