Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 17: Late night in jail

Volume 1 Chapter 17: Late night in jail

Deep into the night. The moon and stars weren’t visible in today’s sky, so the cell Luo Feng resided in was completely dark. Only the roads outside of the cell had some light.

[HU~~~] snores kept ringing throughout the cell, showing that virtually everyone was in deep sleep.


On the left bed, Luo Feng, who was originally lying in rest, sat up. His legs were crossed and his soles faced forwards. His hands rested on his legs and his back was perfectly straight.

“According to the article I saw at the Limit Hall, there is only one type of genetic energy training on earth——Wu Xin Xian Tian training. Once someone reaches the body fitness level of a fighter, they usually are able to start their genetic energy training right away” Luo Feng took in a deep breath, “The article said that the first ‘feeling’ is the hardest!”

To absorb the cosmic energy, you need to be able to sense them first.

According to the article, this energy is spread around the earth. Even the stars in the universe has this energy. However….. most people can’t detect the presence of the energy.

“As long as I can do the ‘feeling’, it’ll be easy to absorb them”

“The talented people can sense the energies on their first day of training. The less talented fighters take up to one and a half years just to sense the energy” Luo Feng adjusted his breathing and kept the position of the Wu Xin Xian Tian technique. The Wu Xin* refers to ‘the two soles, the two palms, and the main artery in the head’.

*TL note: Wu Xin means Five Hearts.


Luo Feng’s breathing slowly stabilized. As he stabilized himself, Luo Feng could feel his heart becoming calm.

“My body has to loosen up. The Wu Xin Xian Tian is a natural process. I have to calm my heart, calm my heart like a lake in the reflection of a mirror” Luo Feng’s self control was good so he was able to slowly calm himself, even his heart was calmed.

It was completely silent. His breathing could barely be heard.

One minute, two minutes….. thirty minutes, one hour…..

“Hm?” Luo Feng suddenly opened his eyes, “Where is this so called energy? How come I can’t sense it? My heart and body should’ve been very calm just now. Maybe, like the article said, a talented person can succeed on the first day, but an untalented person would take one and a half years to sense the energy?”

“I’ll try again” Luo Feng shut his eyes and tried to feel the energy described in the article.

Relaxed, quiet.

These were the two points that the Wu Xin Xian Tian technique stressed the most.

“Still not right” Half an hour later, Luo Feng opened his eyes.

Luo Feng has witnessed that the first stage of genetic energy training——feeling,is very difficult.

“I’ll try one last time. If I don’t succeed I’ll wait until tomorrow night. I hope I can succeed” Luo Feng hoped in his heart, shut his eyes, and started to calm himself again in order to sense the energy.

Time passed slowly, ten minutes….. thirty minutes….. fifty minutes….. one hour and twenty minutes…..

“How come it’s still not working?”

In his almost meditative state, Luo Feng’s thoughts started to slow down too.


In this almost meditative state, Luo Feng had a bit of hope in the bottom of his heart, hoping to sense the energy. However, as time passed, Luo Feng was falling asleep! A normal person who thinks of nothing and closes his eyes for half an hour at late night would fall asleep, and Luo Feng has been going at this for three hours already.

About to fall asleep, Luo Feng forgot to try and sense the energy.

“So comfortable”

Luo Feng, who was falling asleep, felt a faint energy go through his soles, palms, and the major artery of his head. At a slow steady rate, it entered his body.

“What is this?” Luo Feng was still half asleep.

“It’s the energy!!!” Luo Feng abruptly woke up and opened his eyes. The feeling he had before immediately disappeared.

Luo Feng never thought that he would be able to sense the energy when he was about to fall asleep.

“I felt it, I felt it, that must be the energy I was looking for” Luo Feng was extremely happy inside, “According to the article, once you pass the prospective fighter test, many people can start their genetic energy training. Even if you don’t sense it consciously, your body slowly absorbs it unconsciously”

Luo Feng knew that the feeling just now meant that he was absorbing the energy. However, this kind of absorption speed was much too slow.

“It’s that kind of feeling”

Luo Feng shut his eyes and tried to sense it again. He stabilized his breathing and calmed his heart. His consciousness focused on the soles of his feet, the palms of his hands, and the artery of his head. He tried to sense the energy he just felt.

He felt like he sensed the energy, but at the same time he felt like he didn’t.

Slowly, the feeling was getting clearer and clearer.

It’s this!

A very small thing like a breath floated slowly. When it neared Luo Feng’s soles, it seeped in slowly.

“This is the energy” Luo Feng focused on the ‘Wu Xin’ and he focused on absorbing the energies. Naturally, the speed of which his soles, palms, and his head’s artery absorb energy increased; it instantly neared to a hundred times the speed.

If we say that the energies seeped in like a few drops of water from a crack in a water pipe at the beginning..

Then now, the crack is larger and, like a small river, the energies incessantly flowed into Luo Feng’s body.

“Ah~~~” The feeling made him shiver to the bone. The shapeless, colorless energy entered Luo Feng’s body. The starving and thirsting cells crazily gobbled up the energy which came in from five different paths.

Inside the cell.

As the energies entered the cells, it was quickly absorbed by the mitochondria and at the same time, let out a strange energy. This energy was absorbed by the cell, which started causing earth shattering changes. The DNA blueprints were also beginning to change slightly, and the cell started dividing, one into two.

Time passed slowly…..

Luo Feng’s body kept changing, whether it was the surface of the skin, the muscles, the bones, and even the layers of every single cell, every part of the body has changed. This change is life’s evolution, an enhancement of life’s genes!

“According to the training guide, humans, starting from birth, were unable to absorb the energies. So in a state of starvation, when you absorb the energies for the first time, you absorb the highest amount. Which is also the time of the quickest strength boost!” Luo Feng felt his fitness level changing.

On the earth and in the entire universe, there is an infinite amount of energy. The amount of which Luo Feng just absorbed is negligible.

However, to Luo Feng, this is the biggest jump in strength he has ever had.

The density of his bones increased, the cells reduced their volumes and split into two, the muscle fibers were enhancing themselves, and Luo Feng’s body weight kept increasing.

Life, is so peculiar!

In the brain.

In a place where Luo Feng couldn’t sense, the energies flowed in the depths of his brain. Since birth until now, the three shocks to the depths of his brain caused three comas. And tonight, a huge amount of energies were flowing in.

However, this change was different from the other three times, it was more faint….. Luo Feng, who was training, didn’t notice it at all.



Dawn, the sun just rose, around 5 or 6 AM. All the bells in the jail were ringing. Each prisoner began to wake up. Luo Feng, who sat cross legged for a while, finally opened his eyes and smiled: “Indeed, this is the most energy I’ll be able to absorb in one duration. I absorbed for almost 2 hours until my body was full”

Luo Feng could feel that he had much more power than before.

“After last night, I feel like my fitness level has raised even more than what my coma during exams gave me” Luo Feng thought to himself, “My fist strength would probably be around 1500 kg now, maybe even higher” Only tests could tell how much his strength actually increased.

“Time for breakfast, time for breakfast” Quite a few prisoners left their cells to eat.

Luo Feng jumped off his bed, brushed his teeth, and washed his face in preparation for breakfast.

At this time——

In the hallway, three uniform wearing prisoners walked towards Luo Feng’s cell. One of them yelled: “Baldie Huang, I heard a highly skilled person came into your cell, beating four elite members single handedly”

“Brother Liu, he sure is tough” In Luo Feng’s cell, the bald brute laughed and nodded.


The three prisoners exchanged glances, and one of them said in a low voice: “There’s no mistake. The cell number, age, and strength are all correct. Brother Zhou was talking about him”

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