Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 18: Gang Fight

Volume 1 Chapter 18: Gang Fight

In the jail.

After eating breakfast, the prisoners started returning to their cells one by one.

In the third cell from the left in the southern hallway, four prisoners lay quietly on their beds. One fatty said in a low voice: “Big Brother, I talked to Boss Li during breakfast and he nodded in agreement. We’ll send three of our professionals. With two of Boss Li’s ‘gorillas’, we’ll have five men. With that, that Luo Feng shouldn’t be a problem”

“Fatty, I heard that Luo Feng could beat four elite members all by himself. He’s quite a tough one” A brawny man with tattoos in the shape of a black dog said quietly.

“Black dog, fatty, other than us, Brother Zhou is sending out cobra. Even if we don’t succeed, cobra definitely will!” A one-eyed middle aged man said quietly.


Fatty and the brawny Black Dog were all shocked.

“Yea. In pure coincidence, cobra is also locked up here” The one-eyed man nodded.

“With cobra, there’s no way we can fail” Fatty got excited, “However, what does cobra look like? We’ve never even seen him before”

“We’ll move together. After lunch I’ll negotiate with Boss Li” The one-eyed man said quietly, “Without error, we’ll move together and take action at dinner time! Remember, bring your weapons” However, the weapons this prisoner was talking about were just small blades formed from sharpening a tooth brush…..

Even though there were some strict checks in this jail, it can’t compare at all to a large scale prison.

However, even in a large scale prison, crafty men are almost always able to smuggle guns and ammunition in. No matter how secure the place is, as long as people run it, there’ll be loopholes! Of course, the people in this jail were just some small fry. They were armed with mere blades and glass pieces.



“Brother Luo”

“Brother Luo”

As he walked out of his cell, every prisoner he met obediently greeted Luo Feng. Luo Feng’s story of his battle between four elite members has spread around last night. Virtually everybody in the jail knew of this young man’s strength.

In the cafeteria. It’s called a cafeteria, but it’s just a sealed lobby.

Long, stabilized, silver tables, around a couple dozen of them.

“Everything in this jail is pretty good, except the food” Since Luo Feng succeeded in his genetic energy training last night, he has been in a good mood for the entire day. He walked to the counter and received a plastic lunch box from the guards, but only some food like mud was inside it.

As he lowered his head and looked inside, there was only some food like gray mud. When he smelled it, there was the scent of potatoes.

“So this is the legendary raw meal” Luo Feng shaked his head.

It is quite famous. But though it’s called raw meal, it’s actually the undisputed absolute worst food of society. If you eat this raw meal, you only need five cents a day. Just knowing that should tell you enough about the quality of the things inside it.

A silver lobby, a silver table, and a silver lunch box.

A large amount of uniform wearing people came one by one and received their lunch boxes.

Luo Feng sat on the side of the table and lowered his head as he started to eat this raw meal. At this time, a skinny, glasses wearing teenager started cursing, “Even pigs and dogs eat better food than this!” as he ate two bites of the contents of the lunch box next to Luo Feng.

“Hurry, you lost, give me two smokes”

“Whatta ya sayin'”

In the large silver lobby, over a hundred prisoners were talking to each other. It was very messy and chaotic. Two guards stood outside the railing, both holding an assault rifle. They lazily glanced inside and then started laughing and talking with each other. The security camera at the top continuously recorded all of the events of the silver lobby.

[PENG] A one-eyed brute sat at a table three meters to the right of Luo Feng’s. He glanced at Luo Feng and laughed, “You’re Luo Feng?”

Luo Feng looked at the one-eyed brute in the eye: “You are?”

“I’m Long” The one-eyed brute grinned as he laughed.

“One-eyed dragon” A low voice said. A short fat man sat in front of the one-eyed brute. At this time, two brutes sat next to him like steel towers. The two brutes coldly looked into the one-eyed brute. Then, the short fat man laughed coldly, “When we went outside to relax yesterday, your men hit my brother right? Tell us, how are we going to resolve this issue?”

“**** off” The one-eyed brute rolled his eye and lectured, “Fatty Li, you better get away from me this instant. If you mess with me, don’t blame me for not holding back”

The short fat man stared coldly and laughed: “One-eyed dragon, it seems like you don’t wanna talk?”

Luo Feng ate two more bites on the sidelines and glanced. He couldn’t help but to be interested. In his point of view….. it was clearly two major powers in the jail about to fight.

“Talk shit. If you still wanna talk, **** off” The one-eyed dragon’s only eye rolled as he lectured.

“Screw it, attack!”

The short fat man’s face was hideous as he shouted.

Instantly, the two steel tower-like brutes next to him started moving. One of them lifted the long, silver table and slammed it against the one-eyed brute, while the other brute launched a kick like lightning.

“Dare hit our boss!”

“Brothers, let’s go!”

The entire lobby instantly became chaotic.

[PENG!] One of the prisoners lifted the bench and ferociously slammed it on the security camera in the corner. Every time there’s a large scale gang fight in the jail, the first thing you do is break the camera. WIthout concrete evidence, the police naturally can just randomly select prisoners to blame.

In the silver lobby.

“AH!” The one-eyed dragon threw out his right arm and blocked the brute’s kick. However, it was a really powerful kick, so the one-eyed dragon stepped a few steps back, all the way to Luo Feng’s side.

The two steel tower-like brutes quickly pursued.

The men under the one-eyed dragon also rushed towards this direction. Suddenly, Luo Feng was at the center of the gang fight.

“Can’t believe I got messed up in this” Luo Feng could only stand up. He was too lazy to get involved in this. It was at this time that the fatty under the one-eyed dragon’s command rushed towards Luo Feng. He suddenly revealed a blade sharpened from a screw and pointed it at Luo Feng’s waist.

Before that, the one-eyed dragon revealed a small blade in his hand and was getting ready to thrust it at Luo Feng.

“Hm?” Luo Feng suddenly sensed danger. At the same time, he could feel a slight pain in his waist, as if something sharp has pierced his body. However, as Luo Feng tensed his muscles, he leapt up like a leopard and jumped past the table in front. But at this time…..

[HE] [HE]

The two steel tower-like brutes launched their legs like battle axes towards Luo Feng.

“You’re asking for death!” Luo Feng, who understood what was going on in an instant, howled in a loud voice and slammed his two fists against the two legs. The two steel-like tower brutes nicknamed ‘gorillas’ laughed coldly in their hearts. The explosive energy of the legs are way more powerful than the arm’s. Would they even fear Luo Feng?


A low striking sound, followed by the sounds of bones breaking. The two ferocious steel tower-like brutes howled in pain. The two of them flew away from Luo Feng’s fists and slammed against a far away table. On the bench and floor, there were bloodstains that could shock you.

“Ahhhh” The two brutes held their legs in pain as they rolled around on the ground.

“What!” The one-eyed dragon along with fatty and black dog who were beside him were all shocked.

At this time.——

[WENG WENG] An ear piercing alarm rang. All the guardsmen in the jail rapidly rushed out of their resting areas to group up as they headed towards the cafeteria.

Luo Feng touched his waist and saw that the blood has stained his uniform. The legends were right, fighters that are capable of genetic energy trainings have fist strengths of three to four thousand kg. A regular, small bullet are incapable of piercing through their muscles. The fatty’s knife only went through Luo Feng’s skin and was stopped by his muscles.

“So you guys were putting on a play”

Luo Feng glanced at the one-eyed dragon and the short fat man, his eyes filled with ferocity, which caused the both of them to go pale from shock.

“Everyone at him, he’s injured!” The one-eyed dragon shouted in rage.

“Everyone together!” The short fat man also howled loudly. As they shouted, they lifted benches to slam Luo Feng with. Following their bosses actions, the other men naturally started to rush together with their own benches.

Luo Feng’s movements were like a phantom’s, his two legs were like cannon shots, kicking every prisoner into the air. For the regular prisoners, Luo Feng wasn’t too cruel, since they were just following orders. However, Luo Feng would not show any mercy to the two leaders and the fatty who stabbed him.

[PU!] Luo Feng’s chop broke the bench in half and his arm slammed on the one-eyed dragon’s, causing him to fly up in the air. His arm made a counter clockwise 90 degree turn.

People were all being launched into the air, benches and tables were being twisted and shattered one by one.

The difference!

This is the difference between a fighter who has trained in the genetic energy techniques and regular aggressive convicts.

As Luo Feng scanned the group of prisoners, the skinny glasses wearing teenager who was silently watching suddenly waved his hand.

“Lay off!”

As a cold light passed through the sky, he was already in front of Luo Feng.

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