Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 12: Wu Xin Xian Tian (part 1)

Volume 1 Chapter 12: Wu Xin Xian Tian (part 1)

“Ok” Luo Feng energetically nodded his head.

Chief instructor Wu Tong, who was next to the reaction speed tester, laughed: “Ok, next, Bai Yang”

Luo Feng walked towards Yang Wu, who showed happiness. Yang Wu said in a low voice: “Congratulations crazy, you’re now a prospective fighter. After you pass the fighter combat exam, you’ll become a true fighter!” Luo Feng also replied in a low voice: “Brother Yang, I’m sure you’ll pass the reaction speed test without a problem. When the time comes, let’s take the fighter combat exam together”

“Okay” Yang Wu was excited.

After that, Yang Wu and Luo Feng focused their attention on the current examinee.

Soon after, two people took the test. One succeeded and one failed.

“Last, Yang Wu!” Chief instructor Wu Tong yelled.

Yang Wu took in a deep breath; he has been waiting far too long for this day. Since he was always stuck on the speed test, this is the first time he’ll be able to demonstrate his reaction speed in the limit hall.

“Go for it” Luo Feng encouraged.

“No worries”

Yang Wu took a large step into the red circle and chief instructor Wu Tong pressed the button. The barrel of the machine started revolving and started firing the rubber bullets from its dozen barrels, which covering the entire circle.

Yang Wu was moving swiftly within the circle.

“Hm?” Luo Feng watched Yang Wu’s movements and was surprised, “Brother Yang seems quite stiff. He isn’t as flexible as me, but his technique’s efficiency seems high. He dodges by a small margin; he doesn’t make use of the 3.6 meter diameter of the circle. Everytime he dodges, he only takes a step forward/back/left/right.

Yang Wu’s area of movement was small, but his dodging rate was high.

“This technique is indeed useful in real combat. However, you have to be extremely precise. If there is even one error, then the beast’s claws will rip apart the fighter’s body!” Luo Feng evaluated in his heart. At least to Luo Feng, this seemed like an effective yet dangerous technique.

It was like dancing on the edge of a blade.

[BEEP!~~~] A minute soon passed, and the machine’s cannon stopped revolving.

“Within 60 seconds, 52 hits, and no contacts with the red light. You pass!” Chief instructor Wu Tong said.

Yang Wu, who was still within the red circle, clenched his fists tightly. His veins were clear on his biceps and his eyes started tearing up. For this day, he has waited too long. Finally, he has achieved his dream. There is only one step left until the legendary rank of fighter.

“Yang Wu” Chief instructor Wu Tong frowned, “Your technique of dodging belongs to the ‘Ru Wei’ class. When fighting to the death with monsters, you use small movements to let their attacks barely miss you. Since you don’t move as much, you can make more movements within the same amount of time, raising the chances of success”

“However, this technique is extremely difficult. Even if you estimate the beast’s claw to miss you by two centimeters, if even one mistake is made….. the claw might slash through your body and split you open! When fighting with monsters, you will probably die when you make an error. So——”

“I advise you: When fighting with monsters, try to dodge a bit farther. Give yourself more space” Chief instructor Wu Tong stressed, “With your current strength, it’s better for you to master the basics first. By doing that, you’ll get better results”

Yang Wu was surprised, but soon nodded: “Yes, chief instructor”

“Yang Wu, take the chief instructor’s words to heart. Avoid greedy thoughts in your way of martial arts. The ‘Ru Wei’ class is very powerful, but if you don’t have the strength to perform them, then there will be no use. If you try to forcefully perform them, then you will be a mere copycat for others to laugh at” Instructor Jiang Nian told him seriously.

Chief Instructor Wu Tong laughed: “Okay, three examinees have passed this time’s prospective fighter exam: Luo Feng, Bai Yang, and Yang Wu”

Luo Feng, Yang Wu and Bai Yang have been suppressing their joy and happiness.

If it wasn’t for the surrounding senior fighters, then they probably would have been screaming in joy by now.

“Everyone, your next task is to sign the combat exam contract. Come do it” As he said that, chief instructor Wu Tong looked towards a silver haired man in a black robe and laughed, “Sorry for making you wait so long, captain. I’m sorry, let us go”


Luo Feng and the other two were shocked. The chief instructor was the head of Yang Zhou city’s limit hall and had immense authority. If he says ‘captain’, then who on earth would that silver haired man in the black robe be?

The silver haired man scanned Luo Feng and his group. For a moment Luo Feng felt like the silver haired man’s eyes were like the infinite space, and all of a sudden he was being sucked inside. He shuddered and regained his consciousness. “Exactly what just happened?” Luo Feng soon found out that Yang Wu and Bai Yang who were next to him had very sluggish expressions.

“How fearsome, just one gaze and it messed us up completely” Luo Feng was shocked inside.

This power was too fearsome.

If two people were fighting, then the opponent’s gaze can mess with your consciousness before the fight even begins. By the time you regain composure, you might’ve been stabbed through the heart by your opponent already.

The silver haired man smiled and looked at Luo Feng surprisingly.

“Kid, nice talent. Work hard” The silver haired man slightly smiled as he said that.

“Huh, nice willpower too. Heh” Chief instructor Wu Tong nodded in satisfaction.

Chief instructor Wu Tong and the silver haired man immediately left.

“What, what just happened?”

“What happened to me?”

Yang Wu and Bai Yang just regained consciousness. As they recalled the events of what just happened, they broke out in cold sweats. No matter if it was Yang Wu, Bai Yang, or Luo Feng….. they have never seen someone as frightening as that white haired man.

“This white haired man has been watching us the entire time. However, until now, I haven’t noticed his presence at all” Luo Feng was amazed, “With no sound at all, it was like he never existed. Amazing. No wait….”

When Luo Feng tried to think of what the silver haired man’s face looked like, he was shocked to realize——

He only remembered those eyes which mesmerized him and couldn’t recall his face at all.

“The three of you, come here”

Instructor Jiang Nian and the fighters with him smiled as they looked at the three, “Come to the training hall”

They left the reaction speed testing room and entered the large training hall.

“These are the contracts for the combat exam” One of the fat veteran fighters took out three of the contracts from the corner of the hall, “Once you join the fighter combat exam, the Dojo of Limits takes no responsibility for your deaths! Of course, the death rate in the fighter combat exam is very low”

Luo Feng, Yang Wu, and Bai Yang accepted the contract and flipped through its contents.

“The death rate is low, but the injury rate is not” A bald brute said deeply, “In the fighter combat exam, you are fighting with monsters to the death! Of course this is the most basic type of hunting. When you individually go to the danger zones to hunt monsters in the future, the dangers will be far more horrifying compared to the fighter exam. If you can’t even pass this stage, then you have no right to become a fighter”

Luo Feng, Yang Wu, and Bai Yang looked at each other.

The contract is simple, it’s main point is that if a death occurs in the exam, the Dojo of Limits takes no responsibilities.

The three of them had no hesitations and immediately signed their names on the documents.


Instructor Jiang Nian, who was beside them, smiled, “Good. Today is July 1st, so there is one more month until the actual exam. In this month you should make the appropriate preparations. Oh yea” Instructor Jiang Nian walked to the keyboard beside him and rapidly pressed some buttons. Soon enough, a large screen was displayed on the wall of the training hall, and an article appeared.

It was called——《Genetic Energy Technique》。

“Hm?” Luo Feng held his breath.

The reason why the fighters have such powerful bodies, why some of the top fighters can surpass mach speed! Why their knives can slice through thick steel! Of course, with Luo Feng and his group’s strength, they are no where close to the legendary fighters.

Why are fighters strong?

Because they rely on genetic energy!

“Back when humanity was infected by the RR virus in the Grand Nirvana period, our genes started evolving to fight against the virus” Instructor Jiang Nian smiled, “When the genes evolve to a certain point, it’s able to absorb the faint energies of the cosmos. The energy envelops every cell of your body! During this process, your genes, bones, cells, blood, organs, and skin will all continue to evolve and become stronger!”

“Your bones can become tens to hundreds of times harder than diamonds. Your organs will be powerful enough to hold your breath in water for half an hour, and longer!”

“All of this relies on the energy you absorb and envelop your cells with. It becomes your power, in other words——genetic energy!”

Instructor Jiang Nian pointed to the article on the screen: “This, this is the technique to enhance your genes——The Wu Xin Xian Tian* technique!Which is also the only technique to train your genetic energy.”

Luo Feng immediately started to carefully read the article.

Genetic energy, human gene enhancement, reliance on evolution!

“So that’s how it is” Luo Feng understood after he read it carefully.

Normal people aren’t able to train this because their genes weren’t suitable. Once your fist strength reaches 900 kg, your speed reaches 25 m/s, and your reaction speed all pass the mark required for a prospective fighter, then your genes were ready for training. 90% of prospective fighters are able to start training!

“You guys can start trying to train your genetic energy in this month” Instructor Jiang Nian smiled, “And the most valuable ‘Dao Ying’ technique will only be available to you after you become a fighter.

There was only one way to train your genetic energy on earth.

However, there were millions of Dao Yin techniques. Training in the Dao Yin techniques could be increase the speed of genetic energy training by ten times. That’s why the Dao Yin techniques are valued by all powers.

*Literally means five hearts towards the sky, which sounds a bit weird so I didn’t change it.

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