Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 13: Joy

Volume 1 Chapter 13: Joy


Bai Yang couldn’t help but to ask,

“I have heard about how great the Dao Yin techniques are, but exactly how great are they? How can it increase the process of genetic energy training?”

At this time, a middle-aged man with graying hair said: “Bai Yang, I’ll tell it to you this way. For instance, if you don’t learn the Dao Yin techniques and only use the ‘Wu Xin Xian Tian’ techniques forever, then your cells will be full from energy after 5 minutes of training a day. Your cells won’t be able to absorb more energy!”

“However, by using the Dao Yin techniques, the capacity of your cells will increase. This way, you can practice for 8 minutes, maybe 10 minutes, and maybe even an hour!” This middle-aged man looked towards Luo Feng’s group, “Do you guys understand now?”

After hearing this, Luo Feng suddenly realized.

“The Dao Yin techniques simply increase every cell’s appetite” Luo Feng thought to himself. The cells absorbing the faint energies of the cosmos and transforming them into genetic energy is just like how humans need to eat food! If a man could only eat three meals, the Dao Yin techniques could make him eat five or ten meals.

Jiang Nian smiled: ” If you don’t train in the Dao Yin techniques, then pretend that the amount of energy your cells can absorb is a unit! Once you start training in the Dao Yin techniques, the amount of energy your cells can absorb could become two units, three units, or maybe even more! In other words, your one year’s of training could surpass another person’s 10 years of training. This is the charm of the Dao Yin techniques”

Every fighter at the scene talked about the Dao Yin techniques, as each of them clearly had a lot to say about the topic.

“About the Dao Yin techniques, the strongest fighter, leader of all the Dojo of Limits, ‘Hong’, created nine types of Dao Yin techniques. If you join my Dojo of Limits and contribute enough towards the dojo, then you might have a chance to learn these top class Dao Yin techniques” The fighters all laughed and enticed Luo Feng and his group.

All the great powers on earth hope to have more fighters in their country.

“Instructor” Luo Feng suddenly spoke up.

“Hm?” Instructor Jiang Nian laughed as he looked towards Luo Feng, “What’s the problem?”

“Instructor, about the silver haired man who just walked out with the chief instructor. How come he could stop all forms of resistance with just one gaze? What kind of power does this fighter have?” Luo Feng had never heard that fighters were this powerful, so he was very curious.

Instructor Jiang Nian slightly laughed, while the fighters beside him completely laughed out loud.

“Kid, that person who walked out with the chief instructor is a spirit reader! Spirit readers are even fewer in number than us fighters” The fighters all laughed as they said, “Of course, the spirit readers are usually fighters too! However, they are the most frightening existence within the fighters”

“Spirit reader?” Luo Feng was shocked.

Luo Feng had read introductions about them thanks to the modern internet. They all said that the spirit readers are a special existence within the fighters, and also a very terrifying existence.

However, the internet didn’t explain specifically on exactly how terrifying they actually were.

“After you become a fighter in the future, you’ll come to know spirit readers” Instructor Jiang Nian laughed, “Alright, today’s prospective fighter exam is over. The three of you can return home too. Yup, make sure you stamp your contracts and hand in your documents. We’ll contact you in a few days. Alright, you guys can go now”

“Yes, instructor”

Luo Feng, Yang Wu, and Bai Yang turned and left the training hall. They were escorted and carefully watched by the gun-holding guardsmen as they left the sector.


Ming-Yue sector’s entrance. Luo Feng, Yang Wu, and Bai Yang were all smiling brightly.

“My name is Bai Yang, and I’m from the top military academy in Jiang-Nan. My family lives in Yang-Zhou city, so I took this chance to take the exam while it’s summer vacation” Bai Yang stuck out his hands to both Luo Feng and Yang Wu for handshakes, “I’m glad to be able to meet you two”

Jiang-Nan’s top military academy?

Luo Feng was planning to go there.

Luo Feng laughed: “My name is Luo Feng, and he is Yang Wu. We are both from Zhi-An region’s Dojo of Limits”

“Luo Feng brother’s future is surely limitless. Not many people become fighters even in our elite class in the military academy” Bai Yang happily made friends. For Luo Feng to become a prospective fighter at such a young age, he was even more happy to become friends. Luo Feng might become a super important person in the future.

Yang Wu laughed on the side: “Let’s not say so much. It must be fate for all of us to pass the exam at the same place on the same day. Today’s a good day. Let’s find some restaurant to eat heartily and chat happily”

“Okay” Bai Yang smiled and accepted.

“Let’s go” Luo Feng also laughed.

The three of them just passed the prospective fighter exam and were bursting with excitement. They selected a restaurant and ate lunch together, and then went their separate ways back home.


Luo Feng drank some liquor today and was waiting to report the good news to his family on the subway.

However, there were too many people on the subway. He was afraid that if he spoke the words ‘passed the prospective fighter exam’, he would cause a scene: “Well, it wouldn’t be too late to call after I exit the subway”


After taking the #1 subway line to Zhong-An road station, it would take a long walk to get to Zhong-An road station’s #11 line.

“I’ll tell dad, mom, and brother now” Luo Feng has been excited up until now.

Prospective fighter…..

His family has been so poor and working for so many years, he has been working for so many years, and finally there’s some accomplishment!

As he stood on the sidewalk of Zhong-An road station, Luo Feng took out his cell phone.

[BEEP….. BEEP…..]

After typing in the number, Luo Feng waited.

“Hello.” The cell phone carried his brother’s voice, Luo Feng laughed and said, “It’s me”

“Of course, don’t you even know what kind of person your brother is? Of course I passed. Haha, yea, yea, okay” Luo Feng held his cell phone and happily said, “Hm, is mom home? Okay, let mom take the phone”

“Hello, mom, it’s me, Feng” Luo Feng was bursting with happiness.

As he heard his mother’s happily excited voice across the cell phone, the sides of Luo Feng’s eyes started to become moist, for he has worked for this day for far too long: “Mom, you asked three times already. I really did pass the exam. The forms will arrive at home in a few days”

“I ate already, with the other two people who passed” Luo Feng laughed, “Oh, call dad? Don’t worry mom, I won’t forget. Okay, I know”

After he hung up, Luo Feng couldn’t help but to let out a smile.

Happiness, satisfaction!

Wasn’t Luo Feng’s bitter training since childhood all for the sake of this day?

Luo Feng adjusted his breathing and calmed himself, or else he wouldn’t be able to call his father’s cell phone. In this family, Luo Hong Guo is the family’s mountain, the family’s pillar! Before Luo Feng became an elite member, the family had to completely rely on what his father earned.

Even though his mother works, she needs her energy to take care of her two sons, even more so since one of them is handicapped.

Father’s home remodeling work is bitter and hard. He frequently gets injured on the job.

“Dad, from now on, you will never have to go through such exhausting work again” Luo Feng thought to himself.

[BEEP….. BEEP…..]

A sound came from the cell phone as Luo Feng waited for his father to answer.

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